Oil and gas are killing them in BC

Tomorrow is the big day, the drilling company will frac the gas well to the southwest. I am told this is all very safe and the chemical cloud which is very small (so they say) will dissipate in no time! Why do I not believe any of this?

To update you on the pleasure of living in the "patch". In Dawson Creek and area, the drug trade is estimated to be a one hundred and thirty-two million dollar per month trade. Break and enters are average of two each day of the month. The feed store where I deal has been broken into twice in the last ten days. What they expect to get there is beyond me. They now have steel reinforcements on the doors. My youngest son is in the security systems business, he cannot keep up with the demand for security systems.

My second youngest son lives in Dawson Creek in one of the "better" neighborhoods. His doors are locked at all times and I have to ring the doorbell to let him know I am there if I go to see him. For reasons unknown, he has been vandalized.

Prostitution, drugs, B&E, muggings, purse snatching, vehicle thefts, vagrants sleeping in ally ways. You name it, we got it.

Ft.St.John is worse. My eldest son and his family live there. They have been broken into so many times that they now have a security system as well as bars on the windows and doors as well as two dogs. And they live in one of the "classier" sections of the city in a lovely home with a chain link fence around it. Had a visit from a man from the fair city of FT.St.John the other day, he has a twelve year old daughter. Said daughter goes only to school and other than that she refuses to go anywhere as it is not safe.

I, myself have been nowhere in the evening for the last several months. Not even out to dinner or a concert. The city is not safe to be out in.

I live on what used to be a quiet country road and usually knew every vehicle that drove by, what few there were. Now, day and night, the roar of the traffic is deafening and the speed with which they travel on these back roads is unreal. What I have described here is only a "drop in the bucket" so to speak. I have lived in the Dawson Creek area for many years, back when it was a "raw frontier" town. In those days one was perfectly safe on the streets day or night. How times have changed!

We have a lovely park over in the Tumbler Ridge area. Won't be lovely for long. They are logging off forty acres next to the park to build one of the biggest gas plants ever built.

I had started out to just tell you how "lovely' living in the "patch" is but I have just received word that a friend and neighbor who is only in her late forties is in Edmonton in a coma. She is a victim, we believe, of the gassing that we received from the sour gas well in 1998. She has suffered the exact same fate as all of my animals that died from the blood filled tumors. If she should recover enough to come out of the coma, she will be a "vegetable". She is still bleeding into the brain and that causes the brain to die. Why do they not just come and shoot us and our animals, it would be more humane!

May God help us ....... no one else can. If I could ever hope to sell what has come to be known as death valley, I would leave. But I am stuck here come what may.


Informant: Deane T. Rimerman


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