A Native Brother, Greywolf, Needs Your Help

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Many of us know or have read the help that this American Indian Man tries to do for All Native Americans and has helped many through his American-Indian-Injustice group. Although he hasn't talked about his own problems. He himself needs the help of others.

In March of 2003 Thomas Atkins (Greywolf) a U.S.Army Veteren of the Chickahominy and Mattaponi Tribes injured his left back and shoulder moving a 200-600lb wall with a manual crane on his job with Winchester Homes Inc. located in Baltimore and Bethesda Maryland. Winchester Homes is a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Lumber Corporation of Seattle Washington (one of the largest lumber companies in the world) and the insurer of Winchester Homes Employees.

After the company doctors gave him some Tylenol and a heat compress, Thomas was still in pain and was told to go back to work under light duty for a few days. He even told his supervisors he was still in pain, only to be told that if he took too many sick days he could be terminated. So rather then cause his family any monetary hardship he continued to work through the pain with the help of 4 Ibuprofen tablets every 6 hours.

Then in November of 2003, Thomas hurt the same left side of his back and shoulder again and his neck while stacking the smaller walls he was building. Again his employer took him to the company doctors. Thomas was given some stronger pain medication with 6 therapy sessions and returned back to work on light duty for a few days. He informed his supervisors again that he was still in pain. He was again told that if he took too many sick days he could be terminated. But Thomas worked through the pain to support his family. In fact, it was common knowledge amongst Thomas' co-workers, that if you needed any Ibuprofen for pain to just go see him cause he always had the Motrin.

Then came the final blow. In February of 2004, Thomas was again injured. This time while nailing some cross-braces, he hit his thumb. This is something that carpenters do every once in awhile. It's the nature of swinging a hammer everyday as a profession. Thomas lost his thumb nail, chipped off the tip of his bone and required stitches. Only a few days after this incident, still with stitches and seeing the company doctors almost everyday to change his dressing. Thomas was called into the bosses office and terminated for supposedly being un-safe. Even though he had been a first aide First Responder for the company and a member of the Safety Committe. This from an employer that Thomas worked for three years, a year of which in severe pain. This after being told by his supervisor on a regular basis to turn down his pow wow music, while others were allowed to play their heavy metal and rap. This from a company who's supervisors allowed Thomas to be verbally assaulted by employees who were friendly with the bosses and when Thomas took up for himself. He was told, "Your Indian; You shouldn't let them get you angry, that's not the way of your people".

A company who has had several accidents over the last four years in which many were terminated almost immediately or right after they were cleared by the company doctors. If you were a worker hired through a Temp Agency you were never brought back if you received even the slightest injury. Now Winchester Homes Inc. of Baltimore Maryland and Weyerhaeuser Corporation have kept this case delayed at Maryland Workers Compensation for 10 months and is attempting to say that Thomas Atkins' injuries were pre-existing. Even though Thomas has never hurt his back, shoulder or neck before. This is a severe injustice to a Native Brother who was only trying to take care of his family by working for what he thought was a reputable company and is still in constant pain.

Thomas goes to bed at 10pm just about every night. He wakes up at around 2 or 3 am because the constant aches & pains wake him up. He has good days when the Ibuprofen actually works & they are few and far between. But they are over-shadowed by the bad days when sitting for an hour is too long or standing for 5 minutes is too much.

This can not stand. I am going to advise everyone I know to never buy a Weyehaeuser Product, buy a Winchester Home or give either company their business in any form. I ask everyone contact these companies and boycott them until they learn the proper way to treat their hard working employees. Especially their Native employees who have endured enough already and give Thomas Atkins the Compensation He so Truely Deserves. I implure you all to write to these people. Letting them know this is not right the way this man is being treated.

Thomas was a dedicated and loyal employee of Winchester Homes and Weyerhaeuser. Now he's a man about to lose everything he's worked for because they don't want to do the right thing.

Helen Runningwater
A Choctaw Wife & Mother

I have sent this letter to the following places. Please do what I have done. This man needs your help.

Winchester Homes & Weyerhaeuser Company Officers:
steven.rogel@weyerhaeuser.com richard.hanson@weyerhaeuser.com
ernesta.ballard@weyerhaeuser.com lee.alford@weyerhaeuser.com
edward.rogel@weyerhaeuser.com larry.burrows@whihomes.com
larry.freiert@whihomes.com tom.bourke@whihomes.com
andy.warren@whihomes.com corporate@wri-online.com

Government Officials: governor@state.md.us carme_amedori@house.state.md.us
curt_anderson@house.state.md.us john_astle@senate.state.md.us
kumar_barne@house.state.md.us michael_busch@house.state.md.us jon_cardin@house.state.md.us john_wood@house.state.md.us david_brinkly@house.state.md.us brian_frosh@senate.state.md.us verna_jones@senate.state.md.us ida_ruben@senate.state.md.us paul_stull@house.state.md.us
governor@state.wa.us sreed@secstate.wa.gov

Media Sources: mike.adams@baltsun.com trif.alatzas@baltsun.com kevin.cowherd@baltsun.com eileen.canzian@baltsun.com abramowitz@washpost.com barkinr@washpost.com
benningv@washpost.com blumenfeld@washpost.com
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