Albright Warns Dark Days ahead in Iraq

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright issued a stern warning Saturday about the continuing US role in Iraq, saying "there are no good options at this point and the worst days may be ahead of us."


Bill Moyers: Reckoning with the God Squad

Fundamentalist bullies cannot be appeased. They must be confronted.

Navy Secretly Contracted Jets Used by CIA

A branch of the U.S. Navy secretly contracted a 33-plane fleet that included two Gulfstream jets reportedly used to fly terror suspects to countries known to practice torture, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.


From Information Clearing House

Why we Have to get the Troops Out of Iraq

They are sowing a vast whirlwind, a desert sandstorm of Martian proportions, which future generations of Americans and Iraqis will reap.


Cindy Sheehan Speaking At Anti-War Rally Washington DC 09/24/05


Cindy Sheehan

For Many, Anger Has Grown Since Start of War

Now out of the military, McNamara donned his desert camouflage uniform again yesterday to march against the war in which he served.


Marching for Withdrawal

In DC, protest organizers estimated a crowd of about 200,000 rallied at the Ellipse, then marched around the White House and along Pennsylvania Avenue.


From Information Clearing House

Abuse of Iraqi prisoners 'was sport'

Soldiers in the Army's elite 82nd Airborne Division vented their frustration by systematically torturing Iraqi detainees from 2003 into 2004, hitting them with baseball bats and dousing them with chemicals, a U.S. rights group alleges in a new report.


From Information Clearing House

Agents Provocateurs?

So what were two undercover British soldiers up to in Basra?

Judge Mudhafar says he is not convinced the two men are British - possibly because one of them was said to have been carrying a Canadian-made weapon - and they may not be entitled to immunity.


Agents Provocateurs?

The ‘evolution’ of state disinformation has probably never been better displayed than in the case of the two (more than likely) SAS soldiers who were ‘liberated’ after being arrested by the Iraqi police - after they allegedly failed to stop at an Iraqi police roadblock and subsequently opened fire on the Iraqi police, killing one and wounding another.


America’s Longest War

by Charles Sullivan

Even during our nation’s darkest hours, there have always been people of conscience and courage who acted as a counter friction to the machine of social injustice that ravaged the nation and plundered the earth. Since the founding of our nation, there has always been a struggle between the rich and powerful and the nation’s working poor.



by Dave Silver

September 25, 2005

How correct Cindy was when she said that she’s glad that she may have been “a catalyst but she should not be the focus.”

Perhaps an even greater contribution of sister Sheehan was her severe condemnation of Bush’s junior partners, the Democrats.

Cindy, wittingly or not, reminded the anti-war movement of an indispensable ingredient as an absolute pre-requisite for building a more class conscious and anti-racist and anti-imperialist movement connecting the war in the Gulf with the war at home whose epicenter now is in New Orleans and Mississippi .

What else could she have meant when she said that “we need a people’s movement” to end the war and injustice. This is a most welcome caveat for those who remain in the Church of AnyBody But A Republican, for we do so at great political, economic and social risk. War is a symptom, capitalism the disease and radical change now is the beginning of a solution.

Radical change in foreign and domestic policies (and politicians) such as stopping the quest for empire, pushing back institutionalized racism in its many forms, single payer health care, affordable housing, jobs with dignity at $10 minimum wage, immigrant rights, and an end to the death penalty to name some of the needed changes.

This can only be achieved with a political and united fist that is informed by a consciousness of the common corporate enemy no matter who sits in the White House. It is this common enemy which ALONE unites all of the issues of justice and peace, of oppression and exploitation. This means we must have a truly independent and alternative national political Movement/Party which ends the illusion that we can work “inside and out of” the Democratic Party.


Cindy Sheehan: We Don't Exist


Cindy Sheehan

Scandal: Karl Rove and Jack Abramoff


Informant: ARON KAY

New Reports Surface About Detainee Abuse

Two soldiers and an officer with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division have told a human rights organization of systemic detainee abuse and human rights violations at U.S. bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, recounting beatings, forced physical exertion and psychological torture of prisoners, the group said.


N.C.-based troops tortured detainees at Iraqi base:

Soldiers in the Army's elite 82nd Airborne Division vented their frustration by systematically torturing Iraqi detainees from 2003 into 2004, hitting them with baseball bats and dousing them with chemicals, a U.S. rights group alleges in a new report.


From Information Clearing House

The failed mission to capture Iraqi oil

Most senior policymakers appear to retain their blind faith in the efficacy of military force as a tool for securing access to foreign sources of petroleum. This, as Iraq makes painfully clear, is delusional. Yet they persist in risking the lives of young Americans and others in their continued adherence to a failed and immoral strategy.


Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war

A former American soldier who served in Iraq and filed for conscientious objector status has given an extraordinary insight into the war's dehumanising effects ­ an insight that helps explain why the British and American public has turned sharply against the occupation.


A policy of absolute barbarism?

Basra; another milestone in war on terror

By Mike Whitney

"What our police found in their car was very disturbing - weapons, explosives, and a remote control detonator. These are the weapons of terrorists. We believe these soldiers were planning an attack on a market or other civilian targets." Sheik Hassan al-Zarqani, spokesman for the Mehdi Army.


You can't wash your hands when they're covered in blood


US a Hold-Out on Test Ban Treaty

The treaty cannot come into force until it is ratified by the required 44 states which had nuclear research or power facilities when it was adopted in 1996. Only 33 have done so. The United States, the world's leading nuclear power, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, China, Iran, Israel and Vietnam are among the remaining 11 countries that have not ratified the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.


About Cindy Sheehan

David Swanson states that Cindy Sheehan has demanded in a voice loud enough for the nation to hear that the war end immediately. And Cindy is able to do this without seeming irrationally impatient: she makes clear that she does not want a single additional mother to go through what she has.


