Help to defeat George Bush's priority to privatize Social Security

I want to ask for your help today to defeat George Bush's # 1 post-election priority: his plan to privatize Social Security. This is a fight we can win if we all work together - young workers, college students, baby boomers AND seniors. The president's Wall Street cronies have amassed a war chest to sell this terrible idea to Congress. It's time for us to step up - and tell our representatives to oppose it.

The Bush privatization plan would gut Social Security benefits for all Americans - especially younger people. It would make us all less secure in old age - while guaranteeing a windfall to Wall Street.

The time is now for voters to tell our Members of Congress: "Don't you dare privatize Social Security!" Without a massive outpouring from Americans, there's a real danger that just enough representatives in Washington - including some Democrats - will cave in early and vote with the special interests to privatize Social Security, like they voted for Bush's ridiculous tax breaks for millionaires.

If you act now, you can stop the Bush plan. Please click on the link below, to put your Member of Congress on notice:


The Bush plan is simple - he wants to funnel our Social Security dollars through Wall Street financial houses so that they can make billions. Of course, someone has to pay for these profits, and in George Bush's America that means us. Benefit cuts for just about everyone paying Social Security taxes, a higher retirement age, and trillions in new debt that young Americans will have to pay.

Your faxes this week will be the first volley in the campaign to defend Social Security from the corporate lobbyists who want to cash in. Please go to the link below to take action today and put your Member of Congress on notice: Say no to Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.


The media report that corporate lobbyists plan to spend millions to push the Bush privatization plan. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that Bush's plan would mean a benefit cut of 23% for today's 34-year old worker when he or she retires. A 24-year old worker today would see cuts of 30%, and a child born today (2004) would at retirement have a Social Security benefit 45% smaller than the law now provides. In short - America's young people will pay the price for this Bush payback to Wall Street.

Demand your Member of Congress promise you that:

*They will oppose privatizing Social Security in any way.

*They will oppose any law that funnels Social Security dollars through Wall Street.

*They will oppose any law that cuts guaranteed benefits, increases the retirement age, and/or ads debt onto the backs of young people and future generations.


Most Americans strongly disagree with what President Bush wants to do to Social Security. In just the first 10 years, privatization would add $2 trillion to the national debt on top of the cost of the Bush tax breaks for millionaires. That's $2 trillion that could be used to strengthen the Social Security trust fund.

The fight to save Social Security is a battle for the values America stands for. At a time when most younger workers have no pensions, Social Security needs to strengthened, not dismantled. George Bush's vision for America would take us back to a time when our nation did not look after our seniors, where families had to sacrifice college tuition for their kids in order to care for their parents.

George Bush has no mandate, but he is being helped by powerful allies. Together, we can stop them. Please fax your Member of Congress today.



Roger Hickey, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future


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