The unbridled use of wireless technology contributes to an unstable atmosphere and magnetosphere thereby generating weather anomalies

Pilot Voices Potential Cause For Florida Hurricanes

Pilot Voices Potential
Cause For Florida Hurricanes

The unbridled use of wireless technology contributes to an unstable atmosphere and magnetosphere thereby generating weather anomalies. Nina says, "it is as if the earth is being tickled all over and is responding by twitching and convulsing, generating seismic activity and violent weather."

(PRWEB) -- Human use of electromagnetism for power and communications has produced an abnormal electromagnetic environment unlike anything that has existed before. Commercial pilot, Nina Anderson says, "in my thirty-five years of flying I have never seen such a period of concentrated violent weather as we have had in the last decade." She theorizes that since all electromagnetic fields are force fields, carrying energy and capable of producing an action at a distance, it is a logical conclusion that the unbridled use of wireless technology contributes to an unstable atmosphere and magnetosphere thereby generating weather anomalies. Nina says, "it is as if the earth is being tickled all over and is responding by twitching and convulsing, generating seismic activity and violent weather."

In her book, 2012 Airborne Prophesy, Nina takes us to the year 2011 where her theories are expounded upon in a fictional presentation. She projects that wireless technology compounds to create rogue frequencies where electromagnetic waves intersect. These new wavelengths contribute to the continued destruction of the ozone layer, increased electrical storms, instability of the earth's crust generating more earthquakes and volcanoes, and more weather extremes.

Extrapolating from her research gleaned to write her novel, Nina fears that the magnetosphere (magnetic field generated from the spinning core of molten iron beneath the earth's surface and projected into the atmosphere) is being affected by "alien" pulses generated by mankind. Power line harmonic resonance (electrical transmission lines) has shown to cause fallout of charged particles from the radiation belts. These falling ions cause ice crystals, which precipitate rain clouds. In addition, current weather modification devices are targeting the atmosphere and ionosphere. From cloud-seeding experiments that began in the 1960s, to today's high altitude projects that aim high frequency broadcast antennas (IRIs) capable of heating the unstable ionosphere and redirecting jet streams, we have entered into a global experiment that could threaten the planet's existence.

In 2012 Airborne Prophesy, these IRIs are capable of affecting the weather on demand as well as interrupting aircraft onboard computers and global communications. Ionospheric heaters acting powerfully with charged particles trapped there create a mirror force pushing the charged atmosphere upward and outward. This acts as a lens-focusing device capable of heating specific parts of the earth thereby affecting regional weather. In the 2012 Airborne Prophesy the IRI's actually become defense weapons whereby the density of air is altered at a specific GPS coordinate causing enemy aircraft to lose lift and fall from the sky. Because of their potential as star wars weapons, governments and special interest corporations via for control of these facilities, which manifest in quite a conspiracy tale that predicts a plausible future.

Florida and Japan's 2004 hurricane season could be the tip of the iceberg. The planet's inhabitants have been stirring up the near cosmos since the 1940s. Atomic bomb tests were conducted in space in the late 1950s, the first ionospheric heater experiments were held in the 1970s, new inventions that emit electromagnetic pulses have proliferated since the 1980s (microwaves, cell towers, cell phones, GPS, computers, etc.) adding to the near saturated radio frequency realm generated through television and radio waves.

Since 1958 the Defense Department has been studying ways to manipulate changes in the weather. In the United States, at least 29 states have licensed weather modification programs. Those experiments have shifted to using electromagnetic technology without regard for future consequences.

Just like drugs that may interact negatively with other drugs and create new symptoms, electromagnetic energy may be causing the very reaction we did not expect - a negative reaction to the stability of the planetary weather. Nina Anderson warns, "the region of space surrounding planet Earth is no place for experiments and the unbridled use of wireless technology is irresponsible. Controversy already surrounds the telecommunications industry where human safety from cell towers and cell phones is an ongoing issue. Will we blunder into another technological marvel without researching the downside? If planet earth reacts negatively to this constant tickling, we may be facing another Noah's Ark era or worse."

2012 Airborne Prophesy, available online and at Bookstores or

As the above article described, we are guinea pigs in these experiments, totally unknown dangers, practices only in existence for 60 years - NO long term knowledge of the risks and dangers of these technologies.... the fields being created we are saturated in, continually immersed in these wavelengths. The reports we read in the major media are NOT from people who are under oath, scientists and corporate managers say whatever they want to, promote the deadliest of products, UNTIL they are in a court under oath...

So far, from the reports of investigators who are not corporate whores, we are seeing that these technologies are extremely dangerous, as in the evidence of brain tumors, etc. with cell phones. Yet the market is through the roof with more people using, eating, taking as "therapies" all these creations of science and technology.... time for FULL disclosure on the effects of these creations, fully known to their creators, supressed from any court or public record that the people would see the bodies under-lie-ing the corporate profits.

It is not enough to try to deal with the disastrous results twenty years (five?) years down the line when the cancers manifest and the "mad cow" back up of unnatural elements blocks the nerves and arteries of our bodies, radiation and chemical breakdown of our immune systems with "treatements" of the AMA, FDA approved.... ALL the poisons are FDA approved ! GET THEM IN A COURT, MAKE THEM ANSWER !

The manufacturing of disease and dangerous technologies has to be stopped and controlled in the public interest. Future generations (if there are !) will look at us as the most barbaric, ignorant generation ever, allowing such policies and no one stopping it. Would people eat food that was a grey plastic glob of artificial, decayed elements until they put "artificial color and artificial flavor" in it to make it look like food??? NO. Time to get REAL on all these deceptions, all created in the last fifty years, totally unnacountable as to the results, all done only in the interest of the corporate profit.

Accountability and Truth is what a court is for and those who are creating these schemes must be forced to answer truthfully in a court NOW. And people need to start waking up to the exploitation and dangers and stop "buying" into these schemes.

pamela gaston,

Wireless net to cover downtown Seattle
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Wireless net to cover downtown Seattle


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