Kerry v Bush - The Choice

I assume that, like me, you see a stark contrast between George W. Bush and John Kerry. Unilateral war and isolation vs. a return to alliance-building and global leadership. Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate favoritism vs. an economy that works for working people. Healthcare giveaways to HMOs and drug companies vs. affordable healthcare for all Americans. More of the same vs. a fresh start.

Although both candidates have tried to position themselves to the center and both have sought to reassure Americans that they will be tough on terrorism, the substantive differences are still dramatic. But with a campaign that has featured more personal attacks than earnest policy debate, many voters are still muddled about what is at stake.

In these last days before the election, I want to enlist you to take one final action to address this problem. Please take a moment right now to see our side-by-side line up of the two candidates on the issues, and use it to highlight for your friends -- particularly those in the swing states that will decide this election -- the stakes that will be decided on November 2nd:


Millions of dollars will be poured into ads over the next few days, but personal contact is far more persuasive than advertisements and written editorials. Taking time to contact your friends and relatives is one of the most powerful steps you can take to impact this election. And for anyone who's heard from you before and remains unconvinced, let them hear from you again.


The comparison we've created lays out the stark differences in direction represented by these two candidates. Please use it to inform any appeals you make over the next few days.

*Email it to friends directly from the Straight Talk website.
*Make phone calls and use it as talking points.
*Print out copies to share with people who are interested.

Whatever you do over the next few days, please make some time to reach out to friends, colleagues, relatives, former classmates, even former flames who may still be unclear about the choice they'll make on November 2nd.


Thank you in advance. And keep on pushing right through November 2.


Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future


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