Delight as phone mast plan is axed

Sep 28 2005

By Nick Capehorn

PROTESTERS are celebrating after plans to site a phone mast near the entrance to their Sandhurst estate were rejected.

Applicant T-Mobile UK Ltd wanted to build a 10-metre high phone mast with three antennae and two equipment cabinets at the junction of Crowthorne Road and Greenways.

But Longdown Lodge Estate Residents Association organised a 228-signature protest petition.

Householders in the 143 homes also sent out 40 letters opposing the plans which, they claimed, would see "ugly" cabinets placed on the island entrance to their drive.

After receiving support from Sandhurst Town Council, the group was finally able to celebrate when Bracknell Forest Borough Council's planning department rejected the plans on several grounds last week.

These reasons included cluttered appearance, highway safety and cycle path safety.

Chairman of the residents association Sue O'Sullivan said: "We are extremely proud of our estate, and the island is a very special feature.

"We take good care of the island and keep it in tip-top condition. The idea that someone would build a huge mast and two large ugly cabinets right in the middle of it appalled us."

Central Sandhurst councillor Peter North helped the group by building scale models of the cabinets to show what the island would look like with them on.

He said: "Once you could see what was being proposed it became obvious the plan had to be stopped, and armed with the photographs it was fairly easy to gain support.

"This was a great example of organised teamwork. Sue was ably supported; in particular by David Markby, a former chairman of the association, and also by a strong executive committee.

"Between them they were unstoppable. Sue is thrilled, and rightly so. There was a great deal to learn and very little time to absorb it all, they did a grand job. I am very proud of them."


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Artists lead boycott in phone mast row

A GROUP of Glasgow artists is to boycott an annual open studios event over a row about the siting of a controversial mobile phone mast. Around 80% of artists at WASPS studios have vowed not to take part in "Open Studios" - Scotland's largest visual arts celebration, which was planned for October 8 and 9. Among the protesters are artist Ken Currie and internationally acclaimed collaborative duo Smith/Stewart. They are angry that T-Mobile has been given permission to site a mast on top of their flagship studio building in Alexandra Parade.

Artists at WASPS, which is a charitable organisation, and residents in Dennistoun claim they were not informed about the proposals, which will see a mobile phone base station sited yards from where they are working. A spokeman for the studio tenants said: "This is not a suitable site for a base station. Our concerns and those of the community have been ignored, and this is very bad for the image of WASPS. "We feel that a charitable organisation receiving large amounts of public money should not be involving itself in this sort of controversy. "There are more appropriate ways of raising money. We do not feel we can support the open studio day because of this, even though it will mean a significant loss of income for the artists." A petition with more than 600 signatures of local residents has already been handed into WASPS head office.


Democratic Congressman Says Conspiracy Trial Ironic


Informant: John Calvert

Electromagnetic field and Epilepsy


Storm Victims Facing Hurdles on Bankruptcy

But four weeks after New Orleans flooded and tens of thousands of other residents of the Gulf Coast also lost their homes and livelihoods, a stricter new personal bankruptcy law scheduled to take effect on October 17 is likely to deliver another blow to those dislocated by the storm.


Iraq War Veterans' Presence in DC Unreported

The New York Times and much of the other news coverage of Saturday's anti-war demonstration in Washington, DC, failed to note the presence of a particularly knowledgeable group of protestors - recently-returned veterans of the war in Iraq.


Cronies at the Till

The first results are in on who is set to profit from the Katrina cleanup, and - surprise - many of the firms winning major contracts have big political connections.


Cancer Causing Vaccines, Polio, AIDS & Monkey Business

by Alan Cantwell, M.D.


The Global Polio Eradication Program, supported by the United Nation’s World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF, Rotary International, and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), plans to immunise all African children in the coming months. The purpose is to stem a wild polio epidemic, the epicentre of which is in oil-rich Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa.

The vaccine program hit a snag in the Fall of 2003 when Islamic clerics in the predominantly Muslim-populated areas of northern Nigeria claimed the WHO program was a plot by Westerners to depopulate the area. Laboratory tests revealed estrogen and other female sex hormones in the polio vaccine, proof the vaccines were contaminated with substances that could cause sterility. Furthermore, Nigerian officials became aware of internet reports suggesting the WHO vaccine might be contaminated with HIV (the AIDS virus) and other cancer-causing viruses. African blacks are as suspicious of government vaccine programs as American blacks. A 1990 survey of African-Americans in New York City showed 30% believed AIDS is an ethno-specific bioweapon designed in a laboratory to kill black people.

Dr. David Heymann, who heads the WHO eradication program, says the oral polio vaccine (which contains live but attenuated polio virus) is completely safe. He blames Nigerians for exporting polio to surrounding nations.

The WHO, the world’s leading international health and science agency, is mired in power politics. For example, the Bush administration now restricts communications between the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and WHO officials. A new HHS policy requires the WHO to submit all requests for expert scientific advice to political officials at HHS who will then choose which federal scientists will be permitted to respond. The new policy and two recent US administration decisions to withdraw federal scientists from major international health conferences are part of a disturbing pattern of political interference in global health issues.

Antifertility Vaccines and the WHO

In March 2004, Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist and Dean of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria, took samples of WHO’s controversial oral polio vaccine to India for analysis. Evidence of serious vaccine contamination was found. According to a March 11, 2004 report on www.lifesite.net, Kaita was asked why drug manufacturers would contaminate the oral polio vaccine. He gave three reasons: “These manufacturers or promoters of these harmful things have a secret agenda which only further research can reveal. Secondly they have always taken us in the third world for granted, thinking we don’t have the capacity, knowledge and equipment to conduct tests that would reveal such contaminants. And very unfortunately they also have people to defend their atrocities within our midst, and worst still some of these are supposed to be our own professionals who we rely on to protect our interests.” Dr. Kaita is demanding that “those who imported this fake drug in the name of Polio Vaccines… be prosecuted like any other criminal.”

This is not the first time the WHO has been called on the carpet to explain their surreptitious use of antifertility vaccines. Millions of female Mexicans, Nicaraguans and Filipinos were duped into taking tetanus vaccines, some of which were laced with a female hormone that could cause miscarriage and sterilisation. In 1995, a Catholic organisation called Human Life International accused the WHO of promoting this Canadian-made tetanus vaccine covertly laced with a pregnancy hormone called human choriogonadotropic hormone (HCG). Suspicions were aroused when the tetanus vaccine was prescribed in the peculiar dose of five multiple injections over a three month period, and recommended only to women of child-bearing age. When an unusual number of women experienced vaginal bleeding and miscarriages after the shots, a hormone additive was uncovered as the cause.

It is no secret that since the 1970’s the WHO has been testing and funding antifertility vaccine research that would make a woman’s immune system attack and destroy her own babies in the womb. In Geneva in 1989 the WHO sponsored a Symposium on Antifertility Vaccines and Contraceptive Vaccines.

Third-world women who received the laced tetanus shots not only developed antibodies to tetanus, but developed dangerous antibodies to the pregnancy HCG hormone as well. Without HCG, growth of the fetus is impaired. Consequently, the WHO’s vaccine served as a covert and unsuspected contraceptive device. Commissioned to analyse the vaccine, the Philippines Medical Association found that 20 percent of the WHO tetanus vaccines were contaminated with the hormone. The WHO has denied all accusations as “completely false and without basis,” and the US media never reported on the controversy. For further details, go to www.google.com and type-in key words “WHO + antifertility vaccine”, or “Philippines + antifertility vaccine.”

Following an eight month boycott, on June 24, 2004, the recalcitrant Nigerians agreed to resume polio vaccinations, under the conditions the polio vaccine had to be manufactured in Indonesia and nowhere else. In October 2004, the United Nations began its program of immunising 80 million children in 23 countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

The WHO and the Man-Made Theory of AIDS

Unlike most Americans, Africans are aware of the man-made theory of AIDS, and the possibility the WHO’s extensive vaccine programs in Africa in the 1970s are connected to the severe outbreak of AIDS in the early 1980s.

On May 11, 1987, the London Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, published an explosive article entitled, “Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus.” The story suggested the smallpox eradication vaccine program sponsored by the WHO was responsible for unleashing AIDS in Africa. Almost 100 million Africans living in central Africa were inoculated by the WHO. The vaccine was held responsible for awakening a “dormant” AIDS virus infection on the continent.

An advisor to the WHO admitted, “Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of AIDS.” Robert Gallo, M.D., the co-discoverer of HIV, told The Times, “The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV.” Despite the tremendous importance of this story, the US media was totally silent on the report, and Gallo never spoke of it again.

In September 1987, at a conference sponsored by the National Health Federation in Monrovia, California, William Campbell Douglass, M.D., bluntly blamed the WHO for murdering Africa with the AIDS virus. In a widely circulated reprint of his talk entitled “W.H.O. Murdered Africa”, he accused the organisation of encouraging virologists and molecular biologists to work with deadly animal viruses in an attempt to make an immunosuppressive hybrid virus that would be deadly to humans.

From the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (Volume 47, p.259, 1972), he quoted a passage that stated: “An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus.” According to Douglass, “That’s AIDS. What the WHO is saying in plain English is ‘Let’s cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T-cell system of man, an acquired immune deficiency.’” The entire article can be read on google.com (“WHO Murdered Africa”).

In his 1989 book, AIDS: The End of Civilisation, Douglass claims the WHO laced the African vaccines. He blames “the virologists of the world, the sorcerers who brought us this ghastly plague, and have formed a united front in denying that the virus was laboratory-made from known, lethal animal viruses. The scientific party line is that a monkey in Africa with AIDS bit a native on the butt. The native then went to town and gave it to a prostitute who gave it to a local banker who gave it to his wife and three girl friends, and wham – 75 million people became infected with AIDS in Africa. An entirely preposterous story.”

Indeed, in my two books on man-made AIDS – AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the Epidemic (1988), and in Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (1993), there is much evidence to show that throughout the 1970s (the decade that preceded the AIDS outbreak in the US and Africa) there was widespread laboratory transfer of animal viruses, particularly primate/simian/monkey/chimpanzee viruses, by virologists. Various animal viruses were pumped into different species of animals and into all sorts of cell cultures. This experimentation was undertaken to find, create, and develop new cancer-causing and immunosuppressive viruses. It is these species-jumping laboratory primate viruses that are the source of “human” immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – not the animals in the wild in Africa.

To researchers who believe whole-heartedly AIDS is a man-made disease, the evidence is crystal clear that the “primate ancestor virus of HIV” jumped species via contaminated vaccine programs, namely the extensive WHO-sponsored vaccine programs in sub-Saharan Africa during the 1970’s, and the experimental hepatitis B vaccine (1978-1981) that was injected exclusively into gay men just prior to the outbreak of AIDS in America. (More on this later.)

Cancer-causing Monkey Viruses and the Polio Vaccine

Americans have been told repeatedly that HIV/AIDS is the first time a monkey virus has jumped species to cause a new epidemic called AIDS. But the rarely-publicised truth is that a cancer-causing monkey virus jumped species a half century ago when contaminated polio vaccines were given to millions of people on the planet, including half the US population of that era.

In the early 1960’s it was discovered that some lots of polio vaccines manufactured on rhesus monkey kidney tissue during the period 1955 to 1963 were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40 (Simian [monkey] virus #40). This primate virus was quickly proven to cause various cancers in experimental animals. However, to this day, US government officials still insist there is no absolute proof that SV40 causes human cancer.

Despite the lack of government interest in SV40 in human cancer for three decades, genetic and immunologic studies by independent researchers over the past decade indicate this virus is clearly associated with human cancer, such as rapidly-fatal cancers of the lung (mesothelioma), bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma), brain tumours in children, and other forms of cancer.

A Washington Times report (September 21, 2003) indicates, “Some of the polio vaccine given to millions of American children from 1962 until 2000 could have been contaminated with a monkey virus that shows up in some cancers, according to documents and testimony to be delivered to a House committee Wednesday. The vaccine manufacturer said such claims ‘don’t have any validity,’ and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agrees. Documents set to be delivered to the House Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness appear to show that the original ‘seeds’ used to produce the Sabin [oral] vaccine could have been tainted with SV40; that the company that manufactured the vaccine, Wyeth Lederle, may have used Rhesus monkeys – which are more likely to carry the disease – rather than the African Green monkeys it says it used, according to company documents; and that the company may not have performed all of the screening tests required.”

