On to Iran : The Neocon Plot Against Iran

Won’t Get Fooled Again? There He Goes Again: Paul Craig Roberts on another neocon war from Bush:

The Neocon Plot Against Iran
Jude Wanniski on the latest festival of lies:

Powell's Swansong
Yet the US threatens Iran, not vice versa. Article by Gordon Prather:


A few thoughts before we "liberate" Iran

by Steven LaTulippe


The current pro-war narrative being spun by the administration basically revolves around assertions that Iran is a dangerous dictatorship run by a band of fanatical mullahs. ... complete with a military-industrial complex manufacturing WMDs which will be passed on to Osama bin Laden for deadly terrorist attacks against America.

Since Americans should know by now to take everything that this administration says about WMDs with a huge grain of salt, it behooves us to treat this entire neocon narrative with intense skepticism. ...

The Islamic Republic was officially born ... after a national referendum .... That referendum, like all subsequent Iranian elections, was reasonably free and was carried out with a universal franchise (which included women)." (11/24/04)


On to Iran

by Paul Craig Roberts



It is not yet Bush's second term. All available US troops are tied down in Iraq by a few thousand lightly armed insurgents. Go-it-alone Bush has isolated America from her allies. And the neocons want to spread their war to Iran. The Bush administration is recycling the lies that it used to invade Iraq: Iran is acquiring nuclear weapons that will be given to terrorists. In a display of loyalty to a ruthless neocon administration calculated to win him appointments to corporate boards, outgoing Secretary of State Colin Powell told reporters that Iran was working on nuclear missiles. The source for this effort to spread hysteria? One 'walk-in' source with unverified documents. Most likely, the source is a member of an Iranian exile group given the assignment by neocons Richard Perle and John Bolton...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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