Oceana Protects Dolphins From Sonar in Canary Islands

I just wanted to send you a brief note to tell you about an exciting victory that was just won by Oceana Europe http://europe.oceana.org/

You're probably already familiar with the issue of how the sonar used by US and other naval military vessels can interfere with the natural mechanisms that dolphins and other cetaceans use to navigate underwater. This can lead to these dolphins losing their way and becoming stranded on shore -- a potentially fatal risk.

(If not, here's a link to a report we've prepared on the subject that you can read online:

* Oceana report on military sonar and cetacean strandings

Definitely check it out!)

Oceana Europe has been tackling this issue head-on, and this week they won a really important victory: they have convinced the government of Spain to stop the US and other navies from using this sonar equipment in the Canary Islands, where over 80 cetaceans, mostly beaked whales, have been stranded during military exercises over the last 20 years -- one of the highest numbers of strandings anywhere in the world. http://europe.oceana.org/english/news/congratulates_bono_for_moratorium.htm

Our European staff played such a key leadership role in this issue that the Spanish government even consulted with them when writing the speech to announce the decision to that nation's Congress! Their accomplishment shows how much respect Oceana is gaining around the world, thanks in no small part to your ongoing support.

I wanted to tell you about this victory so that you could see the progress we're making around the world on preserving and defending the oceans and the life within them. It's a big challenge, but with the commitment of dedicated people like our European team and citizens like you around the world, I know that we'll succeed!

For the oceans,

Jason Lefkowitz
E-Activism Manager


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