Iraq Mobile Network Brings Benefits and Bombs



My arm is on fire. Hey, Micha here:

I think to my modest knowledge the rate of death anywhere, will be measured in the amount of radiation or radio frequency. It may be that in a war area, the frequency is turned on, on lower levels. Theirs a death range, was it between 0 and 4, or 2 until 4? On radio frequency. It made a difference for civilians and military, to either non-lethal or lethal approaches.

I wasn't a military, nor a civilian, I was a child, mind controlled, abused, sexually too, tortured especially and controlled between Cold War governments. There isn't much knowledge we children were used, and nowadays called "child- soldiers".

With me, a secret generation of children, mind controlled in the forties, fifties, for myself I was during the sixties, seventies and early eighties. If any benefit was involved, I'd not joined this list.

I'm chronic ill and handicapped increasingly, by the moth. It's much like autoimmune disease.

I wondered many times to contact any military facility. western or even eastern-European children, it's denied.

Any other 'children ' on here? You can write me off-list. Thank you.

It's horrible to me, a part of the world turned into war-without-peace, and so much with all sorts of humanity. Humanity was free-sex and free-access to living tissue and living children for human-experimentation, I feel sick.

I didn't look. More than surely, it will be more terrible. I don't like to peak through one war area and not into an other. I do understand, you are a network.



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