US Government Corruption - United Action Needed

"We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." - Quote from the US Constitution.

The US Constitution's policies are not reality in the USA. Justice doesn't always prevail. It's at the option of the powers that be. Often unjust court decisions are made by judges, district attorneys, lawyers, and magistrates. That results in violations of constitutional rights, motion churning causing excessive legal fees due to the unjust court decisions, and not protecting crime victims resulting in additional terrible crimes upon people that could have been prevented.

There is no domestic tranquility in the USA. The rampant crime that has been going on for decades is keeping us from having tranquility. Although you may have heard some elected officials speak of protecting Americans, the crime facts, statistics, and case examples of court corruption revealed at websites I've built proves we are not being protected. Many more Americans are terrorized, attacked, inflicted with pain and injuries, disabled, and robbed of their lives with perpetrators being Americans than foreign terrorists. That reality has been ignored by our elected officials even though they've been notified about this matter. Unless there are wise reforms of the USA court system, with the way the USA court system is run now 5 out of 6 Americans will be victims of violent crimes during their lifetime. To read more details go to this website:


The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is useful for Americans to better enable them to protect themselves and their families from criminals. Although I've read about studies proving that in areas where people are allowed to bear arms there is less crime, there is still much violent crime that requires to be dealt with using other methods. Some people, for example children, some disabled people, and some elderly people don't have the capacity to use weapons to protect themselves. Sometimes women have the capacity to use weapons to protect themselves from criminals and sometimes they don't depending upon circumstances. Often women become victims of violent crimes in the home with perpetrators being people they thought they could trust. Subsequently, they weren't prepared to defend themselves. There have been murders of people when they were asleep - absolutely no opportunity for self-defense in those cases.

Due to these vulnerabilities that affect people more than the 2nd Amendment is needed. We need a court system where all of the judges will always enforce wise laws, always honor the evidence, always rescue crime victims from perpetrators, and always run the courts in such a way as to discourage crimes. We need state legislatures that will make and put into practice needed wise court and law reforms that will work to get a handle on the court system inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption that allow unjust court decisions and violent crimes not being dealt with properly.

Over a period of more than 20 years individual citizen activists and small groups of citizen activists have often lobbied the elected officials, which are mainly from the Democrat and Republican parties, but they brush us off - providing no representation.

Subsequently, elections aren't making a difference for these serious societal problems. However, we must not give up as other methods of citizen activism will work. Having observed that the elected officials do listen to requests of a large organized group of citizen activists, I have decided to start such a large organized group of citizen activists. I have also prepared websites to educate people with crime statistics, facts, and case examples of court system inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption. The hope is that citizens will be inspired to become volunteer citizen activists for this court and law reforms movement.

A yahoo group forum has been set up. This is a good place to relate your knowledge and opinions, unjust court experiences you have had or other people have had, crimes experienced by you, your family, and friends, crimes and court cases in current or past news, present and discuss proposed court and law reforms, join in networking and strategizing for this court and law reforms movement. Sign up for this yahoo group forum at:


Please spread this message far, such as by forwarding this e-mail to many people such as family, friends, acquaintances, people on business mailing lists, professional association lists, club member lists, church member lists, and any other lists you may have. Then they will have access to read the information and hopefully forward this e-mail to even more people. By using this viral advertising method as I have just described for this cause there is hope to grow this cause to be just as powerful as large organized groups such as AARP. Everyday Americans are becoming victims of terrible crimes, terrorized, inflicted with pain and injuries, and sometimes disabilities and robbed of their lives due to court system inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption. The sooner we build the powerful large organized group we need to have influence with the elected officials the better. Thank you for any assistance.


Deborah Reid
Founder and Director
Wisdom for Courts, Laws and Society


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