The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields

What the power and telecoms companies would prefer us not to know

The attached paper entitled 'Goldsworthy Electromagnetic Fields 2007' appears to be quite a significant document. It may explain why many people are being made ill by electro magnetic radiation and why everyone exposed to this terrible pollution is in danger.


Persons who suffer from electro hypersensitivity should read this information and consider having the blood test suggested by Andrew Goldsworthy.

While I cannot comment on the accuracy of his information, I can say that it makes far more sense than anything that I have heard so far, from the Canadian Government, on this subject.

Please provide this information to others who should be aware about these dangers.

Martin Weatherall


Re: The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields


This is only part of information, given by Andrew Goldsworthy, in the bioelectromagnetics group of Yahoo. The other preceding part is:

Hi All,

It has been known for over 30 years that weak electromagnetic fields remove calcium ions from the cell surfaces of brain tissue. We also know that the loss of bound calcium weakens cell membranes and would be expected to increase their tendency to form transient pores under natural mechanical stresses (they are only 10nm thick!).

We might expect a similar loss if the tissue were to be exposed to a lower than normal level of calcium in the surrounding medium. This is exactly what happens to victims of hypocalcemia, where the blood contains a subnormal level of ionised calcium.

Symptoms of hypocalcemia include skin disorders, paresthesias (pins and needles, numbness, sensations of burning etc.) fatigue, muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, gastro-intestinal problems and many others. A more comprehensive list can be found at http://tinyurl.com/2dwwps , which corresponds to the website: - http://www.endotext.org/parathyroid/parathyroid7/parathyroid7.htm.

The symptoms of hypocalcemia are remarkably similar to those of electrosensitivity and may have a similar origin. In either case, neurones, whose membranes have been weakened by calcium loss would be expected to generate spurious action potentials since the resulting unprogrammed entry of free calcium would trigger neurotransmitter release. This could then result in the range or neurological symptoms experienced by victims of both electrosensitivity and hypocalcemia.

Is it possible that at least some forms of electrosensitivity could be due to the victims having low levels of ionised calcium in their blood that border on hypocalcemia? Electromagnetic exposure would then remove even more calcium from their cell membranes to push them over the edge and give hypocalcemia symptoms. If this is correct, conventional treatment for hypocalcemia (which is usually caused by a hormone imbalance) may relieve some if not all of these symptoms.

I have uploaded a file that explains some of the background to this and also to other related issues. Click on "files" on the left hand side of the screen and navigate to "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields 2007. pdf". If you think anyone else may be interested, please feel free tp copy it and pass it on.

Best wishes



So, accordingly, the symptoms of electrosensibility and hypocalcemia can be seen as similar.

In my opinion, Andrew Goldsworthy is one of the key persons, who may come with a solution for ES. He has published enormously.

I published some of his postings in *het bitje* english issues October and December 2006. http://www.hetbitje.nl/bitjeE2610f.pdf http://www.hetbitje.nl/bitjeE2612g.pdf
There one may read that they unraveled 90 % of the working mechanism of ES.

Charles Claessens



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