4 teachers got cancer

Anxiety in Einstein school on mount Carmel: 4 teachers got cancer, 25 children left.

The parents say, that no one can calm them down, and that is why they don't intend risking their children. According to the parents, the data they received are contradictory. The parents national organization acts in order to evacuate the antennas, due to the concern for the teachers' health. In the Education Ministry they say that they have a contract by which permanent monitoring stations will be erected.

By Doron Solomon Yediot Haifa p. 30

Many parents in Einstein school decided not to wait for the results of the different monitoring teams, who check the radiation levels emitted from the antennas site near the school, and they took their children out of school. Since the beginning of this year, 25 pupils left school, and in the school they hope that this trend will not continue. The parents claim that there is no authority that can calm them down, and they don't intend to take unnecessary risk on their childrens' back.

"It is the most convenient thing for us to bury our head in the sand, and to wait until the details about the danger of the radiation from the antennas will be clarified, the parents say. "We decided that for our peace of mind and for our children, that we have to transfer the children to another educational institute until the full details will be clarified." The parents are furious that they received contradictory data about the radiation levels, and they intend to do everything so that their children will have health and longevity.

"One side says that there is no radiation and that everything is ok, and the other side claims that the radiation levels are 400% higher than the standard, and we just didn't know what to do. What will we tell to our children when they grow up? Will we be able to convince them that we did everything we could to ensure their health? The situation didn't leave us a choice but to take these measures, and we really hope that it is an exaggerated step and that the radiation levels are standard. Nevertheless, we chose to be on the safe side than to be sorry later".

In the municipality and in the Education Ministry, they had difficulties to evaluate the data, because children left for private schools that don't need the Ministry approval. "We cannot limit children from transfering to different registration areas, if the parents decided to transfer them to private schools. We certailnly won't enable them transfer to a national school, if there won't be a justified reason for that, for example moving to a new residential area".

The teachers' concern continues, since 4 teachers got cancer. The national teachers organization started acting for the antennas' evacuation because of the concern for the teachers' health. "Factually, there are teachers who have cancer in Einstein school, said Uri Groman, chairman of the teachers organization. "We haven't the tools to prove the association between the radiation and the cancer, but in the current situation, the teachers worry, and that makes us act".

The general secretary of the teacher organization, Yossi Vaserman, met with the teachers and together they integrated a demand from the district manager, Ahron Zvida, and from the Education Ministry, to commit themselves to check the radiation periodically. "We will continue to investigate the association between the cancer, that 10% of the teachers in the school have, and the radiation they suffered though the years", says Groman. "Meanwhile, we see that rich parents simply take the children out of school to private schools, while the other parents wait for and worry about the results of the radiation monitoring."

The Einstein school committee intends to sue the minicipality and the Defense Ministry.


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