Delight as phone mast plan is axed

Sep 28 2005

By Nick Capehorn

PROTESTERS are celebrating after plans to site a phone mast near the entrance to their Sandhurst estate were rejected.

Applicant T-Mobile UK Ltd wanted to build a 10-metre high phone mast with three antennae and two equipment cabinets at the junction of Crowthorne Road and Greenways.

But Longdown Lodge Estate Residents Association organised a 228-signature protest petition.

Householders in the 143 homes also sent out 40 letters opposing the plans which, they claimed, would see "ugly" cabinets placed on the island entrance to their drive.

After receiving support from Sandhurst Town Council, the group was finally able to celebrate when Bracknell Forest Borough Council's planning department rejected the plans on several grounds last week.

These reasons included cluttered appearance, highway safety and cycle path safety.

Chairman of the residents association Sue O'Sullivan said: "We are extremely proud of our estate, and the island is a very special feature.

"We take good care of the island and keep it in tip-top condition. The idea that someone would build a huge mast and two large ugly cabinets right in the middle of it appalled us."

Central Sandhurst councillor Peter North helped the group by building scale models of the cabinets to show what the island would look like with them on.

He said: "Once you could see what was being proposed it became obvious the plan had to be stopped, and armed with the photographs it was fairly easy to gain support.

"This was a great example of organised teamwork. Sue was ably supported; in particular by David Markby, a former chairman of the association, and also by a strong executive committee.

"Between them they were unstoppable. Sue is thrilled, and rightly so. There was a great deal to learn and very little time to absorb it all, they did a grand job. I am very proud of them."


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