Katrina: Protecting Victims from Price Gouging and Bankruptcy

The devastation along the Gulf Coast caused by Katrina and the ripple effects throughout the entire nation are tragic beyond description. What we are witnessing in Louisiana and Mississippi is the truism that when disaster strikes, the gap between rich and poor becomes a chasm. In today's lagging economy, far too many hardworking Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, just barely getting by. In that tenuous financial condition, many families are only one tragedy away from being devastated by debt. Many of the families who have now lost their homes, livelihoods, and personal possessions will soon be contacted by credit collection agencies demanding the next minimum payment on a credit card.

Other families are being struck by outrageous price gouging that has no place in our society. Because of my concerns regarding the financial hardship of the Hurricane, I am taking several actions. First, I have asked the Federal Trade Commission to study price gouging in the gasoline market. While nothing the rest of us are experiencing can compare to the suffering of those directly impacted by Katrina, I am also deeply concerned that corporate interests may be taking advantage of this tragedy and price gouging consumers when they fill up their gas tanks. Already, there are reports of gas prices over $4 a gallon and prices rising as much as 88 cents in one day.

Letter to the FTC:

as Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, I plan to introduce legislation explicitly giving the federal government authority to pursue such price gouging actions -- price gouging is a national problem, and it warrants a national response.Third, I am introducing a law to amend the Bankruptcy Code so that the most onerous provisions of the new law, scheduled to take effect October 17, do not inflict damage on the millions of victims of Hurricane Katrina and their families.

Bankruptcy Coverage:

I believe the federal government can and must do more to alleviate the hardship caused by Hurricane Katrina.Astonishingly, FEMA deputy director, Patrick Rhode, described federal relief efforts as "probably" one the most efficient and effective responses in the country's history. Anyone who has watched the news coverage would be hard-pressed to agree. Trying to coordinate support activities, the director of Homeland Security in New Orleans, Col. Terry Ebbert, has been distraught by the lack of federal assistance, noting, "it's criminal within the confines of the United States that within one hour of the hurricane they weren't force-feeding us. It's like FEMA has never been to a hurricane." Our nation can and must do better.

John Conyers, Jr.

Informant: Hopedance

Why Nero burned Rome, How Bush Will Let the Vultures Descend Upon New Orleans


Informant: Hopedance

Extensive Katrina Resources Help Animals/People


The municipality of Jacobswoude proposes to break the 'antenna convenant' and to make a license compulsory for every antenna

News from The Netherlands

The municipality of Jacobswoude proposes to break the 'antenna convenant' and to make a license compulsory for every antenna.

The 'antenna convenant' is the contract of the Government (Economic Affairs), the municipalities and the operators. On August 25, 2005 the municipal council of Jacobswoude decided to ask the VNG (the union of Dutch municipalities) and the government to break the convenant with the five operators of June 2002. At this moment only masts higher than 5 metres need a license.

The council of Jacobswoude also decided that 3G-masts or antenna-installations will not be allowed in neighbourhoods where people live and on top of buildings used by many people. The council urges the operators to place masts lower than 5 metres outside these neighbourhoods. The decision is the result of pressure by the inhabitants of Jacobswoude.

Comment: maybe councillors from different countries could contact each other and ask the European Community to make licenses compulsory?

They Saw It Coming

The deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina are heart-rending. Mark Fischetti claims that the suffering of survivors is wrenching. Property destruction is shocking. But perhaps the most agonizing part is that much of what happened in New Orleans this week might have been avoided.


Katrina's Assault on Washington

Do not be misled by Congress's approval of $10.5 billion in relief for the Hurricane Katrina victims. According to the New York Times, the relief action is prompted by the graphic shock of the news coverage from New Orleans and the region, where the devastation catapults daily, in heartbreaking contrast with the slo-mo bumblings of government.


Five Days after Katrina, Refugees Waiting

A day after the National Guard finally arrived in force and began mass evacuations, thousands of people remained behind Saturday as fires belched ribbons of smoke over the city and sporadic gunfire echoed through the night.


The Poor Were Left to Suffer

With the rotors of President George W. Bush's helicopter sounding overhead, New Orleans' poor and downtrodden recounted tales of murder, rape, death threats and near starvation since Hurricane Katrina wrecked this city.


Across US, Outrage at Response

There was anger: David Vitter, Louisiana's freshman Republican Senator, gave the federal government an F on Friday for its handling of the whirlwind after the storm. And Representative Elijah E. Cummings, Democrat of Maryland and the former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, declared, "We cannot allow it to be said that the difference between those who lived and those who died" amounted to "nothing more than poverty, age or skin color."