Cindy Sheehan

Wesley Clark Sketches an Exit Plan for Iraq


Informant: John Calvert

Cindy Sheehan Addresses Tens of Thousands of Protestors in Washington DC


Saturday, September 24th, 2005 Cindy Sheehan's Speech at UFPJ Rally

Cindy Sheehan Addresses Tens of Thousands of Protestors in Washington DC

Ahhhh, I love the smell of Patriotic Dissent in the afternoon!

As we stand here on the grounds of a monument that is dedicated to the Father of our Country, George Washington, we are reminded that he was well known for the apocryphal stories of never being able to tell a lie. I find it so ironic that there is another man here named George who stays in this town between vacations and he seems to never be able to tell the truth. It is tragic for us that our bookend presidents named George have two completely different relationships with honesty.

I also find it ironic and heartbreaking that my son, Casey, who was a brave person, tall and proud, who loved his country and was honest beyond measure, could be sent to his death by someone who is even too cowardly to meet with a broken hearted mom, let alone go and fight in the illegal and immoral war of his generation. We are losing our best and our brightest in a country that we are destroying that was no threat to the United States of America. Iraq was and still is no danger to our safety and security, or to our way of life. The weapons of mass destruction and mass deception reside in this town: they are the neocons who pull the strings and the members of Congress who have loosened the purse strings with reckless abandon and have practically given George and company a blank check to run our country into monetary and moral bankruptcy. We are out here in force today to take our country back and restore true democracy and sanity to our political process. The time is now and we are here because we love our country and we won't let the reckless maniacs destroy her any further.

We as a young colony of Great Britain broke from another tyrant, King George the Third. Well, I wish our George the Third were here today to see us out here in force protesting against his war and against his murderous policies. George is not here, though, because he is out gallivanting around the country somewhere pretending that he cares about the people who are in the path of hurricane Rita. We know that he cares nothing for the people of America: Katrina, Iraq, and his idiotic response to 9/11 are evidence of that. He is just out and about play-acting like a President whose country is in crisis just like he pretends to be a Commander in Chief and a Cowboy (I wonder if before he took off to Texas or Colorado or wherever he went, he watched a movie like Independence Day to see how that other fake president acted?). The reason he is out today is that his handlers told him that he got a little flak for playing golf and eating birthday cake with Senator McCain while some of his employers were hanging off rooftops and treetops in New Orleans. He swaggers around arrogantly like he is a macho dictatorial tyrant who doesn't have to answer to his employers, the people of the United States of America. Those days are over George, we are here today to tell you that we are a majority and we will never rest until you bring our young people home from the Middle East and until you start putting money into rebuilding OUR communities: the ones natural disasters destroy with your help, and the ones which your callous and racist war economy are decimating. We won't allow you to take anymore money out of social programs to finance Halliburton to rebuild the Gulf States: there is no money. Our bank account is empty. George, this is our rainy day and you have failed us miserably. Stop pouring money into the pockets of the war profiteers and into building permanent bases in Iraq. It is time to bring our billions of dollars home from Iraq too!!!

One thing the Camp Casey movement that hunkered down in Crawford, Texas this past August taught us is that we the people of America have the power and we can and should name our national policy and make sure it is carried out. I constantly get asked if we are making a difference and if we think (like we're naïve boobs) that we will actually stop the war. Well, looking back at how Vietnam was ended and looking back in the history of our country, most notably in the suffragette, union, and civil rights movements, we the people are the only ones who have been able to transform history and affect true and lasting change here in America: so to those people who question if we are making a difference: I tell them to go back to school and read their history books!! And another thing these questioners overlook is that WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! And we are here to tell the media, Congress, and this criminal and criminally negligent administration: WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!

We in the peace movement need to agree on one thing: yes we need an exit plan, but it is not a strategy, it is a command. The command should be: have all of our military personnel and paid killer mercenaries out of Iraq within 6 months and the generals carry out the command. Simple, it's not brain surgery and I think it is so easy even George Bush can sign the order. We can't give the homicidal maniacs any wiggle room or long term strategy sessions. For one thing, when our leaders strategize, we are put in even more jeopardy, they have proven that they are not too bright or even a little compassionate. But the most important thing is that people die everyday in Iraq for absolutely no reason and for lies. We have to say NOW because the people on the other side are saying NEVER. We can't compromise, we can't say please, and we can't retreat. If we do, our country is doomed. We have to honor the sacrifices of our loved ones by completing the mission of peace and justice. It is time.

Bring our troops home, NOW!


Informant: John Calvert

Cindy Sheehan

IMPORTANT London conference on 29-30 October: The Battle of Ideas



I received the following in my private email this a.m. I don't know how I ended up on their email list, but in any event, it's a useful tool and one I'm going to do. I've already sent the "Filibuster" messages to both Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Boxer, but I think this will be even more effective. My missive included just my own Senators
(plus the 3 other Swing Voters...Democrats who voted "Yes" and need PRESSURE to retract their votes), but you can easily find your own Senators and let your VOICE be heard.



We are so proud of our participants for what you did today. You turned the primary toll-free Capitol phone line (877-762-8762) into a fast busy signal. And now we're going to kick it up another couple notches. Leahy's office we know was getting LOTS of calls, but for the many who were not able to get through we're going to do it all again THROUGHOUT the weekend even bigger. There are two more toll- free Capitol phone numbers we have also tested good, which you can try at 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588 (just ask for your senators by name). Those may fill up quickly also, so to create the greatest outpouring of public opinion by telephone that the Capitol has ever heard or seen, this is what we're going to do.

