Don't forget Ohio

Well, I made it from San Juan Island to Seattle and rumour has it that I'm off to India tomorrow. Part of me, however, refuses to leave Ohio. Working with Election Protection in Columbus on election day left a permanent imprint in my psyche; so I can't leave the country without one last yelp for democracy. All I want from Santa is Ohio. So I'm begging, pleading and whining for you to please pass this info on to all your friends and relations.

There's a huge wave of continuing breaking news about what's happening regarding voting recounts and election lawsuits in Ohio and, as usual, very little reported in the so-called "mainstream" media. There are rumours of press black-outs on this issue; but to me it is also symbolic of these disposable times. There's no staying power in the press; they cut, paste & run to the next pit stop of disposable mayhem with nary a backward breath. The mainstream media, in its quick & shallow ways, will not get to the bottom of things until forced to.

So I implore you to pay attention to Ohio. And I implore you to implore your friends and relations to pay attention. What's going on there is a beacon of deep democracy. And if there's anything to be collectively thankful for this season, it's deep democracy. Having every vote count is about as deep as it gets. I've included a good article below distributed by the League of Wowen Voters. And here are two excellent websites to pay attention to:
http://www.solarbus.org/stealyourelection and

Not-so-coincidentally, November 30th is the fifth anniversary of WTO Seattle. It was a wake-up call to the impact of corporate governments at home and abroad. Ohio is the wake-up call to the impact of corporate government right here at home in the ballot box. As Ohio goes, so goes the country. And it has nothing to do with which person wins; it has to do with the people winning. That ancient maxim: "When the people lead, the leaders will follow," has never been more needed.

Please pass it on. We are the mid-stream media.

(I will be in Rajpur & Dharmsala doing something of a Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage and, i suspect, having yet more veils ripped from my all-too-shrouded western mind. Planning on some fun, too.)



Campaign 2004

Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged
by Steven Rosenfeld

November 20, 2004


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