Stanley P. Kops is a lawyer who represents children and adults damaged by polio vaccines. He has documentation indicating the polio virus “seeds” from which the oral vaccine is made are still not proven to be free of SV40. In his article entitled “Oral polio vaccine and human cancer: a reassessment of SV40 as a contaminant based upon legal documents”, appearing in the journal Anticancer Research (November 2000), Kops states:

“In litigation involving the Lederle oral polio vaccine, the manufacturer’s internal documents failed to reveal such removal [of SV40] in all of the seeds. The absence of confirmatory testing of the seeds, as well as testimony of a Lederle manager, indicate that this claim of removal of SV40 and the testing for SV40 in all the seeds cannot be fully substantiated. These legal documents and testimony indicate that the scientific community should not be content with prior assumptions that SV40 could not have been in the oral polio vaccine. Only further investigation by outside scientific and independent researchers who can review the test results claimed in the January 1997 meeting and who can conduct their own independent evaluations by testing all the seeds and individual mono-valent pools will assure that SV40 has not been present in commercially sold oral poliovirus vaccine manufactured by Lederle.”

More information on Kops, SV40, and polio litigation can be found at http://www.sv40cancer.com.

More than 600 million doses of polio vaccine were sold by Lederle from 1963 to 1999. On January 1, 2000, the CDC recommended injections of an inactivated killed polio vaccine (IPV) that eliminates the risk of spreading the disease, unlike the oral live polio vaccine that had been used for decades. This prompted Lederle to get out of the polio vaccine business, and the last batch of Orimune was produced on December 31, 1999.

For anyone who still thinks vaccine makers and government health officials are always your friend, I would highly recommend a just-published book titled AIDS. The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed, by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher. The book explores the history of the polio vaccine, the contamination problems with SV40, the ensuing vaccine-related cancer problems, and the government’s cover-up of the problem over the past three decades.

Few people realise how dangerous vaccines can be and how complicated the process of vaccine manufacture really is, particularly when vaccines are made on living animal or human cells. Contamination with bacteria and viruses and their elimination from the final product are constant problems during the process. There are also recent suspicions that the laboratory media used to feed and nourish the cell cultures upon which the virus is grown may also be a source of contamination. (For further details on the dangers of vaccines, see “Are Vaccines Causing More Diseases than they are Curing?” New Dawn No. 63, November-December 2000)

The Polio Vaccine/ Primate Virus Connection to African AIDS

Informant: ireland


Dr Alan Cantwell/Paranoia

Cantwell's research into AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases as bio-engineered illnesses is very important. You'll find several articles on the http://www.whale.to website [ http://tinyurl.com/3y4qdr ].


Media Buzzwords To Silence The Politically Incorrect


Congress members demand Halliburton suspension


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 26, 2005 CONTACT: BILL GOOLD (202) 225-5161 OR (202) 226-4055


Washington, D.C. -- U.S. Representatives Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee, Co-Chairwomen of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and 17 of their colleagues today released a copy of their letter to President Bush demanding that Halliburton be suspended from eligibility for any additional hurricane -related or other federal contracts pending resolution of all current allegations alleging waste, fraud, and other contract-related abuses by this company in Iraq and elsewhere.

"It took President Bush nearly five days after Hurricane Katrina hit to mobilize a federal response and relief effort that was even partially effective," Woolsey noted. "Even then among his first actions were to suspend the applicable labor laws, effectively cutting the paychecks of the American workers involved in recovery and reconstruction of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans (e.g. Davis-Bacon Act). Adding insult to injury, he also awarded a lucrative, no-bid contract to a subsidiary of Vice President Cheney's old company - The Halliburton Corporation. Yet, there is mounting evidence that Halliburton is guilty of egregious waste, fraud, and abuse of the hard-earned money of the American taxpayers. It is wrong for the President to award Halliburton and its subsidiaries new, sole-source contracts on top of the more than $10 billion that this company has already received since the Bush-Cheney Administration took office."

"The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the tragic consequences of having an Administration where cronyism trumps competence," said Lee. "The fact that the President would cut wages for impacted workers, while handing out millions in no-bid contracts to well connected firms is a perfect snapshot to this Administration's priorities."


"Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)

Informant: Hopedance

Protest bei Raiffeisenverband für gentechnikfreie Futtermittel

Kennzeichnungspflicht gefordert: Protest bei Raiffeisenverband für gentechnikfreie Futtermittel (27.09.05)

Landwirte haben auf dem Gelände des Deutschen Raiffeisenverbandes in Bonn gegen dessen Pro-Gentechnik-Kurs demonstriert. Seit Beginn der Kennzeichnungspflicht für gentechnisch veränderte Futtermittel im April 2004 weigere sich der größte deutsche Futterhändler beharrlich, gentechnikfreie Futtermittel zu verkaufen. Obwohl er diese eingelagert habe, gebe der Raiffeisenverband nicht bekannt, wo sie erhältlich seien. Unterstützt wurden die Bauern bei ihrer Aktion von der Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL), Bioland und dem Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND).

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Sinister Events in a Cynical War

by John Pilger

Here are questions that are not being asked about the latest twist of a cynical war. Were explosives and a remote-control detonator found in the car of the two British SAS special forces men “rescued” from prison in Basra on 19 September? If true, what were they planning to do with them? Why did the British military authorities in Iraq put out an unbelievable version of the circumstances that led up to armoured vehicles smashing down the wall of a prison? According to the head of Basra’s Governing Council, which has co-operated with the British, five civilians were killed by British soldiers. A judge says nine. How much is an Iraqi life worth? Is there to be no honest accounting in Britain for this sinister event, or do we simply accept Defence Secretary John Reid’s customary arrogance? “Iraqi law is very clear,” he said. “British personnel are immune from Iraqi legal process.” He omitted to say that this fake immunity was invented by Iraq’s occupiers....


Bill Frist, The Former 2008 Presidential Candidate

by Jason Leopold

It's one thing to lie in politics. It's another to be caught in a lie. Bill Frist has been caught in a lie. His political future is over. The immediate question is, can he survive as Majority Leader? The Tennessee Republican claims he wasn’t privy to any inside information leading up to the sale of his stock in Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the country’s largest for-profit hospital chain founded by Frist’s father, Thomas, and brother, Thomas Jr., weeks before the company reported lower than expected earnings July 13 that sent the stock south. Now the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the matter, a spokesman for the senator said last week, to determine if Frist broke any laws....


New Orleans: Naled Kills Mosquitoes - and People?

by Sarah Meyer

On September 12, KTLA reported that in New Orleans “federal public safety officials said that a military C-130 cargo plane was to begin spraying clouds of insecticide . . . to kill a growing population of disease-bearing mosquitoes.” The authorities noted that this spraying “would not pose a health threat.” Really?


Mayday Mississippi Delta

TO continues round-the-clock information support for everyone impacted by Katrina. We will provide the best sources available for the most up-to-date and expansive coverage possible.


Roberts for Life?

TO's coverage of the Senate's review of John G. Roberts to be Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court is under way: "Roberts for Life?" A hard look at the future of American Justice.


Verstärkung der WHO durch Mobilfunklobbyist Dr J. Kr. Gøtrik

HLV INFO 151/AT (Auszug)


Verstärkung der WHO durch Mobilfunklobbyist Direktor des Dänischen Gesundheitsrats, Dr J. Kr. Gøtrik

(s. auch HLV INFO 150/AT v. 26-09-05)

Lieber Herr Tittmann,

habe die Nachricht von Frau Prof. Dr. Kwee übersetzt, damit die Lobbywirtschaft der WHO Tragweite von Jedermann nachvollzogen werden kann!

Herzliche Grüße

Claus Scheingraber

A new member/director on the WHO board has been appointed



Ein neuer Direktor wurde für das WHO-Entscheidungsgremium ernannt. Es handelt sich um den Direktor des Dänischen Gesundheitsrats, Herrn J. Kr. Goetrik, einen der eifrigsten Unterstützer der Mobilfunkindustrie. Trotz aller wissenschaftlichen Fakten, fährt er fort zu behaupten, es gibt keine Beweise, dass Mobiltelefone und besonders Mobilfunkbasisstationen für die menschliche Gesundheit gefährlich sind. Nur nach deutlichem, politischen Druck, der auf Grund der öffentlichen Meinung und der seines Arbeitgebers, dem Gesundheitsminister, entstand, musste er zugestehen, dass Kinder vielleicht doch den Gebrauch von Handys einschränken sollten, trotzdem, dass es keine Beweis für die Gefährlichkeit bei Kindern gibt.

Ich – Sianette Kwee – habe zu jeder Zeit die Wahrheit über die gesundheitlichen Effekte durch Mobiltelefone erzählt, sowohl der Presse, dem Fernsehen, der Öffentlichkeit und danach auch meinen Arbeitgeber. Der Dekan der medizinischen Fakultät und der Rektor der Universität erhielten einen Brief von ihm, in dem er verlangte, ich sollte meine Äußerungen gegenüber der Presse abstreiten und sie sollten mich stoppen in der Öffentlichkeit zu sprechen! Herr Goetrik war auch der frühere Direktor der Dänischen Krebsgesellschaft und so Christoffer Johansens Chef und ständiger Aufpasser. So wird seine Ernennung entschieden den Standpunkt der Mobilfunkindustrie in der WHO stärken.

Übersetzung: Dr. Scheingraber 27-9-05


The House Committee on Government Reform has published a new edition of its popular "Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records."

The Guide, first published in 1977, "is one of the most widely read congressional committee reports in history," the new edition says.

A copy of the updated Guide, House Report 109-226, September 20, 2005, is available here: http://www.fas.org/sgp/foia/citizen.html

Informant: NHNE

Téléphonie Mobile, Sommes-nous tous de cobayes?

Next-up organisation vient de mettre en ligne la trame de son SOMMAIRE: http://www.next-up.org

Celui-ci sera chargé au cours des jours à venir, mais dès à présent, vous pouvez télécharger le film: ˝Téléphonie Mobile, Sommes-nous tous de cobayes?˝ http://www.next-up.org/films_intro_0.php de la réalisatrice Joaquina Ferreira.Trois serveurs sont disponibles, choissiez celui qui est le plus rapide, (en principe moins de 20 à 30 mn).



Moray village protests over planned mobile phone mast

27/09/2005 17:06

A Moray village is vowing to take on one of Britain's biggest mobile phone companies, which wants to build a mast in their community.

They say Vodafone's ignoring local democracy after the firm asked the Scottish Executive to overrule a council decision forbidding the construction.

Cutting into the north east coastline, Cullen is a conservation village.

With nearly 240 listed buildings lining its streets, many householders need council permission just to repair a broken window pane.

So when the local authority threw out Vodaphone's bid to erect a fifty foot mast here, locals were relieved, but not surprised.

But Vodaphone wouldn't take no for answer....

This man works for the Scottish Executive.

Mr Smith, as he introduced himself, was sent this afternoon to re-assess Vodaphone's application.

The company wants the Executive to over-ride Moray Council's refusal...and the people of Cullen are furious:

In a statement to Grampian TV, Vodaphone said they never take the decision to appeal lightly and try to weigh up everyone's concerns.

But with an ever increasing demand for mobile communication, they need to build more base stations to carry the network.

The Scottish Executive says it will make a decision on the mast application by early November at the latest.

Cullen says if it's approved, they'll continue to fight against it.


Food and Energy Security: Local Systems Global Solidarity




050927 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Mast case for High Court?


Fleet News and Mail

HART District Council is on collision course with a mobile phone company it believes installed phone mast equipment illegally.

The council is to take enforcement action against Airwave MMO2 after it attached mobile phone masts to a water tower in Bracknell Lane, Hartley Wintney.

The council may even take the company to the High Court if it refuses to remove the masts.

The row started in late 2003 when the phone company installed three ‘whip’ antennae on the water tower.

The company claims that it had planning permission to do this but the council disagrees, stating that it did not approve the application.

Airwave MMO2 appealed but this was dismissed by a planning inspector — although a previous inspector ruled in its favour.

It has since made two further applications to retain the equipment for a further six months and a second to fix alternative equipment lower down the water tower.

These applications were rejected by councillors last week.

Last week members of the council’s planning enforcement committee agreed to take the company to the High Court in a bid to have the original antennae, which were installed in 2003, removed.

“The council understands the distress that the unauthorised equipment is causing to local residents and is seeking its removal as quickly as possible,” said Cllr Viv Street, chairman of the committee.

“We will stand up to those who seek to breach the law designed to protect our local community.”

Residents have been fighting the phone masts in Hartley Wintney since 1999.

In particularly, they have been opposed to the masts attached to the water tower.

People in Trefoil Close and surrounding roads fear the masts could be endangering their health as well as spoiling their view.

Campaigner Marre Dafforn welcomed the decision by the council to take enforcement action against Airwave MMO2 but believes that the company has more tricks up its sleeve.

She said: “I am delighted that the council is taking enforcement action.

“I think that most people are frustrated with how long this has taken.

“Airwave is using every planning loophole possible to put in more applications and I expect that court proceedings may be delayed by this if they put in more appeals.”

But Mrs Dafforn added that residents will have to wait a long time until they achieve their aim of getting the masts removed completely.

She added: “Airwave has spent a lot of money.

“It is not going to leave quietly.”

Airwave MMO2 is providing equipment for Hampshire Constabulary which wants to use the Hartley Wintney water tower as a site for the national police force’s new £3billion mobile radio system aimed at dramatically improving police communications.

