The true center of conservative power

The monopoly of energy is the basis of Neo Conservative (NeoCon) power.


The true center of conservative power

by Thomas Paine

April 16, 2003

What is the true center of conservative power in the United States? Is it the hate mongering, personal attacks and smears toward opponents? Is it the large campaign contributions of wealthy individuals and powerful corporations to secure beneficial legislation and tax cuts? Is it the near total control of the media? Is it the ramming of conservative judges through the legislature and control of most of the courts? Or is it hawkish foreign policy and bribes to foreign governments? While these actions support the main goal, it is actually none of these. The true center of conservative power, the mantra they live by, and basis of their rhetoric, is their economic policy.

Put simply, economics is the study of what gets made, how to make it, and who gets it. Economics takes as an axiom that there are limited resources, and for each thing that gets made, there is a corresponding cost of what did not get made. Economic policy then becomes what the government decides to make, how to make it, and who gets it, or more succinctly, the government decides what to allow, and not allow with regard to these decisions. Using the theories created by an economics student in the United Kingdom as a basis, who by the way won a Nobel Prize for his work, the conservative economic strategy is all about control and greed. Under the cover of globalization, this economic policy exalts free trade, cheap labor, tax cuts, reduction of government spending on education and welfare, privatization of national assets, removal of environmental protections, and a secret international commission with more power than the United Nations to protect corporate interests. So, the conservative economic policy is to allow corporations and the wealthy to demand more work for less pay, allow corporations to pollute to reduce costs, cut spending on education and benefits, give taxpayer funded subsidies and low cost loans to corporations, limit ability to challenge the corporations, blame the poor for their own poverty while at the same time cutting their pay and benefits, remove controls and regulations on corporations, and pay themselves for their hard work at the same time. All paid for by the American taxpayer, as well as the sweatshops, prison laborers and child laborers of third world nations. Do not underestimate the power of these strategies, which in combination virtually enslave the middle and lower class in an economic straightjacket, while at the same time funnel most of the nations wealth into the hands of a very few, most of whom are devout conservatives. It is a new and more sophisticated form of feudalism, with the elite rich calling the shots, and a vastly increased poor class that toils to support it.

The only way to break this economic monster, is to create and implement a new economic theory that limits the ability of corporations to stifle competition, promotes educational and civic spending, protects countries from the manipulations of more powerful corporations, and embraces fair market practices, worker protections, just compensation, and environmental sustainability. These concepts are anathema to corporate interests, which exist to squeeze every ounce of wealth from the world for their own benefit, regardless of the costs in lives, the environment, and morals.

How can we do it? First, we need a new theory that debunks the myth of the current globalization fiasco, and the bankrupt economic theories behind it. Then we need to get the word out to the rest of the world that we have a new answer, a better solution, and one that will aid the growth of the people of the world, as opposed to suppressing them with chains made of dollars. Then we need to come together and make sure our government implements these new theories, through the power of our vote. Let your representatives know, that if they don’t support the new and more just economics, they will not reside in power for long. We can make a difference if we come together peacefully, and not be swayed by violence, hate, or pressure from above. Gandhi removed the British from India, Martin Luther King Jr. brought about civil rights, now it is time for the end of economic slavery. We are the true power of the United States, We The People, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! Free marketers and globalization supporters have had their chance, and have shown the utter failure of their policies to help anyone but themselves. Now is the time for the people of the world to put a stop to the madness of rampant greed, which as we can see leads to unjust wars and millions of starving and homeless people. Let your government know that you will not stand for it any longer.

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