Pillow Talk

I would like you all to see this picture:

I have never felt more inclined to swear and curse than when I recently acquired a com metre from Powerwatch and discovered to my horror that for several years I have been sleeping with 2.5 volts running constantly through my brain, courtesy of MM02, Hutchinson 3g, T-mobile and in the last year, Tetra.

Thanks so much for your concern for my welfare and all those other poor souls who are being equally blasted by the emissions from an industry that puts profit before health and safety.

Don't tell me it's within thermal guidelines, it's the BIOLOGICAL effects that count.

Would any of you like to be the guinea pig instead ?

Our children have to live with this and also my daughter goes to school that has a mast on the roof.

No-one should have this invasion into their home without power to do anything about it.

This should not be allowed until we KNOW what the dangers to health are.

Now I know why in the last few years I have suffered from unexplained severe vertigo for 4 months, constant waking up every night at 4 am. Pains in my feet, sore eyes, degeneration of vision, thirst, (which has prompted the doctor to send me for tests for diabetes 3 times, only to find I haven't got diabetes!)

The readings in my sister's home are worse and she is very poorly. I'm absolutely determined that this injustice should not prevail.

Think about it and be prepared.

This is not a matter of trivia, it will become a severe problem eventually for us all and some sensible solutions to the siting of masts must be sought NOW.

I must stress that the anger expressed in this email is aimed at the mobile phone operators and those who have a part in agreeing to place masts where they can cause harm to people.

It was not aimed at my dear friends who fight along side me in the battle to make health an important consideration in the siting of masts.

Mrs. Bush

From: Mobile Phone Mast Campaigners Networking


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