John Scott, head of planning at Manchester-based chartered surveyors Pentland Ltd, which is an agent for Airwave MMO2, said the company believed it was in the public interest to be able to provide the coverage required by Hampshire police.

He added that it was an error by the council’s planning official’s that had led to the lengthy row with Airwave MMO2.

When Airwave MMO2 received the planning application back from the council it stated that planning permission had been granted even though reasons had been given to refuse it.

It seems that there had been an apparent misprint.

Airwave MMO2 appealed against this and a planning inspector ruled in its favour.

Mr Scott said the company proceeded with installing the equipment on the tower, but then after the council appealed another planning inspector overturned the original decision.

He declined to comment on whether Airwave MMO2 was confident it would win its case if went to the High Court.

'No mast on our road'

Sep 28 2005

Surrey Online

By Patsy Payne

AN HISTORIC tree-lined avenue used by King Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales is under threat from developers anxious to build a radio base station there.

Third generation phone company Hutchison has infuriated residents with its application to Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

Householders rallied in force in Ringley Park Avenue, Reigate, recently, to protest at plans for a 12-metre pole with three antennae, an antenna dish and radio equipment housing on the footway immediately south of 2 The Chase.

The Kentish-style house's owners, musicians Lynn and Jonathon Myall, along with their three teenage children, are devastated at the proposal.

They were heartened at the support from their neighbours, who are equally incensed at what they see as a violation of Reigate's historic past.

Almost 200 turned out, complete with banners and "protective" foil indicating their fear at perceived electromagnetic field health risks associated with 3G masts.

Although these are not yet recognised in England, a report by the Government's Health Protection Agency, due out next month, is expected to state that increasing numbers of British people are suffering from electrosensitivity - a heightened reaction to electrical energy such as that emitted from mobile phones, electricity pylons and computer screens. Symptoms include nausea, headaches and muscle pain, memory loss and dizziness.

Mrs Myall said: "Although we can only officially object on siting and location, we intend to raise the health risk element, now Britain is to join Sweden in recognising electrosensitivity. We planned to see our days out here, but if this goes up we would have to move. I couldn't risk it for my children and my grandchildren."

The site is also on the main approach to Dunottar School.

Jean Hobson, the headmistress, said: "My main concern is for the health of the pupils. We have insufficient evidence about the long-term effect of radiation from these masts."

But the aesthetics of the proposal and its intrusion on the avenue of chestnut trees in a popular walk, is causing grave concern to groups such as The Reigate Society.

Its new president, Reigate and Banstead MP Crispin Blunt, agrees that the visual impairment would be unwelcome and believes it to be detrimental to the area's character.

He said he was writing to the council to ask that they are satisfied that there is absolutely no technical alternative. "I cannot believe that there is not," his letter says.

Ward councillor for the area Steve Kulka accused Hutchison of misleading residents. He said: "They wrote to residents and said they had liaised with a senior planning officer at the council who felt the proposed site to be the best, giving the impression they had had a long consultation. This is not the case."

Mike Davies, of Hutchison 3G UK, said the firm would have entered into pre-application discussions with council planners. He added: "As a wireless operator we have to comply absolutely with very high scientific standards set by the World Health Organisation. We have been told the result of this results in no adverse health effects to any members of the public living near to one of our sites."

Omega see "The unbridled alliance of science and industry" under:
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/297097/ and "Dirty dealings by Hutchison" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/988162/

Compensation for phone mast hell?

By Jolene Hill
This is Local London

RESIDENTS could demand compensation when a report into health problems linked to mobile phone masts is published.

Government body the Health Protection Agency (HPA) is to release research revealing a full list of symptoms, which includes headaches, extreme tiredness, dizziness, memory loss and depression, associated with electromagnetic fields found around masts.

The news comes as no surprise to members of pressure group Orpington Residents Against Masts.

Many of them live near the BT telephone exchange building in Chislehurst Road, Orpington.

Since masts on the building became operational in March, residents say they have experienced health problems associated with electrosensitivity.

Susan Green's son suffered insomnia and headaches. Radiation detectors revealed high levels above his bed.

When £500 metal panels which shield his room were placed in the attic and the bed was moved, the 10-year-old felt better immediately.

Mrs Green said: "We know from our health surveys and contacts with residents' groups across the borough and the country many families living near masts suffer debilitating symptoms.

"It's scandalous councils and the Government continue to allow the siting of these masts in residential areas and on schools."

"These are only the short-term effects, what about the long-term effects?"

She says this could open the floodgates for people applying for compensation, as was the case when smoking was found to have bad health effects.

Mrs Green also claims the Government will have to reconsider the placement of many masts.

Orpington councillor Chris Maines said: "It's interesting the Government is now supporting residents' fears but it's quite possibly too little, too late.

"There is the concern scientists have been aware of this for some time and the public has not been privy to that information."

Community liaison manager for O2 James Stevenson said: "O2 has great sympathy for anybody suffering from electrosensitivity and we have contributed a large sum of money so the tests and scientific research into our industry can be continued."

The HPA report is expected to be published next month.

Bush Extends National State of Emergency - Military in Streets of DC


Informant: John Fitz

He's No Warren Buffett


The Heartbeat of America

Stirling Newberry: Many fiscal conservatives now are decrying George W. Bush and his fiscal priorities as "liberal." George Bush isn't a fiscal liberal, he's a fiscal libertine, and there is a wide difference.


Bush's Twin Masters

Marjorie Cohn concludes that George W. Bush's two masters - the neoconservatives and the right-wing Christians - were the guiding force behind his decision to invade Iraq, change its regime, and control it permanently. Cohn says that it is time for the US to get out of the business of funding killing and occupation, and into the business of funding healthcare, jobs, education and housing.


Historic Day in Washington, D.C.

Follow links to original reports at http://www.traprockpeace.org

George Galloway and Friends Rock the House to Close Historic Day in Washington, D.C. Hear the diverse voices, and see the photos - of this unforgettable program. (more below)

See 198 Photos - virtually the entire DC march, including coverage of the huge "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent called by Campus Antiwar Network. The contingent drew over 2000 students and supporters to DC and San Francisco marches.

National Exhibit on uranium weapons educates hundreds of activists on these illegal and inhumane weapons. See photos and links to resources:

More on George Galloway Tour Finale: (first some quotes from the evening)

"We have to raise our demands. We don't want Bush out of the Whitehouse, we want Bush in prison with Blair and all the other war criminals who have brought us to this pass." - George Galloway

As Muhammed Ali said: "No Viet Cong ever called me nigger. And I will not fight for Democracy in Vietnam when I cannot fight for Democracy in Mississippi." Prophetic words coming after Hurricane Katrina showed the world that the government that claims to be able to rebuild nations, cannot save its own citizens..." - Ahmed Shawki

"I have asked Tony Blair to meet me for a year, and his answer always is 'I don't wand to debate a grieving mother.' We know why he doesn't want to debate a grieving mother." - Rose Gentle

"Only when the the United States is at peace with itself can it be at peace with this world. We cannot allow the administration to deny the people of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans the right to return as they deny the Palestinians the right to return." - Elias Rashmawi

"They hated the occupation, they hated the power that oppressed them. But whenever there was room for dialogue, there was dialogue. Whenever there was room for tea, there was tea. Whenever there was room for food, there was food and they shared it with us. They shared their Holy Koran with me, a Christian occupier of their land. So the notion that they need 160,000 foreign troops in order to succeed is offensive to me." - Camilo Mejia

George Galloway, Member of Parliament - UK (Respect Unity Coalition), spoke to a capacity audience at the First Congregational Church in Washington, DC. Ralph Nadar and Dennis Brutus were special guests, while Louisiana activists were honored (see below). Appearing with Galloway were, in order of speaking, Virginia Harabin (moderator); Mounzer Sleiman, PhD, who made welcoming remarks on behalf of National Council of Arab Americans; Camilo Mejia, Army soldier who refused to fight in Iraq; he is a conscientious objector and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War; Elias Rashmawi, National Council of Arab Americans; Rose Gentle, founding member of Military Families Against the War (UK); and Ahmed Shawki, Editor, International Socialist Review and Board member of National Council of Arab Americans - he introduced George Galloway.

Download audio and see photos at

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Copyright Notice: Non-commercial use only; all rights reserved. Radio stations may play audio with notification (not permission) to Traprock Peace Center (413-773-7427 or charles@mtdata.com). Any use requires this attribution and notice: "Copyright 2005 Traprock Peace Center; all rights reserved." Any request for permission to use commercially must be made to George Galloway.

Charlie Jenks
Website Manager;
Past President Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-7427 (Traprock office)
413-773-5188, ex. 2 (personal messages) Fax 413-773-7507 http://www.traprockpeace.org


From ufpj-news

Greenspan: US lost deficit control

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told France's Finance Minister Thierry Breton the United States has "lost control" of its budget deficit, the French minister said on Saturday.


From Information Clearing House

A Patriot Silenced, Fighting to Keep America Safe

Sibel Edmonds v. Department of Justice

From Information Clearing House

The impending Cakewalk in Iran

The UN's nuclear watchdog agency, the IAEA, officially signed Iran's death-warrant yesterday.


US Army goes shopping for anthrax

The US Army has asked companies to bid for contracts to produce large quantities of anthrax and equipment to produce other unnamed biological agents, according to New Scientist, but has not said what it needs the facilities for.


From Information Clearing House

In 1 year, Halliburton's stock doubles as troop deaths double

Since the beginning of the Iraq war, Halliburton, the Texas energy giant once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, has seen its stock price more than triple in value.


From Information Clearing House

Officer's Road Led Him Outside Army

When Army Capt. Ian Fishback told his company and battalion commanders that soldiers were abusing Iraqi prisoners in violation of the Geneva Convention, he says, they told him those rules were easily skirted.


George Galloway and Friends in Washington, D.C.


"We have to raise our demands. We don't want Bush out of the Whitehouse, we want Bush in prison with Blair and all the other war criminals who have brought us to this pass."


From Information Clearing House

Cindy Sheehan arrested

She stood up and was handcuffed, then led to a police vehicle while protesters chanted, "The whole world is watching.''


Cindy Sheehan

Peaceful Assault on the Epicenter of Evil

Many Americans are overcoming the lies they have been "programmed" to believe since they were able to fashion conscious, coherent thoughts.


Were British Special Forces Soldiers Planting Bombs in Basra?

Does anyone remember the shock with which the British public greeted the revelation four years ago that one of the members of the Real IRA unit whose bombing attack in Omagh on August 15, 1998 killed twenty-nine civilians had been a double agent, a British army soldier?


From Information Clearing House

The Galloway phenomenon

by Butler Shaffer

Galloway went on to remind people that the families of those who died on 9/11 did not suffer any greater pain than did the relatives of Iraqis and Afghans who died from American and British bombings. Each suffered unjustifiable deaths delivered from the sky.


Nature is a humbling force: the next Great War will be the terror delivered by Nature

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 17:06:40 -0000
From: ecetiwebmaster
Subject: Global Warming

I have watched the spin on Global Warming down playing it as a cycle that will go away soon, nothing to worry about. They boast we will rebuild, even better. The only structure safe for the hurricane ravaged areas is a submarine. What they are not telling you about Global Warming is the dynamics. It is a grand cycle which is aggravated by humanity and the air pollution, "Greenhouse effect", created by humanity. The sun is continuing to expand; it is hitting the Earth over and over with CMEs and Solar Flares. This is creating unstable weather, tornadoes, hurricanes and pressure on the fault lines as well. The Earth is overheating and the heat is creating pressure which has to be released through earthquake and volcanic activity. There are thousands of undersea volcanoes that are presently heating up the oceans. Remember those aquarium heaters; just imagine tossing a few extras into the aquarium. The warm waters are generating massive storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Add the solar activity which generates more unstable weather and you have the dynamics for disaster. The ionosphere is super charged, the Earth as well is acting like a giant capacitor. This also will generate storms with unprecedented lightning activity.

This is not going to decrease, it is going to increase and despite some very arrogant leaders who did not learn from the Titanic, Nature is a humbling force. I would not recommend rebuilding unless on higher ground and using new technologies that can withstand the onslaught of Nature. Personally I would have a water tight dome with a submarine door.

But wait there is more to the story. Our heliosphere is glowing at the leading edge as our solar system moves through the universe. The planets are all undergoing atmospheric changes each emitting up to three times more light. This as well is creating change on every level. The magnetic fields are fluctuating as these massive solar flares and coronal mass ejections sweep across the planets. This affects our bio electric fields around the human body. Stanford Research showed that moneys when subjected to changes in the magnetic fields exhibited behavior from comatose to self mutilation. This might explain our current leadership which seems to be missing a few oars out of the water. Or is it just greed?

