Kindergarden closed: high tension lines


Parents in two kindergardens that are close to high tension lines in Yokneam, clarified that they didn't intend to bring their children back after the Passower vacation, because of the high radiation in the area. The utility company objected but the mayor was convinced and found for them two alternative buildings. the parents are now relieved: "We are very satisfied that are our children will not be exposed anymore to radiation that risks their health" said Keren Malka, mother of Tal, 5 years old.

Before the holiday the mayor received the opinion of Dr. Danny Wolf, a pediatric who is an expert of the health effects from non-ionizing radiation. Wolf wrote: "the standard demands distance of 30 meters from a high tension line, but the distance from the kindergarden is only 20 meters, and the yard is near the line. So conclusively, the situation described here is in contrast to the law and standard".

Wolf explained more: "the radiation measurements do not reflect because the measurement was taken when the power consumption was the lowest, at 9 AM. The environment ministry accepts 10 miligaus as highest limit whereas there is no doubt that in the kindergarden the radiation is higher. At level above 4 mG the children are at risk to contract the worst disease of all - cancer" he determined.

Two weeks ago an article was published http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3380737,00.html The article told the story of Tal, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor two months ago. The Malka family are convinced he got it from the radiation near the kindergarden.

Malka drew the other parents' attention to the data she collected about the radiation in the place, and she talked to Dr. Wolf to hear his opinion. "He told me clearly, that Tal and his friends should not be in the kindergarden. He recommended: either the line moves or the kindergarden moves". She added: until it touches you, you are not aware of the dangers, you don't really know that high tension line can hurt your child's health.

Informant: Iris Atzmon



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