Renewing Our Defense of Liberty

The re-election of George W. Bush, whose administration has shown a profound disregard for fundamental rights, means our work is now more essential than ever.

The fact is, without a vigorous, spirited movement for freedom, their unrelenting assault on civil liberties could change the face of our democracy.

With you at our side, the ACLU is ready, willing and able to lead that movement.

In the months ahead, they will come after our freedoms under cover of the war on terror. They will stage a full-court press in support of their dangerous social issues agenda. With their political opponents weakened and with the knowledge that they will never have to face the voters again, they see a golden opportunity. They won't let it go to waste. We expect them to move rapidly on everything from funding religion to escalating assaults on abortion to outlawing same-sex marriage.

Over the past four years, the ACLU and its members have shown that we can be successful defending freedom even in the most inhospitable climate. We have built bipartisan support for challenging the Patriot Act and inspired a chorus of voices questioning many of its damaging provisions. We have challenged the Patriot Act in court and won. We have squelched government programs designed to spy on Americans. We have won legal victories curtailing executive power. We have defeated the first-ever federal abortion ban in court.

This fight is far from over. Here at the ACLU we will continue to stand by the values of justice and liberty for all.

To put it simply: We refuse to surrender our freedom. I hope you will pledge to do the same.

Together we will stay the course, meet all challenges, and beat back every attempt to restrict our civil liberties.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director, ACLU

P.S. You may have seen our full page advertisement in the New York Times today. This is just the beginning of a bold campaign to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Please go to http://www.CivilLibertiesNow.org to stay involved with the fight.


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