Our present path is unsustainable yet they are determined to stay the course and refuse to allow fueless energy, frequency healing technologies, and choose peace. The main reason is it is bad for business. I think environmental collapse is bad for business. Food shortages are bad for business. Rampant disease and plagues are bad for business; war is not in the highest and best good of anyone. Unless of course you are in a position of capitalizing on the continuation of burning toxic gas emitting fossil fuels, the continuation of disease and war all of which our leadership is heavily invested in. To make it plain and simple they are capitalizing at the expense of humanity and the Earth. Owning the media as well is why you are getting the spin on all is well, this will pass, it is all natural and soon it will be business as usual. The Earth is liken to the Titanic and we need a new captain and crew if we are going to steer clear of that which is to come. It is time to implement the fueless energy technologies, allow the new healing technologies to come forward, choose peace and work together because the next Great War will be the terror delivered by Nature. Is Nature intelligent? Have we assaulted her on every front? Is there a reaction to actions against humanity and nature? This is a question for every soul to contemplate.

Be well
James Gilliland

Informant: Di


500,000 People Vanish in Washington, DC

Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 12:48 PM

Ron Scott

500,000 People Vanish in Washington, DC

Imagine 500,000 people marching down the meandering thoroughfares of Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street and Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC. They are headed for a date with destiny and the promise of peace, conjoined with a challenge for justice. How could they vanish from the headlines?

Rod Serling, the brilliant creator/writer of “The Twilight Zone,” might have written this intro to one of his teleplays during the 1960s. But it didn’t happen then. It happened this weekend, with our media, in our country, in our time.

“They came from as far away as Alaska and California,” reported Abayomi Azikiwe of the Pan African Newswire, “from Europe to the nation's capital itself, to make a clear statement that United States military forces should withdraw immediately from Iraq. Honest crowd estimates of the demonstration ranged from 500,000-600,000 (some even thought there were more) making it the largest demonstration in the capital since the winter of 2003.”

Journalist Azikiwe rode the bus with 200 Detroiters who attended this national anti-war march in Washington, DC and stood on the Mall with thousands who watched speakers ranging from the Rev. Jesse Jackson to Cindy Sheehan to activist Curtis Muhammad from New Orleans. He provided a full report on this historic event.

But the corporate media was nowhere to be found. The demonstration was lost on CNN. It was buried on MSNBC. It barely escaped a muffle on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and the old, reliable NPR (National Public Radio). If you had been watching C-SPAN, you would have seen the speakers (but not the march), but how many people watches C-SPAN?

The media failed to cover the largest antiwar demonstration in America since the Vietnam era. That’s not happening in “The Twilight Zone.” That is reality today.

Where were they? Covering local news at home? In Iraq? Or covering the Ashton Kucher/Demi Moore wedding?

No. They had a date with Rita. Celeb anchorpersons, clad in Tommy Hilfiger and St. John knits, were standing in knee-deep water as a backdrop. How many stories about Rita did we need? It’s a tragedy, of course, but in Washington, a challenge to the Bush administration was in full gear, and the cameras, recorders, and reporters’ notepads were missing. If it wasn’t real, it would be science fiction.

The failure of the media to cover this, perhaps one of the most important events of this young century, challenges those who read this blog and those who consider themselves to be committed Americans on the left, right, and in between, to fight for full disclosure and total coverage of what’s happening in our communities throughout the nation. We’ve seen too many “in-bed-with” media, too many laughing anchorpersons, and too many roving reporters who scream only after the story is over.

The Bush administration needs to be covered, and covered seriously. To any of you who remember history prior to 1980, lesser failures on the part of a President brought his resignation. That was Richard M. Nixon. Today, the chief executive of this country, and an administration which has clearly attempted to silence the media, needs to be accessed, researched, and critiqued—even when the winds are blowing in Texas.


What would happen to the Biological Weapons Convention if other countries followed suit and built large biological production facilities at secretive military bases known for weapons testing? -- --Edward Hammond of the Sunshine Project, on U.S. plans to purchase large quantities of a nonvirulent strain of anthrax and additional biological equipment.

Molly P Johnson
6290 Hawk Ridge Place,San Miguel, CA 93451
805 467-2431

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Caribbean Corals Hit by Warm, Storm-Spawning Seas

Corals in the Caribbean are being damaged by the same warm seas that have fuelled Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Corals off Florida, Barbados, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Cuba seemed to be undergoing the worst damage, known as bleaching, since 1997-1998.


Botswana launches war against First Nations of Bushmen



26 September 2005

The leaders of the Bushman organization First People of the Kalahari have been arrested and imprisoned. They were among a group of 28 Bushmen, including seven children, who were seized by police as they tried to enter their ancestral homeland, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Their fate is now uncertain.

The Bushmen were attempting to highlight the plight of their relatives still inside the reserve. With the reserve sealed off, all hunting banned, their radio transmitters confiscated, no water allowed in and armed wildlife guards in every Bushman community, those Bushmen still holding out in the reserve have little means of survival.

The last message sent by the Bushmen in the reserve read, 'They are firing over our heads, they are beating us, we don't know if we can hold out.'

At least two Bushmen have reportedly been shot at; one is recovering in hospital, and one has since been arrested.

The government has banned journalists from entering the reserve. A group of Americans probing allegations of repression in the reserve, including the Chair of Human Rights Watch, report that they were followed, questioned, intimidated and harassed for three days by Wildlife Department officials, and finally escorted out of the reserve by armed guards.

This repression is the culmination of the government's crackdown on all Bushman resistance to their forced relocation. It comes despite the fact that the court case to establish whether the Bushmen's eviction was lawful is still going on. Rafael Runco, Chair of Survival International, said today, 'Botswana's government seems to have gone totally off the rails. Faced with criticism from all quarters, it's simply lashing out at the easiest targets - the Bushmen who it's been persecuting for so long. What it's doing now is coming perilously close to genocide - a systematic attempt to destroy an ethnic group.'

SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE To read this press release online, visit

For more information contact Miriam Ross on (+44) (0)20 7687 8734 or email mr@survival-international.org




1. TELL all your friends and associates about the atrocities the state and corporate terrorists of Botswana commit against the indigenous peoples of the Kalahari - send them the
http://survival-international.org and http://www.khoisanpeoples.org for references.

Warn them from the spindoctors, like Clifford Maribe, who publish their blurs of deceit on the government website of the state or through the paid mainstream media. Clifford Maribe, the propaganda mouthpiece of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Botswana has close family links to still-President Festus Mogae and is a self-styled adversary to Survival International and other international Human Rights Organizations, who stand beside the first peoples of southern Africa in the defence of their rights. Maribe, who can not possibly disassociate himself from the ruling elites of today's Botswana, politically as well as concerning his own family relations, must be compared to Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Adolf Hitler, in their struggle to exterminate another human race. But unlike Goebbels, who claimed to have a vision, Maribe does it purely for blood-money and "because it is my job!"

Be aware that the churches are deeply entangled in the oppression of the spirited traditional peoples of the southern African wildlands.

2. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING BOTSWANA. Don't buy anything from Botswana, don't spend your vacation money in Botswana, cancel all business contracts with the oppressors. Boycott especially all companies, like de Beers, who profit from the suffering.

3. COMBAT the sale of blood diamonds from Botswana. Demand from the UN and the international diamond cartel that all diamonds from Botswana are classified as blood-diamonds and their trading is banned. Stop going out with people who buy, sell or wear diamonds from Botswana - throw them off your party! Name them and publicly shame them !

4. DEMAND from your own government a very clear boycott of the present Republic of Botswana in every respect: Any political or economic support, any co-operation with governmental officials or aid to the present Botswana governance under FESTUS MOGAE, the governance puppet of the Tswana Paramount Chief - styled Kgôsikgolo -, must STOP NOW! Not a single tax Dollar, Euro or Yen shall be given from the pockets of citizens of free nations to this terror state governance. Governmental and church officials from Botswana must be banned from all international bodies and meetings, incl. the UN and the AU, like it was done with the Apartheid regime of former South Africa.

5. CONTACT your nearest Botswana High Commission (their Embassy), demand freedom for the traditional bushmen (San and Khoi peoples) and tell them what you already did and are going to achieve with your boycott. Isolate the Botswana oppressors. They are just a phone-call away from you - hopefully they will tape what you have to say, so use a public phone.

For those, who again want to express their outrage - Write to:

The Hon F G Mogae President of the Republic Private Bag 001 Gaborone Botswana Fax: + 267 3956 086 and, if possible, copy to: Mr Nicky Oppenheimer Chairman De Beers 17 Charterhouse Street London EC1N 6RA UK Fax: +44 (0)20 7404 4730

All these actions must continue until the oppression of the first peoples of southern Africa is stopped, until all their rights are re-instituted and specifically their right to self-determination as well as to their lands and natural resources is guaranteed - once and for all!

Crack down on the Botswana overlord governance and their corporate stirrup holders wherever you find them!

BOYCOTT - BOYCOTT - BOYCOTT and CUT BOTSWANA BUSINESS AND THEIR PRESENT GOVERNANCE OUT FROM ANYTHING AND WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM ! - Until they stop the ethnocide and genocide against the First Peoples of the Kalahari !

KICK THE PRESENT BOTSWANA REGIME OUT OF THE UN, since they do not listen to the findings of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and his Special Rapporteur anyway!

BOTSWANA is not a signatory to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, but the Tswana overlord governance is persistently violating these internationally agreed standards - see

And like in Namibia and South-Africa, i.e. in compliance of and in complicity with European and other Northern World interests in natural resources exploitation as well as together with the massive proselytism by the churches, the overlord governance in Botswana is guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, which must bring them and their corporate allies in crime before the International Criminal Court of Justice.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established in 2002 as a permanent tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, as defined by several international agreements, most prominently the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


The Great Shifting of the Ages

Scientists who are studying evolution from a celestial perspective believe that there are four kinds of celestial events and cosmic forces that might be triggering The Shift:

• Galactic Cycles,
• Solar Cycles,
• Solar Events and
• Supernovas.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence in these four areas indicating that we are deep into the Great Shifting of the Ages. So let’s look at the first: galactic cycles. They are created by the rotation of our galaxy through evenly-spaced zones of energy that are not visible to the naked eye. It takes approximately 26 million years to pass through one of these zones and it appears that we are now moving into one that is more highly charged. Moving through this accelerated energy is changing our DNA, our consciousness and triggering our metamorphosis into Christed Beings.


Informant: Di

A Moral Compass For Life's Journey

Thousands of Consumers Mobilize Across U.S. to Stop 'Sneak Attack' in Congress on Organic Standards


Revealing the Most Tainted Members of Congress


The Silent Coup The Media Forgot: K Street vs. Pennsylvania Avenue


Last Weekend Karl Rove Said I Was a Clown


Cindy Sheehan

Lessons From a Fallen Empire


The True Story of How Big Pharma Took Liberties with African Lives


Report From the D.C. Anti-War March

I’ve been SO distraught in my paying attention to politics this last 5-1/2 years that I just KNEW I had to slap down $200 for a plane ticket and go to the big Sept. 24th March on Washington. It was worth everything!

Since I used to live in Wash. DC, I was fortunate to be able to stay with friends. I flew in late Thursday night after work. Friday morning I trekked out to see what was happening on the mall in preparation for the BIG DAY Saturday.

First I went up to the Capitol. For a few years now the Bushies have turned the grounds into a huge pile of rubble. SO ugly. I used to go up there a few times a week and watch band concerts on the beautiful grounds. Now it is all construction site. I talked with a Capitol visitor guide who whispered to me that though they say they’re building a fancy underground visitor’s center, it is in reality going to be a bomb shelter for Congress … strongly similar to an airplane’s black box … impenetrable. The guide said I was the first person he/she (to protect the innocent) met who was going to the march and he/she hoped there would be a HUGE turnout. Said that things at the Capitol have turned so rigid and stifling under this administration. At the front of the Capitol they had cops … one carrying an AK-47 machine gun!

I walked down the mall, shuffling into Smithsonians to escape the extreme humid heat. I passed a book fair on the mall and then, down by the Washington Monument, FINALLY got to OUR PEOPLE! There was a big tent that was labeled “Camp Casey III” – Cindy Sheehan’s group. Outside of it, crosses had been erected to signify all the American soldiers who had died, as well as many pairs of their boots (Casey Sheehan’s boots had been stolen by a right winger the week before!). Inside the tent there was a big map that we all could sign on our states. People were so helpful inside, and excited.

I walked on to the Vietnam Memorial, but saw a lone middle aged man standing on busy Constitution Avenue with an “Impeach Bush” sign. I stood with him awhile and we got many cars honking for the concept. I admired his courage … reminded me of the lone Chinese man in front of the tank in Tianneman Square. An hour later, he was STILL there, so I stood with him getting cars to wave for another hour or so and drawing a crowd. We had lots of “takers” for getting Bush impeached.

