Fluoride has been linked to Bone Cancer in Children

I have to say, as an ex-dental nurse with terrible teeth, I haven't noticed a high level of oral health in Birmingham, far from it. I am aware that there is a lot of controversy over the use of flouride, with some evidence to suggest that it has adverse effects. I think there is a good anology with 'Skells', the tobacco lozenges which were available in the '70's and targeted at children. There were incidences of mouth cancer in children caused by sucking these carcinogenic lozenges, and I remember Esther Ransom tackling the issue and bringing the production of these things to an almost immediate standstill!

Oh Esther, were are you now? (Probably on the end of a Mobile Phone).


When fluoride was first introduced into toothpaste etc there was a dentist who went on TV and spoke out against it. I believe fluoride has been linked to bone cancer in children, I remember listening to a programme on the wireless about it and I believe a homopathic hosopital spoke up against it. I think the fluoride that is added to toothpaste , water etc is a by procuct of the chemical industry and not at all the same as naturally occurring fluoride. It seems to me its just a way of the chemical industry getting rid of its waste and making money out of it and I am totally against it.

regards sue g i

40,000 research papers show a list of adverse health effects so long they fill 2 sides of A4. The shit added to the water of 5 1/2 million Britons is hexafluorisilicic acid, a toxic waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry. This is 25 times miore toxic thean naturally occurring calcium fluoride which being present in the water of millions of people in India is responsible for 6 million kids being able to walk to school as they have deformed bones.

After Birmingham was fluoridated in the mid 60s rates of tooth, digestive and immune condition problems skyrocketed. 48% of people in Birmingham now have dental fluorosis recognised as the first visible sign of chronic fluoride poisoning by scientists worldwide (gagged by the world media). Dentists flocked to Birmingham soon after the intro of fluoride as there was so much business for them.

Illegal, unethical and extremely dangerous...all our water is now at risk.



Dear Gary,

I read abook by John Polya years ago, in which he told how the discovery of fluoride when people in anarea whera their water was polluted by it had markedly discoloured, though very hard, teeth. After discovery fluoride was added to water in several cities, but in most ( MIchigan I think was one place) was discontinued after problems including increased cases of cancer were found. The problem is that when boiled, the amount of fluoride in water increases as the liquid evaporates, so those who drink a lot of beverages are likely to get fluoride poisoning too.

Our government began to introduce fluoride just as American cities were discarding it! Yours Gill Lyden

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