Recount Gaining Steam

Website forums and chatrooms around the world have been buzzing since Bush defeated Kerry in the presidential election. The is buzz is based on various reports of voting irregularities and has several efforts for a recount

Retail shopping is not the only thing heating up this holiday season. Efforts to have a presidential recount have been gaining steam around the country since Bush defeated Kerry by a narrow margin in the most hotly contested election in this countries history. Votersunite.com is one of several groups who have been sponsoring presidential recounts most of which were sparked by disturbing reports and emails from voters throughout the U.S. Votersunite.com editor, Edward Leon said "we were ready to put the election behind us, but since the election ended we have been overloaded with emails from concerned voters who won't let us, and keep reminding us of 2000."

So on Monday, November 22, votersunite.com officially launched their presidential recount effort between George Bush and John Kerry, and like many other sites around the country they have experienced a boost in traffic. Since promoting the recount their traffic has tripled and they have received countless emails of praise and thanks. "More than anyone we want to put this election to rest, and hope that this recount will help several of our readers to have some closure. Our goal is to have 100,000,000 votes by January 1, 2005."

The most conspicuous result of this election is the that fact that this country is split right down the middle, and we want to make sure that is not forgotten over the next four years.

Vote or Petition at: http://www.votersunite.com

In the News: Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory :

Informant: Patrick Henry


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