Here are the DIRECT phone and fax numbers (which many of you had asked for) of senators for your own state, for their main Washington numbers and for all their district offices:

Dianne Feinstein [CA]: Washington, 202-224-3841(phone), 202-228-3954(fax) Fresno, 559-485-7430(phone), 559-485-7430(fax) San Francisco, 415-393-0707(phone), 415-393-0707(fax) Los Angeles, 310-914-7300(phone), 310-914-7300(fax) San Diego, 619-231-9712(phone), 619-231-9712(fax)

Barbara Boxer [CA]: Washington, 202-224-3553(phone), 415-956-6701(fax) Los Angeles, 213-894-5000(phone), 213-894-5000(fax) San Francisco, 415-403-0100(phone), 415-403-0100(fax) San Bernadino, 909-888-8525(phone), 909-888-8525(fax) San Diego, 619-239-3884(phone), 619-239-3884(fax) Sacramento, 916-448-2787(phone), 916-448-2787(fax) Fresno, 559-497-5109(phone), 559-497-5109(fax)

And here are the main office numbers for the Democratic members of the judiciary committee from outside your state who voted the wrong way on Thursday in passing Roberts:

Patrick J Leahy [VT]: Washington, 202-224-4242(phone), 202-224-3479(fax)

Russell D Feingold [WI]: Washington, 202-224-5323(phone), 202-224-2725(fax)

Herb Kohl [WI]: Washington, 202-224-5653(phone), 202-224-9787(fax)

If the toll-free lines are all busy, start with your own senators' main Washington numbers and either call or fax them (or both) to register your strong opposition to John Roberts. If their message logs are full, move on to the nearest district office for each above and do the same thing, and then go BACK first thing Monday morning and follow up in Washington again. The most IMPORTANT thing is to include a full address in your message (a phone number is good too) for them to get back in touch with you. Nothing gives your comments more weight than your invitation to have them get back to you as a real live constituent.

FORWARD this message to all your friends in state. This is especially critical if you are a resident of Vermont or Wisconsin. But to the extent that the members of the judiciary committee represent ALL of us, you have every RIGHT to register your displeasure with Leahy, Feingold and Kohl, and to ask them to change their positions, which even they admit were "close calls." All we have to do is get one or two of them to heed the voice of the people and the MOMENTUM is on our side

All they simply need to say is that they have been hearing from their constituents, and while they may have been initially inclined to support Roberts, they can no longer do so. The first 24 hours of this new campaign have been a huge success. We had multiple participants on the air of both the Thom Hartmann and Ed Shultz radio programs on Friday.

You may already know the many arguments against John Roberts (and have ones of your own). OpEdNews.com, the best source of progressive news and opinion, has a comprehensive piece at


And you can also send your friends who want to know more about why Roberts must be stopped to the one click congressional email and letter to the editor action page, where there are many informative links, at


The entire future of the Democratic party is riding on your efforts. This is the last chance for the party to show some real unity and backbone, without which there can be no election gains in 2006. Understand that these people are at the end of the day just politicians and stand up ONLY if we speak out. And when they ask whom it is, let their aides tell them, "Senator, the people are calling."

We must reach out to our fellow citizens every way we can. Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

Or if you want to cease receiving our messages, just use the function at http://www.usalone.com/out.htm

Powered by The People's Email Network

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ginnicus1 in ukiah, ca...mendocino county (Saturday, 09/24/05, 8:25am)

Informant: JHW369

Massive March in DC

Turnout was beyond anything we've seen in recent years: clearly hundreds of thousands.

Photos, videos, and blogging of the march:

Cindy Sheehan's speech:

Cindy Sheehan receives Unvarnished Truth Award:

What the polls say:

How the media is lying about the crowd size:

How to ask the media to tell the truth:

Lobbying and civil resistance on Monday, September 26:

Tool Kit to Stop a War:

Department of Peace Bill Introduced in Senate

Bonifaz Considers Run for Massach. Secretary of State

Minnesota Veterans for Peace Launches Ad Campaign

Sept. 15 Hearing and Rally Against the War: Video and Text
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey held a hearing, and citizens held a rally to demand an end to the war. See videos, photos, reports, transcripts:

Resolution of Inquiry Fails by One Vote

H. Res. 375, a Resolution of Inquiry into the lies that launched the war, united the Democrats and won over a couple of Republicans, but still failed by one vote in the House International Relations Committee on September 14th.

Watch Video:

AntiWar Rally coverage


Informant: Kev Hall

Image of U.S. is what has been most damaged by Katrina


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Steve Larson reports from New Orleans


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Pandora's Box

by Ken Sanders

You have to hand it to the Bush administration. No matter how bad things might be in Iraq, and no matter how dim the prospects are for Iraq's future, Bush & Co. still manage to look the public straight in the eye, smirk, and insist that the decision to invade Iraq was a good one. Call them determined, even stubborn. Call them dishonest, perhaps delusional. Regardless, the fact is that by invading Iraq, the Bush administration opened a Pandora's Box with global consequences. Bush and his apologists have frequently promised that the invasion of Iraq will spread democracy and stability throughout the entire Middle East. That naive declaration could not be farther from the truth. Not only is Iraq itself in the clutches of a civil war, the U.S.-led invasion threatens to destabilize the whole of the Middle East, if not the world. It may have irrevocably done so already. By most definitions and standards, Iraq is already in the throes of civil war. Whether defined as an internal conflict resulting in at least 1,000 combat-related fatalities, five percent of which are sustained by government and rebel forces; or as organized violence designed to change the governance of a country; or as a systematic and coordinated sectarian-based conflict; the requirements of civil war have long since been satisfied in Iraq....


