The President misled us into a Debacle in Iraq

In last night's presidential debate, we finally got a glimpse of the truth about George Bush's disastrous foreign policy, free from attack ads and character assassination. John Kerry exposed the grim reality: the president misled us into a debacle in Iraq, has left the US more isolated and less safe, and has neither the plan nor the world credibility to correct deteriorating security conditions in the world.

And we saw first hand how George Bush could not respond to that truth. Grimacing and smirking, returning to memorized pat phrases, the president continued to deny the reality that must be faced to get us out of the mess in Iraq. Similarly, he offered no compelling strategy to defend America against growing terrorist threats elsewhere in the world.


Despite what happened last night, we know that too often it is the spin -- not the substance -- of debates that count. Most Americans did not watch the debate. And now, the right-wing chorus is gearing up another round of personal attacks on Kerry and echoing a line that distorts the truth revealed last night.

Let's beat them to the punch. Let's take them on before they cement their next set of distractions and distortions. Visit Straight Talk right now to see and spread the REAL stories that will neutralize the spin:


Using your zip code on Straight Talk, you can find and directly email local and national news media about the real news you expect them to report. Challenge your local newspapers, TV and radio stations to stay focused on the REAL headlines impacting our country today:

*"Iraq war draining US resources"
*"US Involvement in Iraq Raises Terror Risk"
*"Iraq war lifts Al Qaeda recruitment"

Straight Talk will give you the hard facts and real-world stories needed to back up your case. Use it to hold the media accountable to report the truth about Iraq and the debate last night. Use it to cut through impending right-wing distortions, and ensure the media and public stay clear about what's real and what's just distracting spin.

At this moment, the right wing is gearing up to transform Bush's exposed weakness last night into an attack on John Kerry's character. Go to Straight Talk now to prevent them from shifting the focus away from the truth - the truth of the president's failing national security strategy, and the truth that Senator Kerry offers a clear and compelling alternative.

Let's keep the facts in front of the American public:

Thank you in advance for continuing to tell it straight!


Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future


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