Domestic Affairs

There will be millions of words written on Hurricane Katrina, and billions of dollars spent. Already, the documentation of how inept planning combined with a criminally negligent ignoring of clear warnings about the possibility of a major disaster along the Gulf Coast has come to light.


The Lies To Hike The Price Of Oil - Orchestrating Financial Collapse

Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 21:05:23 EDT
From: JHW369
Subject: The Lies To Hike The Price Of Oil.

The Lies To Hike The Price Of Oil
From David Icke's Email List http://www.davidicke.com/

A more appropriate title for this piece would have been "Orchestrating Financial Collapse".

Admittedly the hardest part of observing the unfolding of a prearranged history is connecting the dots. More to the point, to be able to see how all things are connected and work in concert to achieve a desired goal.

So I'd like to throw some things out that the public at large doesn't know and never would. What I am about to tell is common knowledge in oil circles but the worker ants at the bottom of the pyramid never question what they see. I was an eye witness to what I am going to relate and there are a good many others who could come forward if only they will.

In 2000, I worked in the Gulf of Mexico for two different OSV companies that provided support services to the "oil patch". The two companies did very different work for the oil companies so I got to get an eye full.

The first thing that I'd like to expose is the fact that nearly all of the new wells in the gulf are immediately capped off and forgotten about. I saw well after well brought in only to see them capped off and left. Oil or natural gas it didn't matter. I asked a couple of petroleum engineers what exactly was going on and I was told by both (they worked for different companies) that there was no intention of bringing that oil to market until the "price was right".

That wasn't the only bogus thing that was happening. Seismic technology had developed to the point that they could not only tell the companies where the oil was but how much oil was there. All they had to do was go out and stick a straw in and suck it out. They didn't. Once again, the oil prices weren't right. When they are ready and want it they know right where to go get it.

Another lie I'd like to lay to rest is the one about all of the "terrible damage" done to the oil platforms and rigs in the gulf during hurricanes. This is how they justify the price spikes that occur because of lost production. If anyone cared to see this for themselves they could travel the entire Gulf of Mexico in search of destroyed oil rigs and they won't find any- not one. There is a damed good reason that this is so and that reason is that they are built so well that a hurricane can't touch them.

Think about it. If you're going to build something in an area where you are guaranteed to see 150-180 mph winds, storm swells up to 60-80 feet and it will happen year after year, how would you build them? Out of chicken wire and duct tape? Hell no and they don't. The platforms are designed to offer almost no wind resistance and the majority of platforms are at least 120 feet above the water level. They are built so well that several of them have suffered direct hits by watercraft of all sizes with little harm. They were damaged but they were far from destroyed.

The reason that I know how well they are constructed is because for awhile I worked with a company that salvaged derelict oil rigs. When the wells ran dry and the oil companies didn't need them any more the company that I worked for would buy them, take them apart, haul them back to land, refurbish and then resell them. It is an incredible process to take these things apart because they are constructed so well.

I've worked on the boats that hauled explosives to the job sites to speed the disassembly process.

Another lie regards the "burp" in the supply line. Oil companies are as stingy as any on earth and one of the ways that they cut costs is to eliminate the number of people that they need on a rig to keep it running. Most active wells are totally automated and require almost no human intervention. The oil companies have guys that travel from rig to rig via helicopter to check on things periodically but most never see a human on them unless something goes wrong or some maintenance is needed.

During a hurricane about the only rigs that need to be evacuated are the drill rigs that have workers on them. The active wells and pumping stations are controlled by remote control from the shore and if it weren't for the evacuation of land based personnel from areas where there is danger from the hurricanes these things could continue to pump right through the worst hurricane.

So, regarding a burp in the supply chain there shouldn't be one and that is because most of the oil from the Gulf of Mexico goes to the refinerys at Port Arthur or other points in Texas and the tankers from the middle east go to Galveston to offload.

When oil moves across the Atlantic during hurricane season the tanker traffic may have to kill some time to let a storm get ahead of them but once it does they haul ass right behind it. Anyone who has seen how fast an oil tanker can move in open water will tell you that they don't dawdle around. Most of them can move around 30-40 knots and for a ship that size that baby is moving on. The only reason they would have to kill any more time would be if a hurricane suddenly changed course and was headed for Galveston. So far this year that hasn't happened. So why the "break" in supply?

Everything that we hear about oil from the oil companies is a big fat lie. Have we hit "peak oil" as a good many insist that we have? I'll make a wager with anyone who would care to take the bet. I bet that when oil hits $100 a barrel (I have a hunch that's the target price) there will be no shortage. Any takers?

