Take back the Constitutional Governement legally - Restore our Republic by STANDING

Here is how you get rid of the parasites. Here is what the people have to do. Here is where they have to bring their neighbors in their communities to take it back.

We are not overthrowing anything. THEY have subverted it. WE are RESTORING THE LAW. They like to use words against us when we say "overthrow", in fact are making rules right now that anyone who says that can be charged with terrorism....This is about HOLDING THEM TO THEIR OATH. That is ALL. They give lip service to a constitutional oath, which is the Bill of Rights process in a Republic. They are not doing this. They have subverted it. BUT WE HOLD THEM TO IT and impeach them and prosecute them when they violate it as they are doing now.

We take back the constitutional governement legally and peacefully IN a courtroom ON the public record with the facts that discredit that criminal agent you are impeaching...The only thing that affects publicly elected and appointed officials is exposing them, creating liability by openly stating facts about what they have done and are doing.

In the court is where it all turns. Everything in 'the world" operates on a court order ultimately, even presidents are under a court order of a judge....

The court record is OUR public record and the only place where we can subpoenae them and get them into a sworn assembly where their silence becomes their guilt.

When we get the people into the courtrooms and making our lawful claims we restore our Republic by STANDING. It does not happen outside of the sworn assembly, and not only in America - we have to support REPUBLIC all over the world ... people of the world rise up against their own corrupted corporate schemes....

On our website we are teaching the people PROCESS so they can go into the courts and hold these criminals in office and corrupted judges accountable, which we have the absolute right to do. In Oregon it is working, the corrupt agents of the state are caught in fraud and are totally discredited.

We could turn it around in a DAY in America, if enough people understood their rights, their authority, court process and we turn this corrupted system back on itself IN that courtroom, no where else. ALL the rest is just talk and opinion and we know what that is about....everybody has one...TRUTH, FACTS, that is the real court, and as we stand and make the records of the truth and facts we restore the lawful process....by BEING it and DOING it.

pamela gaston

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Posted By: M-Theory <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 21 November 2004, 9:39 p.m.

Okay, now the election is all but over, a meaningless exercise if ever there was one, considering the billionaire status of the candidates and the Siamese conjoined twins of the political parties that fooled you into thinking you had a choice.

So now you want to overthrow your government and get rid of the parasites that infect it, no matter whether it is a R or D President that is elected in the billions of dollars campaigns that they finance and control. And no matter that no matter who you choose, of these two, nothing changes. Neither W nor JFK would change the way the US behaves, or the way in which it responds to its own people.

If this is uncomfortable for you; if you feel that your government represents the principles written in your constitution, the written recognition of human rights, the written bond not to conquer or opress, then it is time to look in your mirror. Look into your mirror as a human being and ask yourself whether you have a government that is answerable to you and is doing things you approve of. Ask yourself whether your press and media is telling you the truth. And when you have gained an honest answer to this self-examination, ask yourself what can you do about it?

The cure, simply, is the same "people-power" that gained your nation its independence from tyrany, only a few generations later to be lost to the same people who dictated to you. Americans are not criminals. Americans will not ultimately continue to tolerate a criminal government system. Your leaders are not loyal Americans. They despise you, the people. They care nothing about your freedom or welfare, but they sell you constantly an inner need to worship them in their carefully crafted association with your flag. They are parasites, cowards. Not one of them would lift a weapon and join your sons in Iraq in that dirty war of civiliam slaughter. The simple way to overthrow your government is to make the decision that you are going to do it. Then get off your backside and do it. Do it legally and peacefully by talking to your neighbours and getting them off their backsides. Do this enough times and you will find leaders, real leaders of real people, not the cracked faces of the billionaires on your tv asking for your votes. Get rid of the parasites. I will help you.

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