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Several months ago I sent pictures of 3G antennas that had been erected near residents in the city Tel Aviv. The residents are going to fight in the court, and now they are going to deal with a second lawsuit: they had a quarrel with the owner of the house who receives money for the antennas on the roof. During their fight, the owner told them angrily: "I will cause you cancer!" (it doesn't matter that he is already doing it), "I will file a suit against you" (the owner, against the irradiated citizens). It's serious, they took a second lawyer.

The residents had an interesting episode when they called to someone from the Env. ministry to measure the radiation. Since they had received an extensive explanation about frequencies that they are exposed to (it was found with an analyzer), they were interested to know how exactly the ministry representative was measuring the radiation. He admitted that he was measuring a frequency that does not exist there, but he had a "good" excuse: he said that if he wanted to measure another frequency, he would have had to give the device for calibration. So what's easier than just trying to fool the citizens. Needless to say, they will invite someone else to measure.

The Einstein school parents came to a parliment meeting today, and yelled at the health ministry, the army representatives, and everybody that was there and is involved in the huge army antennas near the school. Two parents yelled while the government people just looked at them with empty looks. The parents told them to cut it out, all the stories they try sell them that there's no radiation, they called them see how you send your children to such a school near antennas, you wouldn't do it and you sit here telling us stories. They said that the army did not buy the land, and they endanger the children just for money, while living from the taxes that the parents pay them.

Also, they brought their small children who are also worried from all that they see around them and one small girl said that there are so many antennas there, that it's "really too much" (she's about 8 years old).

A new cancer cluster was published yesterday in the national newspaper. In a town near an army base, 12 people have cancer, all of them lately, all of them near the antennas. At first they didn't talk about it, because they didn't want to prevent tourism to the town, but now they feel they can't take it anymore and call the government to investigate. The Environment ministry said that measurements in the town showed there was "no exceeding radiation".
(The Cancer Hits Metula by Eithan Glickman Yediot Ahronot 1.11.2004)

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