URGENT : Arctic Wildlife Refuge Under Attack

As many of you may know, one of our last great wild places, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is under a fresh attack from the oil industry and their allies in Congress and the Administration. This looming threat is more serious, and more dangerous, than ever before. That's why The Wilderness Society has launched an all-out campaign to protect the Arctic wilderness. We are encouraging everyone to take action now at: http://www.wilderness.org/arctic

Anti-wilderness forces in Congress hope to use a backdoor budget process to sneak this giveaway onto the same federal budget the government needs to function. They know that they don't have the votes necessary to enact this ill-conceived plan through the normal legislative process that requires 60 votes to pass such highly controversial measures in the U.S. Senate. The decision to circumvent the normal rules is being made NOW.

Just last week, Rep. Richard Pombo (R-California), a vocal drilling advocate and chairman of the House Resources Committee, claimed that now is "The best chance we've had" to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (CNN.com, 11/10/2004)

We need to send Congress and the Administration a strong early message that we're NOT going to stand by and watch as America's wild places are sold off to the highest bidder. Send a letter to your U.S. Senator at http://www.wilderness.org/arctic today!

Thanks for your help,

Cory Davies

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