Prime Time Propaganda

by Barbara Sumner Burstyn

Does anyone actually watch the TV shows they watch? Medical Investigation for example. On the surface this drama looks like just another mildly entertaining medical show. But watch closely and you begin to see the creepy undertones of neoconservative ideology, with its concomitant fundamentalist Christianity, embedded in the storylines and characters. In each episode the illnesses are caused (not necessarily in a direct way) by an anti-social behavior or as a consequence of some un-American activity. We see the lead character enter a church, cross him self and pray for guidance. A complex man, a top scientist, grappling with issues of faith and science? Not likely. The good doctor is not conflicted at all and there is no competition between his science and his faith. But perhaps more disturbing than the mainstreaming of fundamentalist religion is the way in which a conservative political agenda is implanted in the show. For example, a disease outbreak appears to be coming from an American factory known to be polluting water. Eventually the real culprit is revealed to be across the border in unhygienic Mexico where people don't wash their hands. The overarching sense of this show is that conservative orthodoxy is the only position to take. There is no dissent, no doubting Thomases, and no rebel bucking the system (unless they are on the path to realizing their mistakes). Instead Medical Investigation is a bunch of committed believers: in God, their government and the essential rightness of those beliefs....


Farewell to the Democratic Party


Protest Nov.2 to Start IMPEACHMENT

WorldCantWait.Org - Next Protest Nov.2 to Start IMPEACHMENT (Pass On)

(Pass It On !)

Congress won't do it, The Courts won't do it, The Democratic Party won't do it, The US Military hasn't done it -- So it is up to the 200,000,000 + Americans Who Demand It ! -- To Do It !!

The World Can't Wait! Drive out the Bush Regime. Mobilize for November 2, 2005! Address: http://www.worldcantwait.org/

Informant: ranger116


Let's keep the pressure on!

I just visited the ANSWERCoalition.org web site, and sent e-mails to elected officials letting them know that I stand with the more than a hundred thousand people who came to Washington, D.C. on September 24, 2005 to demand that the U.S. Bring the Troops Home Now and spend money on human needs, like the hurricane victims, rather than on war and occupation.

It only takes a few minutes, and I thought you might be interested in sending your own message to politicians from your state to let them know that, you too, stand with the anti-war movement & are demanding and end to this war. This is a great way to join the demonstration from home.

Let's keep the pressure on! To take action on this issue, click on the link below:

If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser.


Hundreds of Thousands March against the War


How About Some Pesticides in Your Organic Food?


The Militarisation of Disaster Relief


US Northern Command and Hurricane Rita


Torture Experiments

Torture Experiments of CIA

This Site has Numberous type of Mind Control Techniques

This is what they wanted to use in New Orleans on Hurricane victims. http://www.datafilter.com/mc/nonlethalWeapons.html

Patial List of Atrosities Commited in the US

Experiments the US did

This message was sent by Care2 Connect member: Elsie Eady

Effects of electromagnetic fields on the immune systems of occupationally exposed humans and mice

Immune: EMF effects on humans and mice

Roy: Not sure if the study was forwarded with my email plea for "prudent avoidance" release of information. This should go through with just the study


Arch Environ Health. 2003 Nov;58(11):712-7. Related Articles, Links

Effects of electromagnetic fields on the immune systems of occupationally exposed humans and mice

Bonhomme-Faivre L, Marion S, Forestier F, Santini R, Auclair H.

Department Pharmacy, Laboratory of Pharmacology, Hopital Paul Brousse, Villejuif, France.


The authors examined immunological disorders in 6 individuals who had been exposed occupationally to environmental electromagnetic fields. Comparable effects on mice exposed in a similar environment were also investigated. The human subjects had worked 8 hr/day for 5 yr in a laboratory located above electrical transformers and high-tension cables, and in which there were low-frequency electromagnetic fields of 0.2-6.6 microtesla (microT). The 6 control subjects (matched for socioeconomic parameters, sex, and age) had worked away from the immediate vicinity of transformers and high-tension cables. The authors found statistically significantly lower total lymphocyte, CD4, and CD3 counts, and significantly increased natural killer (NK) cells, in exposed subjects vs. controls. Six months after exposure had ceased, total lymphocyte counts had increased, as had CD4, CD3, and CD19 counts (+13%, +28%, +22%, and +17%, respectively), and NK cell counts were decreased by 26% (not significant) in the same human subjects. In the second part of this study, 12 Swiss male mice housed in cages were exposed in the same room in which the human subjects had been exposed (i.e., 5-microT, 50-Hz magnetic field) for 109 days; 12 additional mice were used as unexposed controls. The total lymphocyte, leukocyte, polymorphonuclear neutrophil, CD4, and NK counts of the exposed mice at 109 days were significantly lower than those of controls. In addition, plasma glucose levels (at 30 days) and amylase activity (at 109 days) were significantly lower, whereas plasma sodium and chloride levels were significantly elevated at 109 days. Results from this study suggest that chronic exposure to a 0.2-6.6-microT magnetic field can lead to decreased immunological parameters (total lymphocytes and CD4 counts) in both humans and mice. The increase in some values once exposure was terminated suggests a causal relationship with exposure to electromagnetic fields, as do the changes in mice, particularly the changes in total lymphocyte and CD4 counts.

PMID: 15702897 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Mobile phone use and exposures in children


Joachim Schüz of the University of Mainz, Germany, offers his thoughts on mobile phone (MP) use and exposures in children. Much of his paper is based upon his recent study of the characteristics of young mobile-phone users in Germany (Böhler E, Schüz J. 2004. Cellular telephone use among primary school children in Germany, European Journal of Epidemiology 19(11):1043-50.) He concludes that since adverse health effects cannot yet be ruled out, children and parents should consider prudent use of mobile phones. Bibliographic information: Schüz J. 2005. Bioelectromagnetics, September 2 [epub ahead of print]



Children & Mobile Phone Use: Is there a risk?

Children and mobile phone use: Is there a health risk?

