Bush wants strong dollar, pledges to cut budget deficit

Reuters - SANTIAGO, Chile — Nov 21, 2004 — President Bush reiterated on Sunday his support for a strong dollar and said he would work to reduce the U.S. budget deficit.

"At the meeting today, people expressed concern about the value of the U.S. dollar, and I reiterated that my government has a strong dollar policy," Bush told a joint news conference with Chilean President Ricardo Lagos in Santiago after a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders. "I'm committed to reducing the national deficit, and have a strong plan for making sure we don't pass on an enormous debt to our children and grandchildren."

Bush then pledged to present a plan to the U.S. Congress on ways to reduce the fiscal shortfall, but declined comment on questions regarding his recent authorization for an $800 Billion increase in federal debt.

The dollar reached an all-time record lows against the euro and its lowest level since March 2000 against the yen in early Asian trade as the U.S. dollar's decline is spiking negatively for the 17th consecutive month under Bush's administration.

Gary St. Lawrence

"New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, for no other reason than because they are not already common or popular." -- John Locke

This administration has a real method of saying things and then acting as though it were real just because he said it. Bush says things like "we had problems in the schools and we turned it around".... "we had problems in the economy and that has been fixed".... Ashcroft said as he resigned "the terrorist threat has been stopped". They just SAY it. No truth, no facts, no supporting it, just say it. From day to day whatever works. Like the dumbed down commercials now in the media that appeal to a third grade, illiterate immigrant and non english speaking audience, people who dont think just accept it as fact. The headlines just two days ago said "Bush pushing a weak dollar" as our dollar is plunging in value in the world, that they are not propping it up as in the past. Fact is they cant, they just keep printing more money, the figures are already long past any reality...it is not money, it is "revenue streams" that the first users use the "money" then we pay more for everything as they do this, a form of taxation but who is aware of any of this?

Most people are willfully ignorant, believing the "authorities" and the things they tell them on TV as being what is real. Go back to sleep.

They bank on the people having no short term memory. Bush (and others in leadership positions) says opposite things one day to the next, tells lies and bets we will not remember next week what was said today. Unfortunately, it works, TV brained people do not remember last week, and every day they soak up the nightly lies marketed for their daily serving of mindwash ... The corruption is happening so openly now, it is unbelievable, to listen to the human managers try to defend or explain the treasonous acts they are committing....Bill Clinton made parsed words (what is the meaning of "is"?) and lies culturally acceptable, set a standard that has filtered out now into the courts (see "lie cheat and steal, or USA vs Oregon Bar Assocation on our website).....

Even now that people are seeing the lies, people are still accepting it ....that is the amazing part. We all thought that exposing the fraud would be enough to build the outrage in enough peopel to end it, but people are letting it continue and cooperating with the fraud, NOT SCARED ENOUGH apparently. The drugs that are killing us are under investigation even as the ads for them run every five minutes on TV. Banks and government fraud is exposed to the point agencies like "Fannie Mae" are being indicted for fraud, yet at the same time those agencies are advertising on TV to "help" people as they steal the property of the vulnerable in corrupt courts without contracts.... on and on ....how long are we going to tolerate this?

pamela gaston


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