DU in SF Bay area: more open-air tests of DU explosives planned by Lawrence Livermore

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has re-applied for its permit to use Depleted Uranium in explosions out in the open air near San Francisco. In January, the Livermore Laboratory had applied for a permit to blast 350 pounds of radioactive explosives in November, 2006 and the permit had been granted at that time. http://www.axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_23826.shtml

However, on March 6, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District withdrew this permit as it claimed that the Laboratory did not describe nor quantify that radioactive materials were being used in the blasts. http://tracypress.com/content/view/8185/2/

According to The Tracy Press article (see below), the Livermore Lab has re-applied for a new permit, this time with the intent to explode even larger amounts of DU and other radioactive materials - to the tune of 450 pounds PER BLAST - out into the open air. Livermore, CA is within approximately 50 miles of San Francisco and San Jose, a densely populated area of 10 million people.

We are concerned about the public health effects of these toxic and radioactive detonations in such a highly populated area. The use of Depleted Uranium within these large detonations will render these radioactive materials so small as to become an easily inhaled, invisible poison. The explosion and subsequent dispersal of this aerosolized poison gas throughout the winds in an area where so many people live is simply unacceptable.

We urge all of you who are similarly concerned to contact the permit office of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and express your opposition to the practice of allowing DU and other radioactive materials to be blasted out in the open air in such a densely populated area.

All Regions: Tel (559) 230-6000

Informant: binstock



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