That evening, about 250 of us gathered at the Sheehan tent in a circle and listened to speakers … mainly family members who had lost a soldier, family members worried to death that their currently alive soldier wouldn't return or soldiers who were recently returned and disgusted with it all. Murmurs emerged that some were worried the march hadn’t been very well publicized and we wouldn’t get a big crowd Saturday. WRONG! (I really do believe there were probably 300,000, as they say ... more than the amount of our soldiers in Iraq!) Then there was a candlelight processional to the Vietnam Memorial.

SATURDAY I woke up, as excited as a kid before Christmas. I donned my “I’m NOT with Stupid” (pointing to an idiotic looking picture of Bush) T-shirt and went downtown early to see the preparations for the big march. On the underground metro train, a few people excitedly asked if I was going to the march (DUH!). Though they liked my shirt, one guy said he believed Bush was more conniving, greedy and criminal than stupid. Interesting. Maybe he’s right, but I stand by my shirt!

Lots of people were on the downtown streets early, putting protest signs together and directing people and moving down toward the mall. I wanted to go by the White House first. Already there were quite a few cops and snipers on the White House and surrounding building’s roofs. I said to some cops, “Be nice to us today” and they said, “You be nice to us too.” One short, pudgy self-described “Marine” held a sign in front of the White House that said, “War, not Peace”. I walked by and said, “You’re kidding, right?” and he said “No”. The cops started getting nervous. I said, “You like war? ” and he said “yes”. I said I like diplomacy better myself. It was all quite friendly.

I talked with the elderly lady who has camped in her peace tent in front of the White House for 25 years, day and night, winter and summer (www.______). I said she must really be excited today, but she said it’s another day for her to preach peace. She seriously, as always, held up pictures of children deformed by depleted uranium to the bystanders on the sidewalk. I’ve talked with her for years and she’s wonderful and down to earth. She's also in "Fahrenheit 911".

I headed to the Mall and it was flooded as far as you could see with droves of people walking to the meeting place and tons of signs being assembled for people to choose from. I ran into some who had ridden all night busses. Two tired older gals said though their minds were drowsy, at least their bodies were there for the protest. My state of Wisconsin had 17 busses go!
(but I flew... can't take that anymore).

Though I hardly saw anybody I knew, I heard George Martin’s (from Milwaukee) voice rousing up the crowd over at the stage area. We heard that the train from New York and through Philadelphia had electrical problems(!) and that tens of thousands coming down from those areas couldn’t make it down in time but were having spontaneous demonstrations on whatever train platform they were stranded at. Of course, we were all greatly suspicious of who might have shut off those trains!

Suddenly, it appeared the march was starting. Thousands and thousands of us marched up to the White House, believing this was it! But, 1-1/12 hours later, as we all returned to the Mall, we were greeted with thousands more who asked why we were all going the other way. It turned out this second march was the REAL one! So we joined in again! And HUGE it was! An ocean of people of all ages and races … even dogs sporting “Beagles for Peace” scarves, Buddhists, Nuns, gay folks, many, many young folks, “Raging Grannies”, “Billionaires for Bush”, “Bimbos for Bush” sporting long missiles in “interesting” locations on their bodies. Signs stating the hope for a peaceful world to signs calling this administration liars, questioning God making this president with “intelligent design”, signs to “Bring the troops home now” and to stop the war, signs linking the need for hurricane relief and domestic needs to our costly war (“Make Levees, Not War”). There were folks in Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney/Condi costumes … wearing prison garb, or Bush in a flight suit or Bush being manipulated like a manikin by a devil behind him. My feet hurt, so I stood in front of the White House watching it all go by. A man sported a Clinton mask and a dress and heels with a sign saying “Clinton for First Lady”. Even a tall, angelic, sandal-clad “Jesus” was there (could it be?!). I got my picture taken with "Jesus" who didn’t comment on my “I’m NOT with stupid T-shirt.” (By the way, my T-shirt was a big hit and about a dozen people asked to take my picture).

The signs that struck me the hardest and probably most expressed my feelings were the ones that said, “Ashamed of my country” or “Ashamed to be an American”. Very tragic to see and to feel.

Reuters news service interviewed me on why I was protesting. I said, “Where do I begin? But got off a few good sound bites about not having ever believed in the weapons of mass destruction, the tragedy of our low standing in the world because of our policies and how these policies have bankrupted our nation... and our infrastructure. I was also filmed by many other crews and I jokingly/nervously asked some if they were with the CIA, though one fellow protestor laughed and said he didn’t mind “updating” his CIA photo with his latest likeness.

Of course, the Gold Star Families were the most touching, as they carried pictures of their lost loved ones around their necks. They were the sad ones who weren’t reveling in releasing their angry feelings like the rest of us, I thought. When their group stalled in front of me, I asked a black mom if she had a loved one in the war and she said her daughter is now home but suffers from tremendous Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and “Survivor Guilt”. She hurt her wrist one day and another person went on patrol in her place. That person was blown up and killed. The mom wants the daughter to get help but the daughter doesn’t trust anybody. I felt so sad for that teary-eyed mom.

Around 40 young soldiers marched too … one rough guy with lots of tattoos said he wanted to stick it to Bush and that this war didn’t make sense. Lots of older Vietnam vets marched, as well as vets from other wars. One VERY old man walked painfully and seriously alone, determined to make his statement nonetheless. I won't forget him, though he seemed lost in the crowd.

I had wanted to carry a “Worst President Ever” sign, but they had run out so I carried one with an evil looking Cheney and a dumb looking “W” that simply said “LIARS”. 2 different bystanders on the route asked me who the “Cheney” picture was!

Since I was standing in front of the White House (Bush had flown off earlier on Friday to "oversee the operations for Hurricane Rita” … RIGHT!), I saw quite a few marchers “go haywire” in front of the (by now) hundreds of cops (some with machine guns) standing next to us, blocking us from the front of the White House. Some protestors would just lose it and shout at the cops that they should be facing the other way and attending to the “real criminals” behind them – asking them how they could defend such people. It was unfair, I thought, because they were just doing their job. Actually, the police were on their guard, but taking it all in stride nicely, I thought. They seemed to loosen up as the day went on, even though lots of drumming started up and many of the younger people got into some frenzied dancing in the park across from the White House.

As we marched back, there were 4 guys, one with a bullhorn nervously telling us that all the problems aren’t Bush’s fault but our own sinful natures. That didn’t go well with many who really told them off. I saw one guy on the sidewalk with a sign saying “Hippies, go to Hell”. I guess there was a pro-war contingent of a few hundred? who confronted our group at some point, but it didn’t amount to much.

After the march there was a big concert with rappers, Joan Baez, speakers, etc. (I missed a lot of the speakers I would have wanted to hear… the march went till about 5:00 for me).

I went back to the Cindy Sheehan tent before going home and THERE SHE WAS, off by the “cemetery”, standing 2 feet from me and hugging whoever wanted to come up. Cindy smiled so warmly at each and was so down to earth. Of course, my film ran out just before I got to her.

An older guy sitting in a chair in the “cemetery” got talking with me a bit. It turns out he’s one of the “keepers” of it -- helps put up the crosses in towns across the country. He also knows actor and peace and justice advocate Martin Sheen quite well. He told me something astonishing… He said, “This might be the last march of this size that you will ever see in your lifetime.” I said, what?! … Bush has 3-1/2 more years, but the guy thought Bush was on the downslide now and that people have finally started to put their feet down on wars like this. Hope he’s right.

Lastly, as I was about to go home, a sad, lien, quiet, handsome Hispanic man came up to me and others and gave us crisp envelopes. He said that his soldier son’s last letter was inside and he felt that if we read it, it would help keep his son alive. His son was Lance Corporal Arredondo, killed in Najaf in a gun battle. The letter talks about how after he signed up (after 9-11), his whole life changed “in an instant”. The next thing he knew, he was dressed in full combat gear. He was proud to serve his country and walking the “path of a proud warrior” but also wished he was back home with his girlfriend – wondering if he’d made the right decision to join up.

Well, that was it. I didn’t quite know why I went … to help support the other activists, to help make a statement to the country… but it wasn’t until I was flying back on the plane last night that I realized the biggest benefactor of my being there was ME. After sitting by myself swearing in front of the TV set and reading and fretting about how blind our citizens are, I was able to live for awhile in a crowd of hundreds of thousands who were just as outraged and adamant that I am about the direction this country we love has taken. I wish you all could have been there.


Dare to be a hero
Dare to stand alone
Dare to find a purpose
Dare to make it known

From ufpj-news

My First Time


Informant: NHNE

Cindy Sheehan

Climate Change Threatens Human Health

New Report Shows

Informant: NHNE

Is Cindy Sheehan leading a Ghandian non-violent revolution?

MARK THESE WORDS, THIS EVENT: HERE NOW IS THE BEGINNING OF THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION. It will take 20 years to fully win it, but this is the beginning. It may be no more than a brief skirmish at the moment, but these people are blazing the path.

Ask yourself, is Cindy Sheehan leading a Ghandian non-violent revolution?

The first objective of this revolution should be to force Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice out of office.

Since we have a government which no longer functions except by executive fiat, and since we no longer have a prosecutorial class nor poltical parties which are remotely interested in doing their jobs by serving the public interest, perhaps the best method and the only method available to us is for 50 million people to sit down, sandbag Federal government offices, EVERYWHERE, except where they are serving emergencies, sing songs, and refuse to move.

A lot of people will have to go to jail until the Imperial regime realizes that it can't hang onto its power any better than it has in Iraq or "made America safer". The regime can stuff several million people into concentration holding pens and create a monumental human crisis beyond any known, but if people keep coming, like the masses who followed Ghandi. The Imperials cannot win. They will break, run, and Congress will be forced to impeach the Bushiters and install the Speaker of the House as a President for the remainder of this term.

The focus should be: impeach them

The people should form themselves up as a Committee To Impeach The Imperials.

It could be done, the question is, are enough people fully and trully fed up and angry enough to disrupt their lives for a few months with civil disobedience trespassing and disorderly citations?

Ghandi's movement won because people just kept on coming. LIke a vast unrelenting hurricane, the people just kept coming at the British and totally overwhelmed them, all with non-violent tactics of total opposition and refusal to be moved by the Brits. They literally sandbagged the Brits with their bodies. Finally the British realized they were too exhausted to continue their bluff. They handed off independence to the Indians.

This current political establishment in Washington DC is so corrupt and dishonest, it is easy to call their bluff. Nobody believes them. We just need to all call their bluff all together with a load voice. The concerted hurricane will blow them right out of office.

Also see below: http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/092605Y.shtml#1
Sheehan Arrested during Anti-War Protest •

Cindy Sheehan Arrested at White House
By TO Staff t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Monday 26 September 2005

Cindy Sheehan, along with several well-known figures, has been arrested at the front gates of the White House in Washington, DC. Sheehan had attempted once again to gain an audience with George W. Bush; again she was refused. Sheehan and her supporters then proceeded to sit down and pray at a restricted point in front of the White House. She and many others have been arrested.

Those who have been arrested with her include Cindy's sister Dee Dee, former State Department official Ann Wright, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, and many veterans and their family members.

More to come.

http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-092605antiwar_lat,0,1300769.story?coll=la-tot-promo&track=morenews Goto Original

Sheehan Arrested during Anti-War Protest By Ryan G. Murphy and Emma Vaughn The Los Angeles Times

Washington - Cindy Sheehan, whose protest camp outside President Bush's vacation home in Texas became a focal point of the antiwar movement this summer, was arrested today outside the White House at the head of a civil disobedience campaign intended to dramatize the opposition to the war in Iraq.

On the third day of demonstrations that brought tens of thousands of opponents to the war to Washington on Saturday, a much smaller group sat down in front of the executive mansion, after being refused an opportunity to meet with a White House staff member.

Before Sheehan, 48, was arrested, she took a picture of her son, Casey, who was killed in an ambush last year in the Sadr City section of Baghdad, from around her neck and tied it with a pink ribbon to the tall, wrought iron fence that surrounds the White House.

As police moved in on the protesters, the demonstrators sang Amazing Grace, This Little Light of Mine, and other songs.

U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. Scott R. Fear said, it's a peaceful demonstration. We are going to take our time arresting them. The demonstrators were given three warnings, after which they were arrested for demonstrating without a permit.

On Capitol Hill, meanwhile, other opponents of the war sought to lobby members of Congress to withhold funding for the military operations.

Mimi Kennedy, an actress who is chairing Progressive Democrats of America, and several others under the banner of Code Pink and United for Peace and Justice, spent the day seeking to argue their case before Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and other Democrats.

Best Wishes,
Michael Wells
The Hills of Arizona

Cindy Sheehan


Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist


Letter from Cindy Sheehan to Members of Congress


Cindy Sheehan

Call Your Congressman and Senator To Stop Roberts



Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 20:25:09 -0800
From: The Pen
URGENT: Blog posting action opposing John Roberts


If you were listening to Thom Hartmann on his widely syndicated radio program today, you know he was breathing fire in opposition to John Roberts. You also know from your own experience that the primary toll-free telephone number for Congress (877-762-8762) is mysteriously and suddenly out of commission with just a fast circuit busy signal (try it yourself), even in the middle of the night. Yes, Thom thought that was extremely odd also, especially with so many of us calling to declare our strong opposition to John Roberts.

