Do Gene Specific Bioweapons Exist?

Bio-engineered agents may bring the human herd down to ecologically sustainable levels before the development of "ethnic bombs." Environmental terrorists will use multi-drug resistant pathogens first. Ethnic bombs may be obsolete before deployment if population is brought down to a single digit percent of its current level. Some diversity might be appreciated after Satan's Bugs do their work and bring about a sparsely populated world.


SPECIAL REPORT: UNHOLY GRAIL (Part I): Do Gene Specific Bioweapons Exist?

FTW asked Public Affairs producer and investigative reporter Kellia Ramares to take a hard and thorough look through the scientific community to see if weapons that would harm only organisms possessing a specific gene characteristic actually existed. Since 9-11 the possibility of such weapons as a tool of war or an instrument of population reduction has remained an unspoken major question. What Ramares found will shock you. If they existed, these most devastating weapons would be classified above Top Secret. But what is provable is that there is a list of countries which have been pursuing them and that the technology has been perfected to the point where they are within reach. (Part II will be published on March 11).

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SPECIAL REPORT: UNHOLY GRAIL (Part II): Do Gene Specific Bioweapons Exist?

In the conclusion of this unnerving series, Kellia Ramares reveals that gene-specific bioweapons may have already been used against the easiest targets of all. And she then takes a look at how the scientifc community is avoiding the issue along with the deeper ethical issues these weapons raise for all of mankind.

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