One of the most astounding things to watch when the elite swing into action is what I call conservation of movement. If you had three events that you wanted to set into motion you could apply the necessary pressure separately to all three to get them moving. Or you could do what these guys do and wait patiently until you see the right opportunity to apply the pressure in only one spot that will move the other two with the momentum from the first. The difference is whether something is pushed or pulled along. It"s as graceful as a ballet to watch in motion. No wasted motion, no wasted energy, it would almost be a thing of beauty if it weren't for the rotten purposes behind it all.

So for all of the kiddies that are waiting for their draft notices I would say don't bother, I don't think that there will be a draft. They won't need one. Since the all volunteer military came into being recruitment has always had an inverse relationship to the economy. The better the economy the harder it is to get recruits. We're facing a winter season in North America that may see heating costs equal to a family's house payment. If our weather is being controlled expect it to be a bad one. With $100 dollar a barrel oil on the horizon and the ensuing loss of jobs because of energy costs the military will be one of the only places a young man or woman will be able to eat on a regular basis and keep a roof over their heads.

The beltway fascists have said all along that there would be no draft because they wouldn't need one. Don't you have to wonder how they knew this (what is it you say- just a coincidence nothing to worry about)? God does work in mysterious ways. The neocons need cannon fodder for their war machine and lo and behold mysterious market forces drop it on their doorstep.

For another coincidence take a look at Social Security here in the US. Amazing how the price of oil began a sudden rise when it became apparent that the American people weren't going to allow their retirement money to be "privatized". When the carrot didn't work the stick wasn't far behind.

Informant: Di

Three More Assert Pentagon Knew of 9 / 11 Ringleader

Three more people associated with a secret U.S. military intelligence team have asserted that the program identified September 11 ringleader Mohammed Atta as an Al Qaeda suspect inside the United States more than a year before the 2001 attacks, the Pentagon said on Thursday.


Former CIA Director Tenet Threatens Disclosures?

Former CIA director George Tenet, said to be the target of what the Washington Times called "a scathing report by Inspector General John Helgerson” - may go public with embarrassing disclosures about the Bush administration and its actions leading up to Sept. 11, 2001.


From Information Clearing House

Mystery Unfolds Over Hunt for WMD in Iraq

The story of the weapons that weren't there, the prelude to war, was over, but a long post-mortem is still unfolding - of lingering questions in Washington, of revelations from investigations, leaks, first-person accounts.


"Media Spin" on Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Study Shows

Roberts reported that the coalition was responsible for 84% of these violent deaths.


Daley 'shocked' as feds reject aid

A visibly angry Mayor Daley said the city had offered emergency, medical and technical help to the federal government as early as Sunday to assist people in the areas stricken by Hurricane Katrina, but as of Friday, the only things the feds said they wanted was a single tank truck.


From Information Clearing House

Did you know?

Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross Salary for year ending 06/30/03 was $651,957


Did you know?

The Salvation Army's Commissioner Todd Bassett receives a salary of only $13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 Billion dollar organization. By comparison, Brian Gallagher, President of the United Way receives a $375,000 base salary (plus numerous expensive benefits).


From Information Clearing House

Katrina's Wrath, America's Shame

The sight on my television set leaves me ill and sick to my stomach. Are we ever going to learn a lesson from this travesty?


'It reminds me of Baghdad in the worst of times'

A man walked past the bodies dragging a pallet loaded with big bottles of ginger ale, some plates and a frying pan. To the rest of America watching the tragedy unfold on their televisions, he was one of the looters, denounced by President Bush. But to the people inside the convention centre, he was one of a band of heroes keeping them alive.


From Information Clearing House

Criticism of Bush mounts as more than 10,000 feared dead

Having spent their fourth day waiting to be rescued, the city fell deeper into chaos, with gangs roaming the city and corpses rotting in the sun.


From Information Clearing House

Class Conflict At Superdome: Guardsmen Halt Evacuation

The evacuation was interrupted briefly as some 700 guests and employees from the Hyatt Hotel could move to the head of the evacuation line - much to the amazement of those who had been crammed in the stinking Superdome since last Sunday.


From Information Clearing House

I Escaped From New Orleans

Notes From Inside The City

In the refugee camp I just left, on the I-10 freeway near Causeway, thousands of people (at least 90% black and poor) stood and squatted in mud and trash behind metal barricades, under an unforgiving sun, with heavily armed soldiers standing guard over them.


New Orleans police begin to show signs of stress

By Jack Douglas Jr.

One officer has already been shot in the face, others have ducked bullets while conducting rescue missions and the entire 1,700-officer department has been forced to work in the dark, without emergency radio communications, since Hurricane Katrina struck this city of 600,000 residents on Monday.


