Making Kerry the Winner when the Electoral College meets

Hey, I just got off the phone with my daughter Laura in NYC who is a Brooklyn College student. She is telling me that her professors, and teachers are telling the students that the election is not over, and that if the electorate in Ohio finds Kerry to be the winner they may cast their votes for Kerry therefore making Kerry the winner when the electoral college meets.

The point is, there is not as much of a black out as we think. Now I have no idea what is happening in any other Colleges or Universities across America, but I would hope that people are getting the correct info in the Universities. Can anyone find out?

Until I talked to her, I forgot entirely about Universities giving out info-.

I suppose many of us did because we are done with College days.

OK, I hope that sounds hopeful,

We also plan to change our money into lounies. Sounds good Aye!! OK, so the dollar is crashing but the lounie isn't!! Right! I'll put them little coloured monies right under my mattress. Of course, we can use the lounies right here in Buffalo at par. It has ALWAYS been that way. So having Canadian money wouldn't raise any suspicion, everyone has it in their wallet any way.. Gee, as a matter of fact, we might see much more businesses in Buffalo using Canadian money instead. Like I said, we use it any way at par. Which means we use it the same way. So 20 Canadian, is the same as 20 American etc. All prices stay the same. It's been that way for most of my life. Let's just say this, if you are at a supermarket, and they run out if American money, they will ask you if you will take the Canadian money, and most people do. Of course, the change gets rolled right in with the America money here. This place is crazy here, I swear.

Oh I am so happy that the Colleges are talking about it to the students Hurray!!!



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