Children and mobile phones

Mobile phone use and exposures in children

One in 20 Scots are victims of radio waves from police masts

25 September 2005


One in 20 Scots are victims of radio waves from police masts
Fury as 1000 new pylons are erected all over Scotland

By Julia Hunt

ONE in 20 Scots is at risk from a crippling illness triggered by electromagnetic waves from new police radio masts. Victims of electrosensitivity suffer nausea, headaches, nose bleeds, loss of feeling in arms and legs and chest pains.

One victim compared it to being a human aerial.

Professor Olle Johansson, of the department of neuroscience at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, said: "Once proper investigations have been carried out I'd expect to see between three to five per cent of people in Scotland and the rest of the UK diagnosed as electrosensitive."

The new £2.5billion police communication system Tetra - Terrestrial Trunked Radio - has been introduced throughout the UK. More than 1000 masts have been erected in Scotland. They pulse at 17.6Hz - above the 16Hz frequency the Government's Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones warns might affect brain activity. Experts say radio waves at this frequency can cause calcium to leak from the brain, causing damage to the nervous and immune systems. If the masts are under 15 metres they don't need planning permission.

The Sunday Mail spoke to three victims of the illness last week.

Former nurse Catherine Fraser, 78, of Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow, claims her home vibrates due to the masts near it.

Georgie Hyslop, 63, of Largs, Ayrshire, says she travelled 14,000 miles to escape the affects of electromagnetic fields.

Website designer Mark Bannerman, 40, of Pittenweem, Fife, has been unable to switch on his computer since a Tetra mast was built near his home.

Electrosensitivity is a heightened reaction to electrical energy when exposed to electromagnetic fields such as microwave radiation from mobile phones, radio waves from phone and Tetra masts and energy from pylons.

It has been identified as a major problem in a report to be published next month by the Government-backed Health Protection Agency.

Rod Read, chairman of Electrosensitivity UK, said: "We are being exposed to so much electric emissions that certain people are reaching saturation point

Computer makes my face burn


WEBSITE designer Mark Bannerman has been unable to go near a computer since a Tetra mast was put up in his village.

Mark, 40, began suffering nasal burning, extreme migraines, heart palpitations and dizziness last November.

It was months before he realised his symptoms had begun at the same time the Tetra mast in Pittenweem, Fife, was switched on. He said: "Each time I go near a computer now my face burns up, just like I've got sunburn. I get sinus and neck pain and feel really ill.

"It seems ludicrous the masts are going up all over when we have no idea what effect they will have on the population.

"Fife is now covered in Tetra masts, as is the rest of Scotland, so there's nowhere you can move to escape them

My head felt ready to explode


FORMER nurse Catherine Fraser has always had acute hearing. For years, she thought it was a blessing - but it soon became a curse.

When she moved to Old Kilpatrick, near Glasgow, she began picking up electric signals inside her home.

The 78-year-old said: "I started hearing a strange humming sound and felt the floor vibrating.

"This carried on every night, getting worse in the early hours. It was impossible to sleep.

"I had burning sensations in my legs and my head felt like it was going to explode.

"I had various people check it out. I even called the police one night and two officers came.

"They felt strange tingling sensations in their legs and pressure in their heads."

Catherine believes the hum came from electromagnetic fields caused by nearby phone masts. She suspects these had a significant effect in her house because it had a lot of metal in the walls.

She said: "My life has been hell since 1997. Unless you feel something for yourself you can't believe what it's like.

"I couldn't stand it any longer and was forced out of my home to stay in B&Bs.

"Since Tetra has been rolled out, there are masts all over the country. I believe there is a link between the transmissions from these masts and people's health.

"It's just a question of being able to scientifically prove it.

"But if the HPA are prepared to recognise electrosensitivity it will only be a matter of time

I feel ill just picking up the phone


GEORGIE HYSLOP, 63, fled her home in Largs, Ayrshire, five years ago and has travelled 14,000 miles to escape electromagnetic fields.

She claims to have been affected by what locals call the 'Largs Hum' - an unexplained low frequency noise.

Georgie, a former radar operator, was given a metal spinal implant to repair an injured back after a skiing accident.

But the implant turns her into a human aerial whenever she is near a mast or pylon.

She gets headaches, nausea, nose bleeds, loss of feeling in her arms and legs, pains in her chest and a burning sensation on her face.

She said: "I was forced out of my home as it was surrounded by phone masts and once a Tetra mast was installed it became unbearable. My spinal column stimulator makes me like an aerial, so I'm affected by anything which transmits electricity. Tetra masts are the worst.

"Mobile phones and cordless phones make my face burn up, just like sunburn, for days.

"As a Royal Air Force radar operator I must have been exposed to radio waves at such doses my body can't cope with any amount now.

"I spent four years working with radar and now I can't even use a telephone without feeling ill function.


From Mast Sanity


Hi all

for those of you that would like to see what the tetra signal looks like, this was recently sent to me by Alasdair, its a jpeg file.


Phil Watts

Devastation in New Orleans: NOT A "Natural Disaster"

(Article for publication in October 2005 Change Links issue)

by Barry Schier

Although potential natural disasters (including the 1 to 2 dozen hurricanes which occur each year) cannot be prevented, Hurricane Katrina's devastation and death toll was mostly avoidable. The destruction was not product of an "act of God," but a product of acts of decision-makers at federal, state, AND local levels and a system that considers profits, not human lives (especially those of Black and working people whose neighborhoods were most severely affected by the storm).

The water that caused the inundation of New Orleans (which at one point covered 80% of that city of a half million people) was a result of the downpour brought by weather; the flooding was a result of the trickle of funding brought from Washington. "Despite Warnings, Washington Failed to Fund Levee Projects. To cut spending, officials gambled that the worst-case scenario would not come to be," according to a L.A. Times September 6 headline. (Inadequate repairs to levees resulted in re-flooding when Hurricane Rita came 3 weeks later.)

