In the last 20 years, since the the introduction of mobile phones, the incidence of brain cancers has gone up by 40%

I had the following letter published today in The Argus (dist Sussex wide). I rehashed it from someone elses work and The Argus played around with it a bit but I think it packs a powerful punch.

Gary K

In the last 20 years (since the the introduction of mobile phones) the incidence of brain cancers has gone up by 40%.

The media won't cover it - there's too much money involved.

Meanwhile,brain dysfunction due to mobile phone microwave radiation is affecting many people's metabolism and resulting in immune system breakdown.

A micro-waved brain would be associated with a weakened immune response system, affecting periodontal health, jaw joint diseases and digestive disorders - every aspect of one's metabolism.

The effects are cumulative and could appear over an extended period of time.(E. Svubodo - Popular Science). Advice? Stay at least 6 to 8 feet away from anyone on a mobile phone.(Jerry Mittelman, DDS, FAPM)

Last summer neurosurgeon Leif Salford and colleagues at Lund University in Sweden published data showing for the first time an unambiguous link between microwave radiation emitted by GSM mobile phones (the most common type worldwide) and brain damage in rats.

If Salford's results are confirmed by follow-up studies in the works at research facilities worldwide, including one run by the US Air Force, the data could have serious implications for the one billion plus people glued to their mobiles.

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