What Role Should Religion Play in Politics?

Last night during the third and final presidential debate, both President Bush and Senator Kerry were asked to discuss how their personal faith has and will influence their policy. Although both candidates took a moderate stance in their responses last night, during this campaign as a whole, religion has been repeatedly used as a political tool to divide the country and create wedge issues.

As a recipient of Political Alerts from Care2, you have been following this election closely. Please sign this petition today to protest the manipulation of religion for political gain: http://www.care2.com/go/z/17931

Nothing is more fundamental to America than freedom of thought and belief. But the president is preaching that his faith is the purest, and as such dissenters must be a people whose values and sincerity are of a lower order. This is not the religion of George Washington, John Adams, or Abraham Lincoln.

Act now and add your voice to the thousands of Americans calling out to put compassion back into politics, to end the manipulation of religion in this presidential campaign, and to end the alienation of non-Christian faiths and Christians with different political views.

Send a message to the world that America still believes in the separation of church and state. Sign this petition today! http://www.care2.com/go/z/17931

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference.


Jenny M.
Care2.com & ThePetitionSite

P.S. This Saturday, October 16, a coalitionof faith-based organizations will launch a Day of Action to enlist thousands of volunteers from the progressive faith community to help Get Out The Vote! Show your solidarity by taking action today!


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