Two Pampered Children of Wealth

by Elizabeth Schulte

Skull vs. Bones

The man who occupies the White House next January will be among the richest 1 percent of Americans, the pampered child of a wealthy family. He’ll have lifelong connections to the political and corporate world. He’ll be a graduate of exclusive Yale University, and proud member of the even more exclusive Skull and Bones, a bizarre secret society at Yale. Though he talks about bipartisanship, he’s a veteran fixture of a two-party system that upholds the political status quo. We don’t know whether George W. Bush or John Kerry will win on November 2--or if, for that matter, the election will be too close to call again and won’t be decided until weeks later. But we know all this about the next occupant of the White House because these things are true of both Bush and Kerry. Jeffrey St. Clair is coeditor with Alexander Cockburn of the muckraking newsletter CounterPunch, and the author of numerous books, including the essay collection Dime’s Worth of Difference with Cockburn, and Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green to Me. His recent articles for the CounterPunch Web site have revealed the sordid history of both major candidates. Here, St. Clair talks to Socialist Worker’s Elizabeth Schulte about the election between Skull and Bones....



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