Driving with Big Brother

"It's the thin edge of the wedge"

We asked whether you would you allow your driving habits to be electronically monitored in return for a lowered car insurance premium?

Here’s what you have to say:

Absolutely NOT! It's like giving the wolves a free hand in managing the chicken coop! And what next? The microchips in our bodies?
- Ella Collins, Toronto, Oct. 14

The insurance companies like to say that monitoring people's driving habits may decrease their insurance premiums by 25 per cent. What they forget to mention is that they are most likely wanting to monitor people's driving habits to have an excuse to raise people's insurance premiums by 25 per cent.
- Jaime MacDonald, Toronto, Oct. 14

They need to start rewarding the drivers in a big way who have never had an accident. I don't want to jinx myself but I have been years without a claim and never once have they offered to refund my money. Just more smoke and mirrors if they go they go through with this.
- Robert Reeson, Pontypool, Oct. 14

How will monitoring the controls actions, steering, braking, and throttle use, as well as vehicle speed, tell if you are a dangerous driver? Have people finally bought into the theory that speeding is dangerous, in and of itself? If I travel at 140km/h on the 401 in broad daylight with light traffic, is that more dangerous than travelling 52 km/h in a school zone?
- Keith Linton, Bowmanville, Oct. 14

It's the thin edge of the wedge, folks. Soon no insurance company will take you on unless you agree to have a monitor installed.
- Gregory Macbeth, Toronto, Oct. 14


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