Police On The Rampage in New Orleans

'Stop the car right now,' reporter told. `Back up, or I'll shoot'

By Tim Harper

The last of more than 350 images shot by Oleniuk depicted officers delivering a fierce beating to the two suspects, an assault so fearsome one of the suspects defecated.


They died right here, in America, waiting for food

By Mark Egan

Leroy Fouchea, offered to show reporters the dead bodies of a man in a wheelchair, a young man who he said he dragged inside just hours earlier, and the limp forms of two infants, one just four months old, the other six months old.


Interview With Mayor of New Orleans

"They are feeding the public a line of bull - and people are dying down here."


Locating relatives in New Orleans

I'm not sure how helpful this is, but if anyone has relatives they have not been able to contact, this link is available.




From ufpj-news

Why So Few First Responders in New Orleans? They're in Iraq!


Informant: John Perna

Fate of both FEMA and flood control projects in New Orleans under the Bush administration


Informant: NHNE

What Happens to a Race Deferred



Informant: NHNE

Avant première lancement Next-up organisation

Next-up Actualité - Société : Hôpital Nord de Marseille, la Piste

Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans

Here's how the US military sees the Black communities of New Orleans who were abandoned by the government--and are now caught in the cross-hairs of a "counter-insurgency" operation. dp


September 02, 2005

Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans

By Joseph R. Chenelly
Times staff writer

NEW ORLEANS - Combat operations are underway on the streets "to take this city back" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"This place is going to look like Little Somalia," Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard's Joint Task Force told Army Times Friday as hundreds of armed troops under his charge prepared to launch a massive citywide security mission from a staging area outside the Louisiana Superdome. "We're going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control."

Jones said the military first needs to establish security throughout the city. Military and police officials have said there are several large areas of the city are in a full state of anarchy.

Dozens of military trucks and up-armored Humvees left the staging area just after 11 a.m. Friday, while hundreds more troops arrived at the same staging area in the city via Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters.

"We're here to do whatever they need us to do," Sgt. 1st Class Ron Dixon, of the Oklahoma National Guard's 1345th Transportation Company. "We packed to stay as long as it takes."

While some fight the insurgency in the city, other carry on with rescue and evacuation operations. Helicopters are still pulling hundreds of stranded people from rooftops of flooded homes.

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and police helicopters filled the city sky Friday morning. Most had armed soldiers manning the doors. According to Petty Officer 3rd Class Jeremy Grishamn, a spokesman for the amphibious assault ship Bataan, the vessel kept its helicopters at sea Thursday night after several military helicopters reported being shot at from the ground.

Numerous soldiers also told Army Times that they have been shot at by armed civilians in New Orleans. Spokesmen for the Joint Task Force Headquarters at the Superdome were unaware of any servicemen being wounded in the streets, although one soldier is recovering from a gunshot wound sustained during a struggle with a civilian in the dome Wednesday night.

"I never thought that at a National Guardsman I would be shot at by other Americans," said Spc. Philip Baccus of the 527th Engineer Battalion. "And I never thought I'd have to carry a rifle when on a hurricane relief mission. This is a disgrace."

Spc. Cliff Ferguson of the 527th Engineer Battalion pointed out that he knows there are plenty of decent people in New Orleans, but he said it is hard to stay motivated considering the circumstances.

"This is making a lot of us think about not reenlisting." Ferguson said. "You have to think about whether it is worth risking your neck for someone who will turn around and shoot at you. We didn't come here to fight a war. We came here to help."

Informant: Dave Pugh

From ufpj-news

One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever


The president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans, Aaron Broussard, just issued an emotional appeal on NBC’s Meet the Press. By the end, he was completely broken down, sobbing uncontrollably:

RUSSERT: You just heard the director of homeland security’s explanation of what has happened this last week. What is your reaction?

BROUSSARD: We have been abandoned by our own country. Hurricane Katrina will go down in history as one of the worst storms ever to hit an American coast. But the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will go down as one of the worst abandonments of Americans on American soil ever in U.S. history. … Whoever is at the top of this totem pole, that totem pole needs to be chainsawed off and we’ve got to start with some new leadership. It’s not just Katrina that caused all these deaths in New Orleans here. Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now…

Video at Democratic Underground

Video of MTP interview Jefferson Parrish President

Download 1

Download 2 (same video)

Very powerful indictment of FEMA.

Informant: Debi Clark

Oxford takes part in Vodaphone monitoring project

This Project is dubious for more than one reason. It is controlled by the mobile phone industry, so no more need be said on that one. All they will be doing is "proving that emissions are within Government guidelines" (Andy has often said this).

