Tree deformities found near EMF

I have been doing some basic investigations in the area regarding microwave towers and high tension power lines. I am documenting my findings on paper and with photograph. Mostly I am focusing on plants and trees reactions to EMF. My findings so far are pretty conclusive.

For example there is a fantastic commons area with even spaced spruce trees growing under a high tension power line system about a mile from my home. Even with casual observation it isn't hard to see that the trees growth is being changed. The trees all have a deficit in growth on the sides facing the EMF field. I have photographs of this I will be posting in a couple days that show just what I am saying. It isn't wind since regardless of placement the trees are showing this. It isn't trimming, as the trees are only 5-15 feet tall, not to the point the utility company would prune them by a longshot.

Second thing I have noticed, often I am finding trees dying or defaced that are facing microwave towers. Anyway, pictures soon. So what does it tell us when natures own is severely stunted, and scrambling to avoid exposure the best they can? Grow levels on the far sides of the tree are significantly better than the ones within closer proximity of the EMF field.

See attached file please. Consider this a preliminary report:

EMF effects on area trees

Robert Thinker


Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

Social psychologists have shown that it is easier for people to harm other people when they do so under the orders of an authority figure - and further if done so indirectly and incrementally. When you add in the unconscious elements of conformity (everyone else is doing it so it must be OK), convenience, selfishness, greed, and denial, well you naturally have the ingredients for a disaster.

Art Kab


As some of you may know, I moved to a tiny relatively technology free area recently. We have many bees and so many birds of so many kinds, especially the smaller birds like the blue tips and sparrows, robins, wrens etc. I wake to a massive chorus of the birds at around 5am every morning. It is so loud and magnificent that my heart bursts with the joy of it and I rise happily to start my day. The bees buzz around all day and the sound makes me smile just to know they are safe here.

The people living in this area are relaxed and friendly and there is a "feel good" factor that I had forgotten. Yet this space is only about half a mile x half a mile and a TETRA line runs through some of it from the Isle of Wight several miles away! This line of emissions is about 6ft wide with another harmonic addition about 6 mtrs away.

I have to do the TETRA run everyday because it runs at the top of my road, which is a cul-de-sac! However since my home where I sleep is emission free I get only mild effects. So the key to all this is to sleep in an emission free place - or protect it so that it is emission free.

If only we could do that for all human, animal and plant life to spare all this pain, illness and destruction. No amount of money is worth even one life.



From: info @boomaantastingen.nl

Subject: Re: trees

Thank you for your information.

I already knew the links which you refer to. At this time it is important to get pictures of trees with barkbulbs as you can see on my site

http://www.boomaantastingen.nl/ (also in english)

Can you look at your town and take pictures for me. Please give me the name of the town and if you can the name of the tree.

It is important that I can proof that this phenomenon can be found at trees all over Europe.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network



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