Ohio recount under way

Short version: spend 60 seconds asking Congress to investigate vote fraud in the last election by filling out the form at //www.moveon.org/investigatethevote .

Long version (why you should do it): The vote fraud story has built momentum, such that mass media are barely maintaining the con that it's not newsworthy: Keith Olbermann/MSNBC has featured the story several days this week on his popular nightly newscast. Six congressmembers have made a formal request for a limited investigation, and Nader and Cobb (Green Party) are probably getting the recount in Ohio to which they're entitled. You can push that momentum just a little bit, with 90 seconds in a web form, asking Congress to investigate the vote count:
//www.moveon.org/investigatethevote . It feels better than just accepting the fraud that stole your election, even if it doesn't change anything. And of course, if it can change the fraud to a legitimate count, it's your duty to spend 90 seconds protecting something that's taken centuries to build, and in which you will live for the rest of your life.

The initial presidential vote in Ohio turned out to be 137,000 more for Bush, out of 5,500,000. This week they're counting another 155,000 "provisional ballots", mostly Democrats "challenged" at their polling place by Republicans suppressing their vote. That new count alone could reduce the margin below 100,000 votes. One eVoting machine in Cincinnatti had added about 4,000 fake votes to Bush, and there are thousands of unrechecked eVoting machines across Ohio. Only 25 more fake results like that could have screwed up the original count, hiding a Kerry win in Ohio, and therefore the country.

Meanwhile, North Carolina eVoting problem reports are now so severe, they'll likely "revote", though they're not planning on revoting for President. Initial state result details are at

Recounts will at least help destroy the fake media story that Bush's pathological liars have a "mandate" to do more damage in the second term than the first. Any significant change will make fraud harder in the future, and might even start reforms to the system - it will certainly make it harder to pretend that these rigged machines are OK in 2005, 2006, through 2008 and beyond. All you have to do to help is spend 60 seconds filling out a Web form, rather than just accept citizenship in a banana republic: //www.moveon.org/investigatethevote

Informant: Heather Tarrant


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