However, when we were offered this "service", concern was shown by an expert that this Project will be including emissions down to 50Hz, which will include radio frequencies and will therefore compromise the readings with regard to pulsed microwave emissions.



The monitoring is absolute bullshit. It is a crime. The involved people KNOW beforehand that any measurement will be FAR below the ICNIRP and such guidelines. Electro Hyper Sensitivity develops already from 100 to a few 1000 mikroWatt/m2 depending on the structure (frequency/ies, modulation/pulse) of the radiation and of the body. People who are EHS react from 0,1 mikroWatt/m2.

Monitoring and measurements are a terrible lie to the citizens, they are a defence tactic to keep you very busy with no results at all. Discussions about licenses, the exact place, democratic votes, technical issues, design etcetera also are defence tactics. There is an abundancy of testimonies of the disastrous effects, all the epidemiologic research found damage http://www.stopumts.nl .

The only thing to discuss is risk (chance muliplied by consequences) and how to help and compensate the victims, so that they can live. Risk for individuals: small chance but enormous impact ---> huge risk. Risk for society: high chance but pro person small impact ---> huge risk.

Monitoring, measurements, communication plans, informative meetings etc. - it is all bullshit, keeping you busy, while nothing is done about the risk and the victims.



Derbyshire Evening Telegraph


09:30 - 03 September 2005

Two pensioners who have lived in the same house for 40 years are devastated that a mobile phone company is to erect a mast outside their house.

Stanley and Noreen Manning said they have enjoyed a peaceful existence in their home over the past four decades.

But that will soon change after Derby City Council said it had no objections to the proposed siting and appearance of a T-Mobile mast which would stand next door to the couple's property, in Uttoxeter Road, Mickleover.

Plans put forward by the company show that the 15-metre mast will peer over the fence at the couple into the pristine garden which has become a haven since Mr Manning retired 13 years ago.

And Mr and Mrs Manning (both 77) will not be able to escape from it by going indoors because the mast will also be visible through their front window.

Mr Manning said: "We can't think why we've got to have it. There must be better places for it to go.

"We spend all of our time here. We both spend a lot of that time in the garden, and now we're going to have to look at one of those things every time we're outside.

"We're both very upset about it.

"It's all right for people walking or driving up and down the road because the trees will hide it.

"But, for everyone who lives here, it's going to be an absolute eyesore."

The development would take the number of masts already in place or planned in Mickleover to 11.

T-Mobile previously wanted to put the mast in a slightly different position on the northern side of the telephone exchange between Uttoxeter Road and Burlington Way, and put forward plans that met stiff opposition from residents last summer.

It put forward the amended plans last month.

A total of 74 letters of objection to the two proposals have been received by the city council from residents on the grounds of potential health risk, the unpleasant appearance and the high number of masts already in the area.

Keith Jervis (63), of Burlington Way, said: "We're all concerned about the number of masts there are around Mickleover."

Electrical engineer Hugh Thompson (47), also of Burlington Way, said: "Obviously, I'm not happy about it going ahead. The council doesn't listen to us."

The city council is unable to block the plans because the mast would be no taller than 15 metres high and is classed as a permitted development.

The council does, however, have the power to control the exact siting and appearance of masts, but a report to be put before the planning control committee at its meeting on Thursday stated the council did not wish to take control of these matters.

It said: "It constitutes a telecommunications development that would improve the network in this part of the city without having a detrimental effect upon local amenities."

A spokesman for T-Mobile said: "When a new mast is needed, we try to reduce the impact on the local environment with sensitive siting, innovative design, and where appropriate, landscaping.

"T-Mobile base stations operate well within international guidelines and we are confident they pose no threat to the health of people."

Omega this is not true. See under:
http://omega.twoday.net/topics/Wissenschaft+zu+Mobilfunk/ and

Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk

Mast plan is toppled


Last posted: Saturday 3 September 2005 10:12
This is Bolton

PEOPLE power defeated a company's bid to put a mobile mast in Harwood.

Nearly 700 objectors added their names to a petition against T-Mobile's plan to install the 12-metre high mast on Lea Gate near the Morrisons supermarket.

Bolton Council received hundreds of letters of objection before the proposal was heard and rejected at a planning committee meeting on Thursday.

Nina Pendlebury, who championed the residents' objection, told the committee that the mast - which would have been positioned near the supermarket's petrol station - could cause a potentially fatal blast.

She said: "Any electrical magnetic activity could create a spark and cause a tremendous explosion. I live three cottages away and I feel terrified by the prospect.

"I ask that the fire authority be asked to give their express approval about the safety. Is the council willing to take full responsibility if something goes wrong?"

