Congress to Undercut Education on 11/19

Now it starts. On Friday 11/19, Congress plans to pass a massive appropriations bill that will significantly deprive schools of promised funding. They put off passing this bill until after the election so that they didn't outrage voters - and lose votes - by creating funding cuts in programs that Americans consider priority. But under-funding education is exactly what they're planning to do.

Already there is talk about cutting back on pre-election commitments to education - and even these commitments shortchanged the President's own No Child Left Behind program by $9 billion and cut the federal share of special education funding by over $10 billion.

To stop this folly will require an unprecedented public mobilization over the months ahead. But we must take a stand right now!


Please contact your members of Congress immediately and put them on notice. Let them know that under-funding our children's schools -- while we spend $75 billion more in Iraq and cut taxes for multi-millionaires - makes no sense whatsoever. Tell them that you plan to fight them every step of the way until they get their priorities straight.


Friday's expected roll-backs on education commitments are only the beginning of the horror show. The White House is circulating budget documents calling for long term cuts in education funding. The president who campaigned on a pledge to "invest in education," is now planning deep cuts over the next five years. [1]

In the coming months, we'll join together and challenge lawmakers face to face in their own offices. By writing now though we take a stand against false promises and remind our leaders that we will continue to hold them accountable if they undercut our schools.

The education of our children is only 3% of the federal budget, but it's 100% of our future. We can't let our children's education be victimized by the right-wing's wrong-headed priorities. Please take action right now to stop the education budget back-tracking!


Thank you for your continued vigilance.


Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future

[1] "OMB Account-level Data on Government Spending, 2005-2009," OMB Watch 2004.



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