WHAT WE MUST NOW DO is create a permanent record of this situation and use that to generate even more messages and phone calls to the Senate in the next 24 hours. If you are a member of any BLOGS go to ALL of them overnight and start a new thread or article, and/or leave a comment on an existing one. In your own words there are three simple key points we need to make in any order you like:

1) Whether we have in fact overloaded the primary toll-free number with our calls or whether someone deliberately cut the line to slow down the calls, it is in FACT down now.

2) There is a growing ground swell of opposition to the stealth reactionary Roberts that can no longer be ignored.

3) To take action there are two alternative toll-free numbers still working, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588, plus an action page that will give you all the direct phone and fax numbers of your own senators, http://www.millionphonemarch.com.

What we want to accomplish is to create as many entries on as many blog threads as possible, to reach as many people as we can who wish they knew what to do to stop this administration from scuttling our Supreme Court, but who just don't where to start. Feel free to make your own arguments as to why Roberts must be stopped, just as you do when you send your personal messages to your senators. If you would like some additional ideas, this piece from OpEd News might be useful:


Leahy, Feingold and Kohl have been excoriated on the blogs for their judiciary committee votes, which even they admit were "close calls." All we have to do is get one or two of them to heed the voice of the people and the MOMENTUM is on our side. All they simply need to say is that they have been hearing from their constituents, and while they may have been initially inclined to support Roberts, they can no longer do so.

And you can also send your friends who want to know more about why Roberts must be stopped to the one click congressional email and letter to the editor action page, where there are many informative links, at


ALSO be sure to submit the email submission part of the above page yourself in addition to the calls you have already made. Take heart that we have achieved alot of radio visibility in the last couple days. More and more people are starting the question why Roberts is being hustled through the process without even a proper examination of what he really stands for. Will it be enough? That is entirely up to us alone. First we must BELIEVE we can win. After that the rest is easy.

We must reach out to our fellow citizens every way we can. Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2005, Patent pending, All rights reserved

Best Wishes,
Michael Wells Mandeville,
The Hills of Arizona USA

Exorcising the ghosts of Chernobyl



by Tim Grieve Salon
September 26, 2005

Crowd counting isn't an exact science. And even at its best, it's not much of a proxy for a well-conducted public opinion poll. But still, isn't it at least a little interesting to compare the numbers generated by the big antiwar protest in Washington Saturday with the two pro-war rallies that came before and after it?

As Jeff Horwitz writes in Salon, the organizers of Saturday's protest "claimed as many as 250,000 demonstrators attended; though D.C. police estimates were more conservative, none pegged the crowd at below 100,000." USA Today said the protest drew "at least 100,000." The Associated Press called it "an estimated 100,000 people." And the Washington Post quoted D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey, who, when asked whether the protest drew at least 150,000 people, said, "That's as good a guess as any."

How does that stack up against the America Supports You Freedom Walk and country music concert the Pentagon sponsored on the fourth anniversary of 9/11 earlier this month? There's no comparison, really. While one Pentagon official claimed that the pro-war event drew 17,000, newspaper accounts put the real number at somewhere between "several thousand" and "about 10,000" -- and a good number of those were apparently government employees who had been urged by their supervisors to attend.

And what about this Sunday's pro-war demonstration? Organizers of that event said they hoped to draw 10,000 people to Washington. How'd they do? The Associated Press says Sunday's event drew "hundreds," which was "far fewer than organizers had expected." The conservative Washington Times puts a finer point on it, saying an "estimated 400 people" participated in the pro-war rally that was meant to "counter Saturday's anti-war protests, which attracted as many as 100,000 people. according to police estimates."

Informant: NHNE

The Peace Democrats Dilemma


Russert Watch: To Watch or Not To Watch


Cindy Sheehan: Dear Karl Rove


Cindy Sheehan

Brace Yourself for a Hoot


Political Marketing 101


"Ihr kriegt es nicht: Das Wasser gehört allen!"

Eine Übersicht und Materialsammlung zu Hintergründen und Verlauf der amerikaweiten Auseinandersetzungen ums Wasser: und wie sich die Taktiken der ehrenwerten Gesellschaften aus Deutschland, den USA und Frankreich geändert haben, nachdem sie in zahlreichen Großstädten gehen mußten, ohne ihr Ding gedreht zu haben, weil ständig anwachsende soziale Bewegungen sie daran gehindert haben.

"Das Wasser gehört allen", eine Dokumentation vom 20.September
2005: http://www.labournet.de/internationales/la/wasser.html

Aus: LabourNet, 27. September 2005

Leave New Orleans to private development

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


In the Alice-in-Wonderland world of politics, when government fails, and fails spectacularly as it did with Hurricane Katrina, the only thing to do is give it gobs more money to make everything right. But when has government made anything right? Even when it seems to do something worthwhile, we soon discover the horrific unintended consequences of its actions. On net, government as we know it is a liability, not an asset...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Women activists: Creative, proud and strong

Common Dreams
by Linda Milazzo


Since the pioneer days of the suffragettes, who fought valiantly for women's rights, activist women have experienced a metamorphosis in method, mission and manner. 'The early suffragettes were viewed with contempt, physically assaulted and even imprisoned. Later feminists were perceived by most men and many women as distasteful and threatening. Their critics deemed them unladylike and unfashionable. ... Except for a small band of devoted husbands, fathers, boyfriends and friends, these hyper-independent freedom fighters usually fought alone. But current public opinion has shifted dramatically ... In today's society, the once spurned feminist/activists are acknowledged as credible protagonists, skilled at social change. They are welcome partners to those who share their views and worrisome adversaries to those who do not. And in this imperiled new global world, imperially governed by George W. Bush. ... highly evolved women activists are more necessary than ever.' And so I've become one...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Speaking truth to power in DC

Free Press
by Bob Fitrakis


In Mussolini's Italy and in Nazi Germany, a quarter of a million people never took to the streets as Mayer laments: 'But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join you, never comes. That's the difficulty.' Our problem is different. What if a quarter million people or more march in the street and demand that our leader be impeached or tried before an international tribunal or indicted, and the media refuses to cover it? That's what happened. A call from Debbie in the Finger Lakes of New York said that her local news claimed the 250 pro-Bush counter-demonstrators were the same size as the 250,000 anti-Bush protesters. Similar calls came in from New Jersey. Yet, the superpower of peace has the internet, the blogs, streaming video and can document the corruption, complicity and moral cowardice of the infotainment conglomerates. Our job is simple. To speak truth to power on the streets and on the internet. To engage in lobbying and civil disobedience. And to do everything in our power to drive W from office and stop the war in Iraq. The whole world is watching and the vast majority are with us...



Sharing the oil price windfall

Boston Globe
by Joseph P. Kennedy II

The huge run-ups in energy prices have created record profits for oil and gas companies, refiners, shippers, and other players in the energy industry. What may surprise many people is that one of the principal beneficiaries of the price spikes is the US government. When energy costs soar, the federal treasury sees massive infusions of royalties from energy companies for oil and gas extracted from federal lands and waters. While the government collects a windfall, the poor just reap the cold. The federal treasury should not be making money off of elderly Americans and working families shivering in their homes during the winter. It's time that every cent of unearned windfall goes toward fuel assistance for the poor. Using $25 a barrel as a baseline ... the federal government ought to channel royalties collected on higher prices into energy aid for low-income households... [editor's note: This is deceptive, but notice he is talking about the windfalls the FEDS get, not the oil corps themselves - SAT] (09/26/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The FEMA Follies: The show must go on

Sierra Times
by Al Benson Jr.


Most who have read anything about Hurricane Katrina realize that FEMA totally blew it in this case. 'You're doing a heck of a job' Brown is now history. But will that make any real difference? Based on past FEMA performanc that possibility is highly doubtful. Can you spell 'abolition?'


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How can this happen in a place of such wealth?

by Tim Chavez


One thought turned public sympathy into outrage over the abandoning of New Orleans' most vulnerable residents during Hurricane Katrina: How could this Third World-like tragedy be happening in the most powerful and affluent nation on the globe? And anger was further fueled by the realization that America has spent more than $200 billion and almost 2,000 lives to ensure better lives in Iraq. Now consider the same scenario here, set against the great wealth that abounds in the health-care industry. Yet our state is denying our most vulnerable citizens help to afford medicines to prolong lives while forcing others to emergency rooms for care that will bankrupt families. Many working poor Tennesseans are part of the 200,000 TennCare recipients being cut from the program. And several hundred thousand more Tennesseans -- including those described by the governor as the sickest -- have had the number of prescriptions covered by TennCare reduced to five. How can our state government expect diabetics to play Russian Roulette with their health, choosing between insulin and assorted medicines to address heart, stroke and kidney conditions besides ulcers on their feet? Skip one, and you're headed to hospital or morgue...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why the US needs Bush's tax cut

Christian Science Monitor
by Matt Towery


A day of reckoning is coming for Republicans and conservatives, and it is approaching rapidly. Because of a series of natural disasters, unspeakable acts of terrorism, and the responses to them, this country is headed beyond a mere budget crisis. We're drifting toward a five-alarm financial fiasco. And like Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned, attention is focused on issues like the Senate's handwringing about the Supreme Court seats to be filled. Meanwhile, huge sums of money are necessarily committed to restoring what's left of the Gulf states after hurricane Katrina. ... This spotlights the painful budgetary collision between spending that's unavoidable and spending that's discretionary. The problem is that no 'discretion' is being exercised...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

New Orleans: The wages of socialism

Sierra Times
by Andrew Walden


What is it that bends and twists the soul of man in New Orleans such that he shoots at his rescuers, steals televisions while others drown, and then blames all and sundry for not helping enough? Biloxi and the rural areas of costal Louisiana and Mississippi have similar ethnic makeup and are equally hard-hit; yet they were not witness to the self-imposed parts of New Orleans’ devastation. The answer lies in the peculiar political economy of dependency in New Orleans, home to some of America’s last remaining old-style housing 'projects,' home to legions of life-long welfare recipients and home to the bureaucratic and corrupt political structure which sustains itself by maintaining its 'clients' -- in poverty. While the American economy has boomed for two decades, New Orleans remains a city where over 100,000 people cannot afford their own car. .. New Orleans is one of a few cities where welfare has been taken to its full logic...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Certain uncertainty

The Weekly Standard
by Irwin M. Stelzer


'If we expect large changes but are very uncertain as to what precise form these changes will take, then our confidence will be weak.' So wrote John Maynard Keynes in his classic General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money in 1936. That might explain why consumer confidence fell 14 percent after Katrina cut a swathe through Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, to its lowest level since 1992. Like markets, consumers abhor uncertainty. And uncertainty abounds. Weather forecasters are now joined by economic forecasters as the stars of 24-hour business new channels. As the economists dance to the weather forecasters' tune, and revise and re-revise their own forecasts, oil and natural gas prices dance to the economists' tune. Meanwhile, sober analysts attempt to look beyond these short-term blips, but do little to reduce uncertainty...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US must resign itself to "rogue" state nukes

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


Bellicose U.S. behavior toward North Korea and other 'rogue' states during recent administrations has reinforced North Korea's intrinsic paranoia. The Clinton administration bombed Serbia during the conflicts over Bosnia and Kosovo and launched air strikes on Iraq to get rid of Saddam's alleged weapons of mass destruction. The Bush administration invaded Iraq to do the same. North Korea could see that non-nuclear Serbia and Iraq got no respect from the United States and quickly redoubled its efforts to develop the only military capability that could keep the superpower at bay -- a credible nuclear arsenal. Iran has read the tea leaves much the same way and has done much the same thing...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A torturous silence

by Ray McGovern


Senate Armed Forces Committee Chairman John Warner took a strong rhetorical stand against torture early last year after seeing the photos from Abu Ghraib. Then he succumbed to strong political pressure to postpone Senate hearings on the subject until after the November 2004 election. Those of us who live in Virginia might probe our consciences on this. Shall we citizens of the once-proud Old Dominion simply acquiesce while Sen. Warner shirks his constitutional duty? We have come a long way since Virginia patriot Patrick Henry loudly insisted that the rack and the screw were barbaric practices that must be left behind in the Old World, or we are 'lost and undone.' Can Americans from other states consult their own consciences with respect to what justice may require of them in denouncing torture as passionately as the patriots who founded our nation?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

We are all human beings, not 'natural or human resources'

