The New World Order look for the NYPD

If you think all of this is somehow because of Bush and the Republicans and that the Democrats, the EU and the UN are here to save us, you are seriously out of touch with reality. This is a global totalitarian system, carried out by all collaborating globalist world leaders and their minions on both the Left and the Right. This New World Order was planned and engineered by the Illuminati, based on Hegelian pretexts such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11, which they have devised and carried out over the past hundred years and more. They actually control history and the future, if we let them. Any average person who goes along with the program is a victim of mind-control and needs help to wake up out of it.

The Global Police State agenda has been created using 9/11 as an excuse.

The Multilateral Totalitarian Agenda worldwide

The Totalitarian countries have quietly introduced RFID chips in their paper currencies: Canada's new new $20 bill, the new US $20 bill, and the new Euros all contain RFID chips; if you put them in the microwave for 3 seconds you can see the chips fry! US: Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act and now new totalitarian legislation under the guise of implementing the 9/11 Ommission's recommendations. A de-facto national ID card was passed that may include chips for fingerprint, and biometric data. Proposed measures also include the legalisation of rendering foreigners to be tortured, as was done to Arar Maher. UK: Prevention of Terrorism Acts and now the Civil Contingencies Bill, which contains many of the same provisions as Canada's C-7, including exempting interim orders from the Statutory Instruments Act. The EU has introduced measures for the Compulsory fingerprinting for all passports and UK and Germany want to have a third biometric, "iris scans", in addition to facial scans and fingerprints.

Canada: C-36, C-22, C-35, C-7 - see below.

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