Although details about the approach and consequences of Hurricane Katrina were known at least several days ahead of time, the government issued an evacuation order without providing the means to leave. The hundreds of thousands without cars
(predominantly Black, poor and working class) were stranded for days. The role of the National Guard forces when they finally arrived -- several days AFTER the flooding –- was not to rescue people nor to pull out the floating corpses which had potential for causing a major health hazard, but to prevent "looting."

Police literally stood in the way of those (overwhelmingly Black) people traveling on foot from New Orleans and seeking safe ground from crossing a bridge into the mostly-white suburb of Gretna.

Katrina's high casualties (over 1,000 as Change-Links goes to press) were NOT principally a product of the fury of the storm. Cuba, geographically in the middle of "Hurricane Alley," has experienced many severe storms, but has suffered only property damage and a minimal human toll because its socioeconomic system is not a dog-eat- dog one in which all are left to fend for themselves, whether during daily life or crises.

Although it has less than 1 vehicle per 40 people (contrasted with about 1 per person in the U.S.), Cuba successfully evacuated more than 1.5 million people when hit by Hurricane Ivan last year and this year by Hurricane Dennis. (When Hurricane Rita hit Texas 3 weeks after Katrina, those who had cars to leave Houston were part of 100+- mile-long traffic jam.) Cuba's government, in cooperation with the mass organizations, provided temporary housing, food and other necessities to those affected by the storm; while in the U.S. treatment of those affected by Katrina was to issue "shoot to kill" orders against "looters" who were taking necessities from stores.

The September 6 L.A. Times noted that "Aid offers have poured in from about 90 countries." Because of U.S. government policies, little or none of this aid has arrived. A union leader speaking at a Sept. 24 anti-war rally of 20,000 in Los Angeles, described how 200 volunteers from her union, the California Nurses Association, went to New Orleans at their own expense; they, like other in the U.S. wishing to go to New Orleans to assist get no logistical or financial assistance from either city, state, or governments.

The aid that was given was largely too little, too late -– and even worse in the outlying and rural areas affected by Katrina. Authorities used the claims that there were people with guns as an excuse for not permitting helicopters or rescue personnel to enter certain areas of New Orleans. Thousands of New Orleans residents were housed in makeshift quarters in various places, including the Superdome, which had neither functional toilets, lighting nor food.

Ricardo Alarcon explained in an interview with Amy Goodman: "In the final analysis, it has to do a lot with the concept of a society. I don't want to join what they call here `the blame game.' In a way, it's difficult to be fair, because what is to be blamed I think, is a system. It's more than individuals. … If you have a society that is based on the idea of human solidarity, you may find 1,586 doctors that volunteer to go to a bad place to help others; they have done that before, some of them many times."

Cuba's offer of aid to those in need (including increasing its initial offer of 1,100 doctors to 1,586) is not part of an exception, but the rule. There's a reason for the U.S. government's obsessive hatred of the Cuban Revolution -- it represents internationalism and human solidarity in action.

Cuban internationalists have served in a few dozen Third World countries; in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, dispatched hundreds of doctors to Central America, including to several countries whose governments were (and are) political hostile to Cuba. In Venezuela, there are now more than 20,000 Cuban volunteers (mostly doctors) providing medical services there, often for poor people who had never had a doctor's visit in their lives.

I have frequently written that the ruling rich of this country treat working people and "minorities" worse than dogs. Apparently, that is true both figuratively and literally: A Sept. 12 Associated Press dispatch noted that billionaire T. Boone Pickens chartered a "rescue charter" jet which flew from New Orleans to L.A.; it carried only dogs and (except for the crew) no people.


Hurricane Katrina ushers in the end of the Age of Oil


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Anti-War Demonstrators March on Washington


Informant: NHNE

UK: Wie CCTV "Terroristen" produziert

q/depesche 2005-09-25T11:48:35

UK: Wie CCTV "Terroristen" produziert

Die Londoner Polizei, neu ermächtigt durch den Terrorism Act, ist eifrig bei der Suche nach Terroristen. Da diese sich aber leider nicht deutlich als solche zu erkennen geben, wird nach suspekten Verhaltensmustern unter den überwachten Menschen gesucht. Die Definition von suspekten Verhalten könnte man dabei als "eigenwillig" und die Folgen für die Betroffenen als "katastrophal" bezeichnen.

[...] They found my behaviour suspicious from direct observation and then from watching me on the CCTV system; · I went into the station without looking at the police officers at the entrance or by the gates; · two other men entered the station at about the same time as me; · I am wearing a jacket "too warm for the season"; · I am carrying a bulky rucksack, and kept my rucksack with me at all times; · I looked at people coming on the platform; · I played with my phone and then took a paper from inside my jacket.


Under current laws the police are not only entitled to keep my fingerprints and DNA samples, but according to my solicitor, they are also entitled to hold on to what they gather during their investigation: notepads of arresting officers, photographs, interviewing tapes and any other documents they entered in the police national computer (PNC). So even though the police consider me innocent there will remain some mention (what exactly?) in the PNC and, if they fully share their information with Interpol, in other police databases around the world as well. Isn't a state that keeps files on innocent persons a police state? This erosion of our fundamental liberties should be of concern to us all. All men are suspect, but some men are more suspect than others (with apologies to George Orwell).

Der Betroffenenbericht:

relayed by Harkank

quintessenz is powered by http://www.onstage.at

Suspicious behaviour on the tube


Spain investigates four cancer cases diagnosed in children in one school

Hi Sandi

You may want to send this to the Carlton Hill school?

BW Gary

InfoTrac Web: Expanded Academic ASAP.
Source: The Lancet, Jan 12, 2002 v359 i9301 p144.