The cancer
Liberty For All
by Ed Lewis

What feeds the cancer is what people believe are Government 'benefits,' for your safety, for your children, and hundreds of other senseless phrases hiding Government agendas unknown to the most of the people, which is strange since every act of so-called 'leaders' has had exactly the opposite effect on the real world -- the world we live in that the elite do not. Additionally feeding it are the many projects to assure people stay divided, that we are not allowed to evolve to the realization that we are all human beings, not 'natural or human resources' existing only for the privilege of use by those who feed the cancer...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

It's happening now


Invoking the dead letter

Strike the Root
by Don Olson


In the majority of America , in what Washington politicians derisively call the 'flyover states,' there is a firm conviction that the Constitution is an able protector of our liberties. Those in power likely laugh among themselves at the idea that a piece of paper can restrain their massive political clout, the trillions of dollars at their disposal, and their millions of armed police and soldiers sworn to obey orders unquestioningly. The powerful and influential in government no doubt read countless academic declamations of constitutional violations, and then go about their business of legislating, policing, prosecuting, and judging unscathed...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rethinking the social responsibility of business

by Milton Friedman, John Mackey and T.J. Rodgers


A Reason debate featuring Milton Friedman, Whole Foods' John Mackey, and Cypress Semiconductor's T.J. Rodgers... (for publication 10/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Michael Brown rehired as FEMA consultant

Raw Story


CBS News' Bob Schieffer just announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has rehired ex-FEMA chief Michael Brown -- as a consultant to evaluate the agency's response to the disaster! From CBS's Katrina blog: 'Sept. 26, 2005 /6:44 p.m. (CBS) -- CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger reports that Michael Brown, who recently resigned as the head of the FEMA, has been rehired by the agency as a consultant to evaluate it's [sic] response following Hurricane Katrina'... [Editor's note: Talk about foxes guarding henhouses! - MLS]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

St. Patrick's Four acquitted

St. Patrick's Four [press release]


Members of the St. Patrick's Four, their families, friends and legal team were grateful to learn that the jury, after over seven hours of deliberation, had found the peace activists not guilty of the most serious charge, conspiracy to impede an officer of the United States. 'The decision to acquit on the conspiracy charge, a felony, is a huge victory, given the narrow parameters within which the four could present their defense, and given the restrictions on deliberations. This is a major setback in the government's efforts to criminalize dissent,' said Bill Quigley, acclaimed public interest lawyer and law professor at Loyola University School of Law, who has been acting as legal advisor to the defendants. The four were convicted on lesser charges, damage to property and trespassing, both misdemeanors which carry possible sentences of one year and six months respectively...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nun terrorized by terror watch

Wired News


Sister Glenn Anne McPhee is a busy woman. As the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' secretary for education, Sister McPhee oversees Catholic education in the United States, from nursery school through post-graduate. Her job includes working with the Department of Education, speaking frequently at conferences and scrutinizing religious textbooks to clear them with the teachings of the church. For nine months in 2003 and 2004, Sister McPhee also took on the task of clearing her name from the government's no-fly list, an endeavor that proved fruitless until she called on a higher power, the White House. ... McPhee is not the first high-profile individual to be caught by the government's watch lists. Sen. Edward Kennedy and former presidential candidate John Anderson both found that their names matched names on the list, but like McPhee, were able to resolve the problem by contacting powerful officials...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush eyes bigger military role in disasters



President Bush said he wants to make it easier for the military to take charge after a disaster like Hurricane Katrina, but the White House acknowledged Monday the proposal raises 'a lot of issues' that need resolution. Critics argue that putting active-duty troops on American streets would violate a long-standing tradition that keeps the military out of domestic law enforcement...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600

Observer [UK]


An extraordinary appeal to Americans from the Bush administration for money to help pay for the reconstruction of Iraq has raised only $600 (£337), The Observer has learnt. Yet since the appeal was launched earlier this month, donations to rebuild New Orleans have attracted hundreds of millions of dollars. The public's reluctance to contribute much more than the cost of two iPods to the administration's attempt to offer citizens 'a further stake in building a free and prosperous Iraq' has been seized on by critics as evidence of growing ambivalence over that country...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Civil Resistance at White House

I got to the White House around noon and found hundreds of people gathered awaiting the arrival of marchers who planned to get themselves arrested protesting the war.


PDA Grassroots Conference a Success

On Sunday, Progressive Democrats of America held a soldout conference in DC to strategize about promoting a progressive agenda in Congress and around the country.


Grassroots Media Strategy:

Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus Grows

Rep. Hinchey Speaks Up About Bush

Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy


Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy


Epilepsy girl will learn at home after radio mast victory

With brief comment at

Not exactly a victory. What stupidity recognises that Nicola is shut out of her school for medical reasons linked to TETRA, whilst denying that there is any connection?

Epilepsy girl, 12, will learn at home after radio mast victory

... this case there was a need to establish a direct link between the Tetra mast and ... "Currently, there is no definitive scientific proof that airwave base stations ...


Epilepsy girl, 12, will learn at home after radio mast victory. The police spokewoman said: ‘Currently, there is no definitive scientific proof that airwave base stations affect people who are susceptible to epilepsy.’

But please take time to read this paper on masts and epilepsy:

Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy

How many people will suffer needlessly like Nicola before ‘proof’ has meaning: Proof? Or scientific proof? Or definitive scientific proof? How on earth are we going about caring for each other?



Eileen and all,

Please see this info with regard to epilepsy (by Dr. Santini).

Electromagnetic field and Epilepsy

28 September 2005

Iris Atzmon.


Epilepsy girl given home tuition away from mast blamed for fits

Lizzie Murphy

28 September 2005

A LOCAL authority is allowing a girl aged 12 to stay away from school over fears a police radio mast may be triggering her epileptic fits.

The family of Nicola Packard in South Wales was prepared to take Pembrokeshire County Council to the High Court to get her home tuition after a Tetra mast used by police was erected by mobile phone operator O2 near her school.

Nicola has epilepsy and normally experiences one or two seizures a month but on the day the mast was turned on in May she had seven fits. Her mother, Jayne Packard, said the fits continued with alarming frequency whenever her daughter would attend the Portfield Special school, which is a little over half a mile from the mast on Haverfordwest police station.

The council has agreed to provide home tuition for Nicola, of Hakin, Milford Haven.

The family now want to take legal action against Dyfed-Powys Police to force them to remove the mast so that Nicola can return to school.

Mrs Packard, 34, said: "Nicola just didn't have any quality of life after the mast was turned on. The effects of the seizures would last for days. Now she is much better at home and I cannot fault the education department of the council for agreeing with us."
But a spokeswoman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: "This is a pragmatic response to ensure that the individual child is provided with suitable education and should not be construed as a judgment on issues surrounding the location of Tetra masts."

Mother-of-three Dr Christine Nunn, of Bardsey, near Leeds, has been battling for two years to rid her village of a mobile phone mast after a blunder by Leeds City Council meant residents' objections could not be heard and planning permission for the mast was granted automatically.

The part-time GP said: "I think it is dreadful for this young girl and her family to be in this position.

"The technology is rolled out before the safety is proven, leaving this family and others around the country in the position of not knowing what effect these masts can have.

"The Government is putting the interests of the industry before that of potentially vulnerable individuals such as children."


This was also repeated in a different format by the Daily Mail as follows:

Fears over radio mast keep schoolgirl at home

Daily mail 28.09.05

A 12 -year old epileptic girl has been forced to have home tuition after fears a police radio mast near her school was triggering fits.

Nichola Packard, who normally has one or two seizures a month, had seven on the day the TETRA mast was switched on in May.

Her local authority has allowed her to stay home from school, but it stressed the decision was not 'a judgment on issues surrounding the location of TETRA masts'.

TETRA offers improved sound quality and security for radios. But Nichola's mother Jayne said when ever he daughter went to Portfield Special School, Pembrokeshire, she had fits with alarming frequency.

The mast erected by mobile phone operator 02, is on Haverfordwest police station less than a few miles away. Her family wants Dyfed-Powys police to remove it so Nicola can return to school.

Mrs Packard, 34, of Hakin, Milford Haven, said 'Nicola just didn't have any quality of life after the mast was turned on. The effects of the seizures would last for days. Now she is much better at home and I cannot fault the education department of the council for agreeing with us.'

She added 'We have got what we wanted from the local authority. Now I want the mast out of the way so Nicola can go back to school. Until authorities know they are 100% sure about TETRA masts, they shouldn't be anywhere near schools. All I am saying is I have a child who, when she is in the vicinity of a mast, her epilepsy is worse.

Mike Charles, the families' solicitor, said: 'I cannot say for definite there is an adverse health reaction to TETRA masts. When you are dealing with children and with the jury on the body of scientific evidence being out on the issue, it is not wise to take risks.'

He added:' The child is desperate to go back to school.'

A Pembrokeshire County Council spokesman said:' In accordance with normal practice for children - and following comprehensive discussions with her mother - we have sought to offer a range of provision, which in this instance includes an element of home tuition.'

'This is a pragmatic response to ensure that the individual child is provided with suitable education.'

A spokesman for Dyfed-Powys Police said: 'Currently, there is no definitive scientific proof that airwave base stations affect people who are susceptible to epilepsy.'

02 was unavailable for comment.

The digital sets were introduced earlier this year under a 2.9 billion programme.

But 173 officers in Lancashire and nother 20 in North Yorkshire - forces chosen to test them - were said to have fallen ill after they were introduced.

Some scientists are concerned they pulse at 17.6Hz, close to the 16Hz at which brain signals work.


From Eileen O'Connor
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 4:45 PM
Subject: Check out Implementation Programme

Take a look at the enclosed information from Catherine and pay close attention to number three concerns about epilepsy and tetra, how can they be allowed to continue with this system?

Implementation Programme

As you can see they know there is a connection with epilepsy.


Epilepsy and RF/MW exposure


Mast concern over epileptic pupil

Firstly, let us address O2's comments: We've said it before, but the only international guidelines that exist to cover emissions from TETRA masts in this country are ICNIRP guidelines, which are designed purely to prevent "microwave oven" effects (i.e. actual physical heating effects). These will naturally be orders of magnitude higher than TETRA masts, otherwise local people would be slowly cooked on a daily basis. All the evidence with other microwave radiation of a similar frequency and pulsed modularity (e.g. GSM phones and phone masts) are at far lower levels of power, and the effects are very different in nature. ICNIRP guidelines are simply not designed to assess the possibility of other effects, and so being within guidelines is effectively meaningless.

Secondly, to address the comments by the Police, it would be very hard to conduct a study of specifically epileptic people in the vicinity of TETRA masts because of the difficulties in getting a sample size big enough to be meaningful, and as such no one has put the money in to fund such research yet - this does not mean there is no effect.

Finally, surely in cases like this some level of common sense should prevail: The girl is well enough to go to school, the TETRA mast gets turned on and suddenly the girl is too ill to attend any more. The timing, combined with the research in health effects from other similar technologies, is surely enough to warrant further investigation, and not just hide behind a guideline never designed to protect people from these effects?

(See links on our masts information page showing research of health effects below ICNIRP guidelines, albeit on GSM technology, including this one directly relating to epilepsy)


How can Anyone ACCEPT, that a little girl gets her life and health ruined.

Cut off from her school and her friends by an alien radiating thing like a mast by her school?

ACCEPT that she will be totally isolated because of the pollution these things emit.

WHY do we accept for anyone to be treated like this, by the same persons who have undertaken to be responsible for our wellbeing as citizens?

But who have sold us short!

And for what?


And they still want our VOTES?



After today's programme on BBC Radio 4 featuring the case of Nicola Packard, whose epilepsy appears to be triggered by a local TETRA mast after a similar experience with a mobile phone mast, I felt compelled to take issue with Mike Clark (HPA) for his comments. This is an open letter and has been sent direct to him. It features on Tetrawatch at http://www.tetrawatch.net/letters/clark_hpa1.php

Any points in the letter you need explanation for, please ask, or look it up on Tetrawatch.

The You and Yours programme remains on the BBC website (Radio, Listen again) for one week.


Dear Mike

This is intended to be an open letter, just as the programme on BBC Radio 4 "You and Yours" was public.

I was saddened to hear your comments on the case of Nicola Packard, her epilepsy and masts, not because they were predictable, nor because you have stopped thinking about the issues, preferring "campaigners" to see the problem as political.

This is not a political issue at all. If it was, MTHR would never have existed. But above all, with a government determined that we should have 11 national mobile infrastructures (4 x GSM, 5 x UMTS, Airwave and NetRail), and that these must be established with some 90% coverage each, the political consequence is that masts MUST be embedded in residential areas irrespective of any consequence at all, for purely commercial reasons. Missing masts means broken networks. This is a function of the short range of 3G transmitters. There is therefore no political solution, and mast campaigners are beginning to realise this.

What do you mean by saying " impartial groups all come to the same conclusion: there is no convincing evidence, ie no scientific or medical issue". No issue? Is it not the role of the HPA to investigate? If all these common problems attributed to masts and phones has nothing to do with EMFs, calling it idiopathic ("without known cause") environmental intolerance is an evasion of the HPA's role to secure public health.