Ms Pendlebury added that the mast - which would have provided a network for third generation mobiles, the very latest technology - would attract vandals and ruin "a picture postcard area".

Outside the meeting she celebrated the planning committee's decision to reject the application, saying: "The objectors will be thrilled by this. The sheer weight of feeling about the application was forceful.

Residents fight plan for 8 metre tall mast

by Lucy Stephens

This is York

DOZENS of furious locals have launched a protest bid against a mobile phone mast, which is to be installed in the heart of their community.

Residents in the Albemarle Road area of South Bank, York, have hit out at the city council and mobile phone giant T-Mobile after the operator won permission to put an eight-metre high mast close to the allotments which border the street.

Emilie Smeaton, of nearby Trafalgar Street, said feelings were running high.

"A number of people are very, very angry about the mast being in that place," she said. "It's opposite Knavesmire, which is used for all kinds of activities. I'm concerned about the health impact for people."

Emilie said people in the community were also left fuming after the matter was brought as a matter of urgency before City of York Council's planning committee with only a day's notice for locals to go along.

She said most people in the area were not even aware that the mast was being planned, and were now preparing to take the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Louisa Machado, of Albemarle Road, said: "I don't feel we have been given enough notice or given a chance to air our views. I certainly would have written a letter of objection had I known about it sooner.

"Royal Ascot was a five-day event, and yet the consultation was tremendous - it's a shame that the same thought couldn't go into something that's going to affect our lives on a daily basis."

Government planning guidance says councils and mobile phone operators should consult schools when planning to install phone masts - but they are not statutorily obliged to do so.

Planning chief Ann Reid said after last week's planning meeting that the nearest school to the mast - Millthorpe School - had not been thought near enough to warrant consultation.

Planning committee chairman Coun Richard Watson said it had been necessary to call the meeting at short notice because of tight deadlines set by the Government to determine phone applications.

Richard Hattersley, speaking on behalf of T-Mobile, said he was surprised the mast had provoked such anger. "This shouldn't be a controversial site," he said.

"It isn't very close to houses in the context of masts in an urban area.

"It's not a large installation - we're not talking about a 25-metre mast."

A T-Mobile spokesman said it was "confident" its base stations did not present a health risk.

Omega this is not true. See under:
http://omega.twoday.net/topics/Wissenschaft+zu+Mobilfunk/ and

"It is important to recognise that the radio frequency signal from them (base stations) represents just one source of radio frequency in everyday lives," he said.

Updated: 10:25 Saturday, September 03, 2005

MP launches attack over Aldersbrook mast plans

By Sara Dixon This is Local London

THE planning inspector who overturned Redbridge Council's decision to refuse permission for a mobile mast in Aldersbrook Road has been accused of maladministration' by Wanstead's MP.

Harry Cohen has written to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman complaining of the inadequate way' the planning inspectorate dealt with T-Mobile's appeal.

For more than two years telecommunications giant T-Mobile fought to put up a mast opposite the Aldersbrook Bowls Club and after two knock-backs from Redbridge Council the company finally won the right to put the antenna up at the begining of the summer.

Mr Cohen is a supporter of the long-running campaign against the telecommunications mast mounted by Elizabeth Canavan and Sarah Buck, and he is worried that the appeal was not heard in an acceptable fashion.

In his letter, asking for an official investigation and report into the appeal, he wrote: "I think that the way this matter was dealt with, particuarly the legitimate objections, was unacceptable.

"The planning inspectorate seems to have dealt with T-Mobile's appeal granting it in a shallow and improper way.

"The inspector was inadequate in his reasoning. I also think he gave very little consideration to the issues.

"He did not give any indication that the issues involved had been properly investigated by himself.

"In these circumstances it seems to me that there is a prima facie case of maladministration in the way the planning inspector undertook his duties in this case and I therefore officially refer this matter to you for your investigation."


ARD unterdrückt Kritik an Bush


In der Berichterstattung über die Hurrcankatastrophe erlaubte sich die ARD-Journalistin Christine Adelhardt zu beleuchten, wie dem medienwirksamen Aufritt des Präsidenten Priorität eingeräumt wurde gegenüber einer Hilfe für die Opfer. Wenig später wurden ihre Anmerkungen hierzu aus den Archiven und von den ARD-Homepages getilgt.


The Unravelling of Bush's America


A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State


Time for Bush to Go Katrina Disaster is the Final Straw


The Great Flood of '05

Thursday, September 1, 2005; Page A28
Washington Post

"I had read of the destruction of Babylon, of Nineveh, and many other soul-stirring and awful human experiences recorded in history . . . at length I realized that San Francisco was about to suffer an effacement as complete as any that had ever taken place."