Title: Spain investigates four cancer cases diagnosed in children in one school. (News)(Brief Article) Author: Xavier Bosch

Subjects: Leukemia - Investigations Lymphoblastic leukemia in children - Investigations Locations: Spain

Magazine Collection: 109F4323 Electronic Collection: A81873192
RN: A81873192

Full Text COPYRIGHT 2002 The Lancet Ltd.

The emergence of haematological malignancies in four children at a school in the Spanish city of Valladolid during a 12-month period forced the regional government of Castilla y Leon to close the school on Jan 2 so that experts could try to identify the cause of the cluster of cases.

On Dec 21, before the fourth case was identified, a judge ordered the owners of 36 nearby telephone aerials to switch them off, after repeated complaints by parents. The aerials were on the roof of a building, which was 46 metres from the school. However, before the fourth case of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) was diagnosed, an epidemiological study by the regional authorities found no relation between the aerials and the first three cases.

The study confirmed that from December, 2000, to September, 2001, two 5-year-old girls and a 9-year-old boy at the school had developed ALL and Hodgkin's disease respectively and noted that the aerials were erected in November, 2000. Although the expected incidence rate of leukaemia and lymphoma in the school was significantly higher than the national average incidence rate--4.3 cases per 100 000 person-years in the 0-14-year-old age group)--the study found no link to the aerials and could not offer any explanation for the three cases.

The study also concluded that the electromagnetic exposure levels from the aerials were within the normal range and that the school was not affected by direct emmission of radiation from the masts. The study also noted that the time between the placement of the aerials and the emergence of the cases was too short to justify the development of the malignancies. The study concluded that "it has not been possible to demonstrate a cause for the cluster of cancer cases in the children from the Garcia Quintana school. The report's authors suggested close surveillance measures should be set up to unravel the source of the cases.

However, the emergence of the fourth case at the end of December prompted the regional authorities to close the school for 455 children as a "health and safety" measure. A new team of experts, commissioned by the health ministry, have been asked to do another epidemiological study. The team will comprise experts from the Instituto Carlos III and the National Institute of Cancer, both at the ministry, and independent epidemiologists, oncologists, paediatricians, and haematologists.

Juan Jose Represa, a researcher at the Higher Research Council, considered the most sensible approach from now on was to investigate whether the malignancies may be related to other causes such as a high-dose exposure to chemical agents in the school or materials used to construct the school. The new study will include an examination of all sources of ionising and non-ionising radiation and will include an analysis of the school's water supply. All children and school staff will have a medical examination. A representative from the school will be invited to all the meetings of the public-health team.

On Jan 3, parents of children at the school filed a lawsuit against the local authorities because they had been prevented from entering the school without a legal order. The director of the school was also prevented from entering the school by the police. Luis Martin, a spokesman for the parents association, said that the closure, and move of the children to another school, was an attempt to put the aerials back into service.

-- End --

Schools & Cellular Antennas

Protesters worldwide call for end to Iraq war


This message was sent by Care2 Connect member: Elsie Eady

Immune: EMF effects on humans and mice

Effects of electromagnetic fields on the immune systems of occupationally exposed humans and mice

Roy: This is the first time I have seen a combined study re mice and humans that confirms immune changes re lymphocytes and neutrophils in the same way I have reported many times that my two grandsons' rare immune deficiencies improved after moving their beds away from a source of chronic, prolonged EMR exposure (electric meter) and the equally significant changes in guinea pigs before, during and after chronic, prolonged EMR exposure (electric meter).

Two CBC's were run on two guinea pigs prior to exposure exhibiting "normal results," severe and significant declines after exposure, and "improvement in white cell counts" in the surviving guinea pig. One died within 30 days of placement against "powerwall"/electric meter. Another set of two guinea pigs were found to have drastic white blood cell changes after exposure. In that set, one also died within 30 days and the other "improved" after moving the cage away from electric meter.

In this occupational study out of France, humans and mice were evaluated in same EMR environment with decline in blood parameters after exposure and improved blood results after EMR reduction. The exposures were apparently not as drastic as those due to sleeping close to electric appliances/electric meters and yet similar results were achieved.

You may recall that the boys' immunologist had told me he knew of a study or studies that found immune changes in mice due to low dose EMR exposures but that he didn't know how much of what happens to mice happens to people. That was about 14 years ago!!!!

The immunologist sent grandsons' blood to EMF researcher, Dr. Fatih Uckun but never told us the blood was going to an EMF researcher doing studies for the National Institute of Health (NIH)!!! Dr. Uckun has made statements that the gene is the same for Leukemia as that for Hypogammaglobulinemia (low immune).

As you know, Prof. Dennis Henshaw, an EMF researcher for the London Charity, Children With Leukaemia, recently released a study re electric appliances such as electric stoves, etc. All studies re EMR are important, but studies that will simulate EMR exposures to which children are now being subjected while trying to get the much-needed sleep to restore their bodies are vital. Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson has agreed to replicate those findings but needs funding.

It is essential that governments around-the-world re-introduce "prudent avoidance measures" -- recommendations that were being made back in the early 1990's!!!! Health costs are spiraling out-of-control and our children deserve to have their parents know that electric appliances/devices must not be close to the heads of their beds!!!! The children can't study if they don't get proper sleep. They can't study if they develop ADD or ADHD and learning problems due to sleeping close to electric appliances/devices/meters. They can't study if they are sick from EMR-induced asthma and other chronic inflammatory problems such as sinus infections, ear infections. Some go on to develop Leukemia.......

EMR levels in the French study appear to be lower than what would be measured from a bedside electric clock, fan, telephone equipment, power supply boxes, electric meters, monitors, etc. "on-the-pillow," therefor indicating an urgent need for action. The children can't wait while scientists try and determine whether the adverse health effects are promoted by RF (radio frequency) from the clock/meter, etc., whether due to polarization, multi-directional fields from the transformer, or whether a level of 1.0 mg "on-the-pillow" versus 2.0 mg, 3.0 mg or 4.0 mg!!!! High frequencies may be on electrical wiring including wiring right behind or next to a bed.

