Biological effects of EMFs still in search of a mechanism

ISIS Press Release 22/11/04

Announcing Science in Society # 24
Winter 2004

Biological effects of EMFs still in search of a mechanism

More and more biological effects of electromagnetic fields are documented at weaker and weaker field intensities, suggesting that the current exposure standards - which are aimed at preventing outright heating of tissues - may be up to 10 million fold too high, if we are to really protect the public. Researchers are finding long-lasting brain damage in rats exposed to mobile phones, as well as a range of health problems among people living near the mobile phone masts.

Still, the regulators profess themselves powerless to lower the exposure limits because of the lack of plausible mechanisms - within conventional mainstream science - that could explain how fields with such minute energies could have any biological effects. Leukaemia, DNA damage in brain cells and other electromagnetic field effects cannot be explained unless scientists communicate and collaborate across the disciplines, which they are currently unable to do, partly due to the lack of interdisciplinary education, partly due to existing funding structure in research and the general culture of mainstream science that overwhelmingly discriminates against innovative people and ideas (see also SiS 17). Will our government take the radical steps needed in scientific research funding and in science education to improve both the quality of our science and its ability to protect the public?

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