Dentist's Cancer Warning

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Subject: FW: Dentist's Cancer Warning

It was reported in the Birmingham Evening Mail yesterday that a Top city dentist has warned of spiralling mouth cancer in the West Midlands. John Hamburger, a senior lecturer at Birmingham Dental Hospital, said the disease was on the increase among teenagers and children as well as the elderly. Smoking and heavy drinking raise the risk of contracting mouth cancer, which is the sixth most common cancer in the western world. But Mr Hamburger said: The good news is that the great majority of these cancers can be detected by dentists at routine dental check-ups. Early tumours can be very successfully treated.

It is not surprising that we are now seeing an increase of mouth cancers in teenagers and children as well as the elderly. Since when did our children all start smoking and drinking heavily? One thing our children most certainly have in common is the over use of mobile phones. “RADIATION” has got to be the cause.

I am calling on all our Scientists, Politicians, Health Officials, every Mother and Father to stand up and say ENOUGH! It is not rocket science.

Due to the demand on Dentists, the latest advice has been to reduce visits to once every two years. We want prevention not cure, stop this madness before it starts.

Sir William Stewart Head of Health Protection for the UK has called for caution especially for children under the age of sixteen, when is anyone going to listen? We need radiation warning signs on the phones. Emergency use only phones for children, allowing them to use the lowest radiation phones on the market with access to input emergency use only phone numbers. This would not only help protect their health but would also cut down crime rate from bullying by text messages, stealing phones and stop access to unsuitable websites.

There is an IMMEDATE URGENT need to STOP putting the Health and Wealth of the Mobile Phone Industry and Government before the Health of the Nation.

I want a future for our Children, not one filled with fear, pain, anxiety and possible death from CANCER as a result of preventable over exposure to radiation.

Eileen O’Connor

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