-- From an eyewitness account of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

NOW THAT THE fabled New Orleans levees have catastrophically broken, now that the first helicopter photographs of the city's flooded streets have been broadcast, it has become clear that the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans compares to any of the worst natural disasters in American history: to the fire that destroyed much of Chicago in 1871; to the hurricane that destroyed Galveston, Tex., in 1900; and, above all, to the earthquake and fire that wiped out San Francisco in 1906.

At least in San Francisco, people were able to begin rebuilding immediately, sometimes using the rubble left behind after the fire. In New Orleans, rebuilding can't begin until the levees are repaired; the water has been pumped out of the city; and sufficient electricity, communications and sewage disposal have been restored. This may take weeks or even months. Even then it is possible that some parts of this nearly 300-year-old, below-sea-level, at-risk city may never be rebuilt at all. A huge chunk of America's heritage -- the remnants of what was once France's largest North American colony, a Creole culture unique on this continent -- is in severe jeopardy. [...] Read it all at: http://tinyurl.com/8x8cu

© Virginia Metze

Sleepwalking in Washington

by James Ridgeway
September 2nd, 2005 11:19 AM
Village Voice

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The sleep walk in political Washington continues this morning, with President George Bush trying to defend his lackadaisical response to Hurricane Katrina. He’s staging a bunch of photo ops in the hard-hit areas of the Gulf Coast, while federal officials say they are really very efficient and doing a great job. This place is la-la land.

Everybody’s taking off for the Labor Day weekend. You’d never know anything was going on.

But so much is, and it’s not limited to New Orleans. [...] Read it all at http://tinyurl.com/b4h2o

© Virginia Metze

Trapped in an Arena of Suffering

'We are like animals,' a mother says inside the Louisiana Superdome, where hope and supplies are sparse

By Scott Gold, Times Staff Writer
September 1, 2005
Los Angeles Times

NEW ORLEANS — A 2-year-old girl slept in a pool of urine. Crack vials littered a restroom. Blood stained the walls next to vending machines smashed by teenagers.

The Louisiana Superdome, once a mighty testament to architecture and ingenuity, became the biggest storm shelter in New Orleans the day before Katrina's arrival Monday. About 16,000 people eventually settled in. [...] Read it at: http://tinyurl.com/bdz5b

© Virginia Metze

I cannot believe that our country has come to this

As for me, I still cannot believe that our country has come to this, while at the same time feeling no surprise about the reaction of the White House. Bush and the NeoCons cannot even feign enough humanity to understand what their job was.

If the Republicans and Democrats cannot get together to end this incompetent and evil rule by the NeoCons, when on earth would they ever be able to do so?

As for me, I don't know how long I can work on this tonight, as I just learned that Chief Justice Rehnquist has died. We have got to bring the government to a halt to prevent two more radical far right judges on the court. These guys aren't even CLOSE to the "conservative" rating.

I wish there were some way I could send you all the posts that were on the various newsgroups which were sent by people in New Orleans. But I can't, as they are not on web pages.

© Virginia Metze

Klimawandel oder Zufall?

Schneechaos im Alpenraum - Extreme Hitzewellen – sintflutartige Regenfälle mit Überschwemmungs- und Murenkatastrophen -Hurrikans– "Waldbrandinferno" in Portugal – "Land unter" in Vorarlberg und Tirol.


Protest beim CDU-Parteitag: Wer Atomkraftwerke länger laufen lässt, erhöht die Risiken

"Länger Strahlentod riskieren, mehr Atommüll produzieren" skandierten Aktivisten des Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) heute vor der Dortmunder Westfalenhalle, als die Delegierten zum CDU-Wahlparteitag eintrafen. Auf einem verfremdeten Wahlplakat mit dem Porträt Angela Merkels steht unter dem Slogan "Deutschlands Chancen nutzen" die Bemerkung "Mehr Atommüll - weniger Klimaschutz".


Hurrikan "Katrina" – Umdenken in der Energie- und Klimapolitik

Ein Umdenken in der Klimapolitik ist unerlässlich, das zeigt nicht zuletzt die derzeitige Naturkatastrophe in den USA, Hurrikan "Katrina".


Über Wetterextreme und extremes Politikversagen

Der Klimawandel wird Wettextreme zeitlich beschleunigen und ihre Schadenswirkung exponentiell steigern. Vermeidung der Ursachen des Klimawandels, Minderung der Schadensursachen und Anpassung an den sich ergebenden Klimawandel - dies sind die grundsätzlichen politischen Optionen, die offen stehen. Gastkommentar von Udo E. Simonis.


