Politics of destruction

by Nebojsa Malic



It is not uncommon for countries that have been infected by democracy to fall prey to a malaise in which every sphere of life becomes political, i.e., falls under the control or influence of the state. The amount of power this gives the state becomes so strong a lure that it attracts the very worst of characters, and tempts even the best who somehow manage to stumble into governance. Power struggles at the top result in widespread destruction of society, or even the country itself. One very clear example of this is Serbia today -- but if one looks hard enough, it can be seen everywhere. Only the extent varies...


The battle of the century

by Jim Peron

Institute for Liberal Values


Capitalism is inherently anti-fundamentalistic. The fundamentalist puts a restricted, stilted version of their religion at the centre of everything. They take the culture bound words of some ancient mystical writing and attempt to apply it to a modern age. There is a conflict inherent in this. But for the fundamentalist the ancient word supersedes that of anything since then. So instead of looking for truths that apply to the modern world they attempt to restrict and confine the modern world so it will fit the ancient text. But capitalism undermines this...


The "Armageddon" Nation?

by Dorothy Anne Seese

Ether Zone


The dispensationalists in the 'Christian right' are sitting around waiting for some fuzzy rapture and the hypocrites who disregard all Ten Commandments while claiming to be Christians are leading them into the grand delusion. And the world into a fake Armageddon. It's doubtful few have even done enough research to know what 'Armageddon' (the Bible one) is, they take Hollywood's version. And they're going to make it real at the expense of American blood, foreign blood, and the destruction of anything in the way of American hegemony. So they think...


It has happened here

by Pierre Tristam



Requisite recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance at public functions, singing 'God Bless America' at sports events, fawning over the military in bumper stickers, in business-seminar speeches, in the public ceremonies of virtually every national holiday, in the $16-million exhibit at the Smithsonian of American wars dubbed 'The Price of Freedom,' in the president's silly and improper salutes every time he encounters a uniform -- these are the signs of a society growing not only less secure with its civilian identity, but also more martial, more authoritarian, more uniformly submissive, less tolerant, much less democratic...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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