Nature is a humbling force: the next Great War will be the terror delivered by Nature

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 17:06:40 -0000
From: ecetiwebmaster
Subject: Global Warming

I have watched the spin on Global Warming down playing it as a cycle that will go away soon, nothing to worry about. They boast we will rebuild, even better. The only structure safe for the hurricane ravaged areas is a submarine. What they are not telling you about Global Warming is the dynamics. It is a grand cycle which is aggravated by humanity and the air pollution, "Greenhouse effect", created by humanity. The sun is continuing to expand; it is hitting the Earth over and over with CMEs and Solar Flares. This is creating unstable weather, tornadoes, hurricanes and pressure on the fault lines as well. The Earth is overheating and the heat is creating pressure which has to be released through earthquake and volcanic activity. There are thousands of undersea volcanoes that are presently heating up the oceans. Remember those aquarium heaters; just imagine tossing a few extras into the aquarium. The warm waters are generating massive storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Add the solar activity which generates more unstable weather and you have the dynamics for disaster. The ionosphere is super charged, the Earth as well is acting like a giant capacitor. This also will generate storms with unprecedented lightning activity.

This is not going to decrease, it is going to increase and despite some very arrogant leaders who did not learn from the Titanic, Nature is a humbling force. I would not recommend rebuilding unless on higher ground and using new technologies that can withstand the onslaught of Nature. Personally I would have a water tight dome with a submarine door.

But wait there is more to the story. Our heliosphere is glowing at the leading edge as our solar system moves through the universe. The planets are all undergoing atmospheric changes each emitting up to three times more light. This as well is creating change on every level. The magnetic fields are fluctuating as these massive solar flares and coronal mass ejections sweep across the planets. This affects our bio electric fields around the human body. Stanford Research showed that moneys when subjected to changes in the magnetic fields exhibited behavior from comatose to self mutilation. This might explain our current leadership which seems to be missing a few oars out of the water. Or is it just greed?

Our present path is unsustainable yet they are determined to stay the course and refuse to allow fueless energy, frequency healing technologies, and choose peace. The main reason is it is bad for business. I think environmental collapse is bad for business. Food shortages are bad for business. Rampant disease and plagues are bad for business; war is not in the highest and best good of anyone. Unless of course you are in a position of capitalizing on the continuation of burning toxic gas emitting fossil fuels, the continuation of disease and war all of which our leadership is heavily invested in. To make it plain and simple they are capitalizing at the expense of humanity and the Earth. Owning the media as well is why you are getting the spin on all is well, this will pass, it is all natural and soon it will be business as usual. The Earth is liken to the Titanic and we need a new captain and crew if we are going to steer clear of that which is to come. It is time to implement the fueless energy technologies, allow the new healing technologies to come forward, choose peace and work together because the next Great War will be the terror delivered by Nature. Is Nature intelligent? Have we assaulted her on every front? Is there a reaction to actions against humanity and nature? This is a question for every soul to contemplate.

Be well
James Gilliland

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