Der Klimawandel wird stürmisch

Klimaforscher, die in Zusammenhängen denken, haben die Entwicklung, welche wir zur Zeit weltweit erleben, nahezu exakt vorhergesagt: Stürme werden heftiger, Überschwemmungen häufiger und die Ausbreitung der Wüsten katastrophaler.


How to survive a catastrophe


Saskatchewan's certified organic farmers are taking Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science to court


Monsanto und Bayer sollen für Gen-Kontamination haften

Presseerklärung vom 2. September 2005

Kanada: Sammelklage von Biobauern zugelassen

Monsanto und Bayer sollen für Gen-Kontamination haften

Der Gerichtshof des kanadischen Bundesstaats Saskatchewan hat eine Sammelklage von rund 1000 Biobauern gegen die Konzerne Monsanto und Bayer CropScience zugelassen. Die Landwirte fordern Entschädigungen für Einnahmeverluste, die durch die Kontamination ihrer Raps-Ernte durch genmanipulierte Sorten entstanden sind. Die Kläger werden von der Umweltorganisation Organic Agriculture Protection Fund unterstützt.

Larry Hoffman, einer der beiden Initiatoren der Klage: „Ein Landwirt wie ich kann es sich nicht leisten, gegen einen Konzern wie Monsanto zu prozessieren, selbst wenn dieser meinen Lebensunterhalt gefährdet. Aber wenn wir uns in einer Sammelklage zusammentun, können wir diese Unternehmen mit gemeinsamer Kraft dazu bringen, für ihr Handeln zu haften“.

Gentechnisch manipulierter Raps wird in weiten Teilen Nordamerikas angebaut. Die gentechnische Veränderung bewirkt, dass der Raps gegen ein zugehöriges Herbizid resistent ist. Bayer und Monsanto sichern hierdurch den Absatz ihrer Agrogifte. Genmanipulierte Raps-Pollen können jedoch durch Wind und Insekten mehrere Kilometer weit getragen werden und herkömmlichen Raps bestäuben. In Nordamerika ist es daher praktisch unmöglich, genfreien Raps anzubauen. Konventionell arbeitende Landwirte verlieren hierdurch ihre Exportmärkte, da in den meisten Teilen der Welt genfreier Raps nachgefragt wird.

Philipp Mimkes von der Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren (CBG): „Die unkontrollierte Ausbreitung von Gen-Pflanzen ist kein Unfall, sondern wird von Unternehmen wie Bayer und Monsanto bewusst in Kauf genommen. Landwirte verlieren hierdurch die Möglichkeit, gen-freie Landwirtschaft zu betreiben. Die Verbraucher sollen langfristig gezwungen werden, Gen-Pflanzen zu sich zu nehmen“. Auch in Australien kämpfen derzeit Landwirte gegen die Verunreinigung ihrer Ernten durch Gen-Raps von Bayer. Im Juli mussten australische Raps-Lieferungen nach Japan wegen solcher Kontaminationen gestoppt werden.

Eine Studie der Europäischen Umweltagentur (EEA) hatte im vergangenen Jahr für Raps ein hohes Auskreuzungsrisiko festgestellt. Gen-Raps kreuzt sich nicht nur mit normalen Raps-Pflanzen, sondern auch mit Rüben, Kohlrüben oder dem Schwarzen Senf. Kreuzen sich herbizidresistente Pflanzen mit normalen Pflanzen, besteht die Gefahr, dass sich die Resistenzen übertragen. Da Gen-Saat mehrere Jahre im Boden überdauern kann, können sich solche Gen-Übertragungen über Jahre hinweg unkontrolliert fortsetzen. In Kanada sind bereits Pflanzen entstanden, die gegen drei Herbizide gleichzeitig resistent sind. Die kanadische Royal Society befürchtet daher, dass auswildernder, resistenter Raps zum größten Unkraut-Problem Kanadas wird.

Kontakt Organic Agriculture Protection Fund: http://www.saskorganic.com/oapf/ Gerne senden wir auch die Entscheidung des Gerichtshofs von Saskatchewan zu

Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren
Postfach 150418, D-40081 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211 - 333 911, Fax 0211 - 333 940


Dr. Sigrid Müller, Pharmakologin, Bremen
Dr. Erika Abczynski, Kinderärztin, Dormagen
Eva Bulling-Schröter, ehem. MdB, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rochlitz, Chemiker, ehem. MdB, Burgwald
Dr. Janis Schmelzer, Historiker, Berlin
Wolfram Esche, Rechtsanwalt, Köln
Dorothee Sölle,Theologin, Hamburg (gest. 2003)
Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, Baubiologe, Neubeuern
Prof. Jürgen Junginger, Designer, Krefeld


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