Demand Truth About the Draft

Last week the Los Angeles Times became the latest major newspaper to print an article about the potential for a draft in the near future. Like many other reports it cited "rumors" about a secret plan to reinstate the draft.

That's exactly what they are: rumors. And focusing on bogus rumors clouds the fundamental issue. The question is not whether some secret plan is in motion. The question being raised is: how will we protect the homeland, address growing threats around the world, and achieve stability in Iraq with an already overstretched military?

These valid concerns are ones I share with my friends and colleagues at the Campaign for America's Future -- Robert Borosage and Roger Hickey. Like many of you, we think it's important to clarify what's really at issue here, and actively weigh in to demand straight answers.

In less than a week, more than 60,000 people have signed this petition asking for the answers. Join us now:


The facts are clear: Gen. Shinseki testified before Congress that we would need at least 50,000 more troops to stabilize Iraq. The Army admits it has been stretched thin. The flagrant misuse of the National Guard and Reserves has made recruiting harder and leaves our homeland unprotected.

More and more people have realized that a quiet draft has already begun. Active duty soldiers who finish their commitments are being forced to stay on. We have begun calling up forces like the Individual Ready Reserves, consisting of older reservists who have not been on active duty and have not trained for some time. And there's no end in sight.

Americans have a right to know -- before Election Day -- how we will meet our current commitments without resorting to a draft. Sign the petition now -- we will deliver our questions to the White House and demand honest answers:


We have been misled about this war from the beginning. They said Iraq had nuclear weapons -- that was false. They said the whole war would cost a few billion dollars -- in reality, we spend several billion dollars every month. They say things are getting better, but every month brings more casualties than the last.

Now, in the weeks before an election, they say we won't need a draft. We cannot afford to take their word for it. We must demand answers:


Thank you,

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

P.S. Here are some things people who have signed the petition are saying:

"As a young American who cares deeply about my country, I deserve to know if a draft will be put into effect. If not, how do you plan to fill the troop commitments necessary for success?"
--Ajay N.

"I have heard so many things over the years from politicians that have not been true that I no longer take anything for granted. I don't see how the country can continue under the present commitments of our armed forces with a complete volunteer military. If the intention is to bring back the draft I would like to know now and not after the presidential election. An informed voter is an intelligent voter."
--Charles M.

"Staying the course means we're going to need more troops in our go-it-alone strategy. How will we get them?"
--Carl T.

"A feasible, realistic plan needs to developed, shared with the American public and put in place to bring peace in Iraq and end American occupation of the territory. Can this be done without instituting a military draft? The American people want to know before the 2004 presidential election."
--Sharon S.

"Our forces are stretched thin and the situation in Iraq is getting worse. We will no doubt be there a long time and other troubles lurk on the horizon. Be honest with America and tell us how we are going to do this without the draft."
--Phil S.

"My wife and I have deep concerns about this issue. We've been through the Vietnam years and saw how the draft split this country in half. We don't want to have to relive our worst nightmares, not with our sons."
--Lance K.

"A straight and clear answer, please."
--Janice M.

Add your voice: http://action.ourfuture.org/ctt.asp?u=1742757&l=62726


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