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Id Card Protesters 'Torch' Blunkett

By David Barrett, PA Home Affairs Correspondent

A giant “ID” card bearing the Home Secretary’s face was set alight today by protesters opposed to the Government’s compulsory identity card plans.

Campaign group NO2ID burned the mock-up outside a central London venue where David Blunkett was due to outline further details of his multi-billion pound ID scheme.

The group of about 20 protesters was also due to burn another card featuring Prime Minister Tony Blair.

NO2ID organiser Mark Littlewood said: “It’s extremely important that the Home Secretary understands that if he proceeds with this absurd plan there’s going to be very substantial public resistance.

“It’s not hysterical to be talking about an Orwellian society and a total surveillance state.

“We are all extremely concerned that the Government is establishing an enormous database on all 60 million of us which will link together a vast amount of information on us.

“I don’t mind the police knowing about my crime sheet and my doctor knowing about my health records, but I certainly don’t want the police knowing my medical records and my doctor knowing my crime records.”

As Mr Blunkett arrived at the conference on ID cards, the protesters shouted “resign. And show us your ID”.

Mr Blunkett turned and gave an exaggerated wave to the small group as he entered the building.

His proposals will cost between £1.3 billion and £3.1 billion to introduce.

The cards which feature biometric details such as fingerprints and iris scans will be phased in from 2007-8 as people applied to renew their passports.

Informant: Andy Thames


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