The issue IS one of public health. This is what people want to know about; not "designer masts" in trees or chimney pots, that we do not know are there. The issue is profoundly one of science: not science at a distance, but science in the community.

You said on the programme that "there is a l arge research programme funded by the Home Office going on into TETRA". This really is not true. The amount of work on TETRA is pitifully small. In fact I was somewhat surprised that you majored on TETRA, knowing that Nicola's condition was first manifest with an Orange mobile phone mast.

I continue to be surprised that you see no difference in biological interaction between radiowaves in general and modulated microwaves. You know as well as I do that modulated microwaves are used for medical purposes, that pulsed radiation has greater effect, and that some of the healing properties at least have to do with electrical, not thermal, interaction.

You also know as well as I that EM radiation has military purposes, that it has been used in theatre, and not only for its thermal effects. Maybe you don't read Jane's Defence Weekly, but applications exist and are used, based on frequency, not power to heat.

And what, for pity's sake is the content of: "radiowaves have been produced since the 1890s"? Are you seriously suggesting that our EMF environment has remained unchanged since Marconi sent a message across the Atlantic?? Was the case against Vatican radio a spurious knee-jerk reaction without foundation? I hear you dismiss case after case like this, with no offer of cooperative investigation to improve the data or the analysis.

I was equally surprised that you said: "There isn't evidence to do with epilepsy that I'm aware of." My written summation of peer reviewed studies demonstrating how and why EMR precisely could cause interaction connected with epilepsy is abroad in the HPA, and I would be surprised if you had not taken any time at all to acquaint yourself with a direction of such profound importance. Published on the Tetrawatch site, this paper is open to scrutiny and comment, and all the scientists to whom I have sent it recognise that there is a real issue here. Of course I know, as you do, that because I, with qualifications outside your field, put the papers together, it has no credence with HPA at all. But the content stands by itself. I am as intelligent a researcher at this level as someone with equivalent degrees in relevant sciences. If you stop listening to anyone but yourselves, if you exclude Russian studies because they are Russian, or German studies because they are German, or my literature survey because I have arts degrees ... you will only ever hear yourself talking.

One of the most interesting directions of research right now has to be the effect of chronic exposure of mitochondrial DNA to low level microwaves, and the potential effects on key enzyme activity. We both know this, because published peer-reviewed studies have indicated that this might indeed be the case. Taking just one: the nitric oxide synthases, leads inevitably to very serious misgivings indeed.

Do you seriously not recognise the significance of disturbing the balance of nitric oxide in the body? Actually, you do know. I have to assume that you have read Prof. Martin Pall on multiple chemical sensitivity and concluded that he also is entirely mistaken. So where are the studies on enzyme responses in real people who claim to react to EMF, taken in the field with real EM sources? Nitric oxide levels help explain ALL the reported EHS symptoms of exposure to microwaves from masts and phones, AND the fibromyalgia, thyroid problems and so on down to MND and cancer. I am convinced you know this too. And yet you say:

"There is a whole list of things that are being suggested. ... this can't all be true because radio waves have been around so long and radio engineers don't have particular problems from working near radio waves."

Firstly radio engineers have been reporting problems for a long time: cancers, behavioural changes, mood etc. The same dismissal of their attributions as to cause simply means that proper investigation has not been made, keeping all incidences apart and thereby preventing a coherent picture.

Secondly, as I say, if even only iNOS (inducible nitric oxide synthase) is influenced by EMR, the wide range of symptoms become explicable, even inevitable.

Once again, both you and I realise that permitting this interpretation is profound. If even the range of EHS symptoms have a common cause, then that cause must be investigated for its wider implications: what else might happen over time? And we both know that if EMR + iNOS = EHS, then EMR + iNOS + time = cancer

Maybe this is a dead end line of enquiry, maybe it explains too much but is nevertheless incorrect. I accept that. But in order to find out there must be a serious attempt to show this is not happening, and proposals for NO research were dropped (what did happen to the Babraham Institute MTHR study?) while hundreds of thousands were spent on "communicating uncertain science" and risk (to allay people's fears).

You appear to be determined to continue to inform the public from an expert standpoint that this effect cannot possibly be true, despite all the indicators to the contrary and the absence of effort to find out. Just as you insist that the only cause of cancer is photonic energy breaking covalent DNA bonds, when it is well established that free radical damage to mitochondrial DNA does just that. Cancer is not all caused by ionising radiation! So why can you not accept that EMR can cause the same prerequisite chemical changes? With iNOS we are staring it in the face.

"No definitive scientific proof" is a pretty shoddy response in matters of public health. Not your words, I appreciate on this occasion, but certainly consistent with your sentiments. John Snow, cholera and the Broad Street pump may be a popular analogy, but if he had waited for definitive scientific proof of something as absurd as the notion of a biological agent in the water supply, how many more would have died? He set a principle: if in doubt, remove the potential cause and see what happens.

I am sorry if you find this long and tedious, and that radio programmes are short and inadequate, but you are publicly excluding and denying science directions and perpetuating people's suffering, whether or not it is finally, definitively, scientifically proven to be from EMR or not.

Best regards

Andy Davidson


Many thanks Andy for all the work you've put into this letter. I've read it and it is superb.

I think we also need to use the media as much as possible - letters pages, friendly journos, "alternative" publications (remember I gave the details of mag The Green Parent a while ago which would definitely do something - perhaps we should write a piece on the Gov'ts plans for WLANs in schools?) including ABC, TV etc.

Best wishes to you



Dear All,

I have been sent the link to "listen again" to BBC You and Yours Radio 4 Programme.


Best wishes,

Yasmin Skelt,


The Israeli army soldiers started using TETRA since 2004, and there is a high increase in suicides only in the last year in the army, 8 soldiers committed suicides only this month. 30 committed suicides since the beginning of this year. It is not clear what the reason/s is/are, but nothing has changed in the army apart from the new TETRA system and wireless equipment. I don't know other details with regard to diseases among TETRA users in Israel, of course it's just a matter of time till things will raise on the surface.

Iris Atzmon.


I am always cautious about using personal stories, because they have a habit of becoming folklore and even becoming exaggerated in the telling.

"Nicola's Story" is now on Tetrawatch http://www.tetrawatch.net/science/nicolastory.php as told by her mother, because it stands in stark contrast to the complacency of "consensus science" as related in the exchange between Tetrawatch and Mike Clark of the UK's Health Protection Agency http://www.tetrawatch.net/letters/indexradiation.php .

Many people will ask "what more proof do we need?"

We do not need proof, we just need to heed warning signs before many more people are harmed by lack of due diligence in those appointed to attend to public health.



Mobilfunk und Epilepsie


ÖDP: der Kreis hat die wirtschaftlichen Interessen des Mobilfunkanbieters über den Gesundheitsschutz der Bürger gestellt

Kritik am Kreis

ÖDP bedauert Position zu Mobilfunk

Vom 27.09.2005

hg. BINGEN Weil der Versuch des Binger Stadtrates, um Wohngebiete eine Schutzzone gegen Mobilfunkmasten zu ziehen, juristisch nicht zulässig ist, könnte nur der Hauseigentümer das Aufstellen eines Sendemastes verhindern. Im vorliegenden Binger Fall ist dies die Kreisverwaltung. Weil man sich dort aber mit dem Mobilfunkbetreiber einig ist, regt sich Kritik am Kreis.

Der Arbeitskreis Bingen der Ökologisch-Demokratischen Partei (ÖDP) bedauert, dass der Mobilfunkbetreiber D1 nun aufgrund des Urteils des Mainzer Verwaltungsgerichtes die Mobilfunkantenne auf der Berufsschule in Bingen bauen darf (wir berichteten). Die ÖDP kritisiert den Landkreis Mainz-Bingen als Träger der Berufsschule, dass er dem Mobilfunkanbieter die Errichtung der Mobilfunkantenne gestattet hat. Auch seitens der Stadt Bingen war nach dem verlorenen Prozess bedauert worden, dass die Option, über den Hauseigentümer die Aufstellung eines Mobilfunkmastes zu verhindern, ausgerechnet im Falle der Berufsschule, einem Gebäude in öffentlicher Hand, nur eine theoretische sei.

"Der Kreis hat somit eindeutig die wirtschaftlichen Interessen des Mobilfunkanbieters über den Gesundheitsschutz der dort lebenden Binger Bürger gestellt", klagt auch die ÖDP in einer Presseerklärung. Dies sei "menschenverachtend", denn immer mehr wissenschaftliche Studien zeigten die Gefährlichkeit von Mobilfunkstrahlung. Zu Recht habe der Binger Stadtrat deshalb beschlossen, um Wohngebiete eine Mobilfunk-Schutzzone von 200 Metern zu errichten, die aber leider vor Gerichten keinen Bestand habe. Angeblich seien die Alternativstandorte, die von der Stadt vorgeschlagen wurden, nicht so gut für die optimale Versorgung geeignet wie der Standort Berufsschule. Die ÖDP kritisiert: "Für den Mobilfunkbetreiber zählen eben nur die eigenen wirtschaftlichen Vorteile."


Geldregen vom Dach

FAZ Sonntagszeitung

Aus Anlass folgender Artikel s. u. Leserbrief:

Geldregen vom Dach. Ein UMTS-Mast auf dem eigenen Haus bringt bis zu 10 000 Euro im Jahr. Und jede Menge Ärger mit den Nachbarn.

Es war im Sommer vergangenen Jahres, als bei Markus Ackerstaff das Telefon klingelte. Am Apparat war der Mobilfunk-Betreiber O2. Ob mal zwei Kollegen vorbeikommen dürften, um über eine neue Handy-Antenne auf Ackerstaffs Haus zu sprechen.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung vom 25.09.2005

Gewusst wie: So wird das Dach zum Antennen-Standort

1. Wer sein Haus als Antennen-Standort anbieten möchte, meldet sich bei dem Unternehmen. Meist sind regionale Niederlassungen die richtigen Ansprechpartner. Die Adressen stehen meist auf der Homepage der Firmen.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung vom 25.09.2005

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

der Artikel von Herrn Patrick Bernau in Ihrer FAZ-Sonntagszeitung vom 25.9. "Geldregen vom Dach" liest sich wie ein von der Mobilfunklobby bestellter Artikel. Der dazu gehörige Kasten: "So wird das Dach zum Antennen-Standort" ist gänzlich unter die Rubrik "Werbung " einzuordnen. Sie unterstützen somit den Vormarsch einer der rücksichtslosesten Branchen in Deutschland. Sie werden hoffentlich die Verschärfung der deutschen Mobilfunkstrahlungs- Grenzwerte erleben und diese schamlose Werbung für noch flächendeckendere Verstrahlung unserer Kinder und Jugendlichen schmerzlich bereuen.

Ist Herr Bernau nicht über die neuesten Forschungsergebnisse zu den Auswirkungen der Mobilfunkstrahlung im Bilde?

Hier ein kurzer Überblick:

1. Die sog. REFLEX-Studie, eine im Auftrag der EU an vielen UNABHÄNGIGEN Labors in verschiedenen europäischen Instituten durchgeführte Experimentierreihe, hat ergeben, dass Mobilfunkstrahlung und insbes. die gepulste UMTS-Strahlung ähnliche Auswirkungen auf die Erbsubstanz von Zellen haben kann, wie krebserregende Substanzen.

Quelle: Reflex-Studie:
http://www.itis.ethz.ch/downloads/REFLEX_Final%20Report_171104.pdf (10, 1 MB!!!)

Die REFLEX-Studie ist die bis heute größte von der EU unterstützte Studie zur Erforschung möglicher Risiken durch elektromagnetische Strahlung: "Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards From Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods A project funded by the European Union under the programme Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Key Action 4 "Environment and Health" Contract: QLK4-CT-1999-01574 Start date: 01 February 2000 End date: 31 May 2004 Acronym: REFLEX"

2. Die großen Versicherer haben schon vor langer Zeit ihre Schlussfolgerungen aus Vorergebnissen gezogen und verweigern Mobilfunkbetreibern den Risikoschutz:

Quelle: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/artikel/589/25564/

"Mögliche Gefahren durch Strahlung
Versicherer fürchten die Mobilfunk-Risiken

Viele Konzerne verweigern Handy-Herstellern und Netzbetreibern Deckung für eventuelle spätere Gesundheitsschäden."

Wir werden aufmerksam beobachten, wie viele Vodafone, e-plus u.a. Mobilfunkanbieter-Anzeigen Ihre Seiten demnächst zieren werden und bleiben standhafte NICHT-Abonnenten Ihrer Zeitung.

Zudem werden wir unsere Aufklärungskampagnen verstärken, um der Desinformation durch bestellte Werbe-Artikel leider nun auch in der FAZ (!) entgegen zu wirken.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Claudia Weiand
BUND Ortsverband Königstein-Glashütten


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