The children must not have ANY electrical items by the heads of their beds!!! Action required is minimal -- simply moving the electrical items and/or the bed away from a wall opposite a refrigerator, electric meter, etc. and virtually "cost-free!!!"

It is essential that I repeat much of what everyone who works every day for the EMR cause already knows (about our grandsons and guinea pigs) because the French study confirms my "non-expert, anecedotal reports" and, combined with other existing studies, leaves little doubt (unusual re medical/scientific studies) that there are grave reasons for immediate action!!!!

EMR activists also know adults are affected -- often close to "equally" re EMR effects linked to children. Adults die from Leukemia too and suffer from EMR-induced insomnia that causes every health problem. Many of us believe children are "God's gifts" or "gifts from a higher power" and, in fact, if we don't provide proper care, in many instances, the government intervenes to order medical treatment and/or to actually remove children from irresponsible, negligent parents.

As Don Maisch wrote the other day regarding my concerns about three Chinese children developing Leukemia after being adopted in the U.S.: "In a perfect world, all of these cases should be investigated [re EMR exposure]." Don is right, the world is "far from perfect" but there are a whole lot of scientists, politicians, industry leaders and others who continue to "let our children down!!!!"

Those smiles on childrens' faces are perfect and precious -- they depend on us -- they need our help!!!!

You and other EMR activists know the importance of informing the public re prudent avoidance. The "plea for help" is intended for others who will receive this email who know what needs to be done but choose to "pull the covers up" in their own beds, some of whom claim to "care about children" such as most politicians who don't even dare respond to the question "WHY hasn't the EMF Interagency Committee Report ever been released to Congress" and "WHEN will the information be presented to Congress???!!!"

Take care and best wishes to all who really DO CARE!!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: jcmpelican@aol.com

Reisen, die doch die Welt kosten

VCD veröffentlicht Faltblatt zu Umweltfolgen des Flugverkehrs für Verbraucher, Betroffene und Bürgerinitiativen.


Hurrikan "Rita" droht amerikanische Ölindustrie zu treffen

Die Umweltorganisation Greenpeace warnt, dass die Zunahme der Häufigkeit und der Intensität der Hurrikans im atlantischen Raum wahrscheinlich eine direkte Folge des Klimawandels ist. In den letzten 35 Jahren hat sich die Zahl der Tropenstürme sogar verdoppelt. Die Erhöhung der Meeresoberflächentemperaturen ist eine Folge des Klimawandels und erhöht dabei auch die Stärke der Hurrikans.


Die Sonne schickt uns keine Rechnung - Neue Energie - Neue Arbeitsplätze

ZUKUNFT ERDE - Teil 2: Bürger zur Sonne, zur Freiheit – Das Solarzeitalter beginnt

Die humanste Vision für ein gutes 21. Jahrhundert heißt Solarzeitalter. Wir können es schaffen, in den nächsten 40 Jahren zu 100 Prozent auf Erneuerbare Energien umzusteigen. Wir brauchen kein Öl aus Arabien, kein Gas aus Sibirien, kein Uran aus Australien. Wir haben alle Energieträger, die wir künftig brauchen, direkt vor der Haustüre: Sonne, Wind, Wasserkraft, Erdwärme und Bioenergie vom Acker und vom Wald.


ZUKUNFT ERDE - Teil 3: Die Sonne schickt uns keine Rechnung – Neue Energie – Neue Arbeitsplätze

Bis zu fünf Grad wird die globale Erderwärmung im 21. Jahrhundert zunehmen, wenn wir so weitermachen mit unseren heutigen Energieverbräuchen. Wir verbrennen nämlich in wenigen Jahrzehnten so viel Kohle, Gas und Öl, wie die Natur in einer Milliarde Jahre geschaffen hat. Wir verbrennen die Zukunft unserer Kinder und Enkel. Wir sind die Generation, die ihren Brut-Instinkt verloren hat.


ZUKUNFT ERDE - Teil 4: Mehr Wohlstand mit weniger Energie?

Es könnte allen besser gehen Ein Gespenst geht um in Deutschland: Angst vor Wohlstandsverlust. Deshalb wird gejammert. Ganz Deutschland ein einzig Oberjammergau! Dabei wäre es hilfreicher, nach den Chancen in der Krise Ausschau zu halten und aktiv zu werden. Jammern hilft nicht solange wir Alle Teil des Problems sind. Hilfreicher ist die Frage: Wie werden wir Teil der Lösung? Ich möchte in dieser Zukunfts-Serie Lösungsansätze vorstellen. Dabei geht es nicht um Verzicht oder Askese, sondern um intelligentere Lösungen.


Erdöl: Eine Geschichte von Gier, Krieg, Macht und Geld

Schwarzbuch Öl - Eine Geschichte von Gier, Krieg, Macht und Geld

Rechtzeitig zur Hurrikan-Katastrophe und zur Benzinkrise: Das Buch über den Rohstoff, der die Welt bewegt: Erdöl - kein anderer Rohstoff hat so sehr Wohl und vor allem Wehe der jüngeren Weltgeschichte geprägt. Als Ursache für Kriege und Umweltzerstörung war und ist er das wichtigste Schmiermittel globaler Machtkämpfe - und der gefährlichste Feind von Demokratie und Wohlstand. Zwei renommierte Autoren gehen nun mit einem Buch an die Öffentlichkeit, das nahe legt, dass Hurrikan Katrina und die steigenden Spritpreise nur vergleichsweise harmlose Vorboten kommender Katastrophen sind.


Huge rally against Iraq war


Informant: JHW369


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