Bush's Great Mistakes

It's not easy being the president. And no one likes to admit mistakes. But it is dangerous when a president simply denies reality. In last night's debate, the president smiled and ducked, but revealed once more that he can't see what's going on, won't admit that his policies have failed, and promises us only more of the same.

Whether it's on jobs, health care or Iraq, the president's primary strategy is to paint deceptively rosy pictures, hope the American public buys them, and offer only to stay the failed course.

Help set the record straight, expose the mistakes, and build the groundswell needed to usher in new solutions:


Snap polls after the debate showed that the public generally thought Senator Kerry was more in tune with their values. Broad majorities support a dramatic change in direction. But of course the right-wing chorus at Fox News and elsewhere immediately started proclaiming Bush the victor.

Let's make sure they don't get away with distorting reality. Join us in talking straight about Bush's record of failure. We'll connect you -- using your zip code -- to your local and national news editors so that you can tell them directly: "I want to hear the straight story!"


As the debates have made clear, Bush is desperately trying to hide his record of stark failure. We can prevent him from side-stepping some of his worst:

- On jobs and the economy: The president's budget-busting tax cuts failed to generate jobs. He will be the first president since Herbert Hoover to have ended his four years with net job losses.

- On education: The president broke his promise to "provide the resources necessary," for No Child Left Behind, cutting more than $26 billion from the funds he agreed were needed to fullfill the bill's goals. He also broke his campaign promise to raise the level of Pell college tuition grants even as college costs soared at double-digit rates.

- On healthcare: President Bush did nothing as costs sky-rocketed and four million more Americans fell into the ranks of the uninsured. Worse, in a sellout to the drug companies, his prescription drug bill actually prohibits Medicare from negotiating a better price for seniors.

Join with us to make sure these and other clear mistakes get the scrutiny they deserve. Help expose the mistakes so that more and more people know exactly where changes in direction are most needed. In the last days of the presidential campaign, the attack ads and political posturing will reach a new climax. Each of us can make sure that a little straight talk pierces the fog. Please make your voice heard.


Thank you for your continued commitment!

Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future


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