Omega-News Collection 1. October 2004

Children's use of Mobile Phones needed urgent Attention

RFID tags hidden in clothing labels

Big boss is watching

Electromagnetic Fields, Leukaemia and DNA Damage

Chemtrail MegaSprayer Over Maine

More leukemia deaths found in regions near AM radio towers

Air ion effects on human performance

Mercury on the Mind

Wildlife Trade? It's a Jungle Out There

The war's littlest victim

"Children, Ardent for Some Desperate Glory"

H.R. 3799 Constitution Restoration Act of 2004

Gaps In Bush's Service As President

Bush's Toxic Campaign Mix: God, Country And Perpetual Fear

Power Plant Pollution, Bush Administration Policies, Causing Health Problems for Latinos

Energy Efficiency Delays by Bush Administration Costing Consumers Billions

Bush Misled Nation in Last Debates

Marine Declares War on Bush

Mr. Bush, Thank you!

Take Action for Voting Rights

Voter Registration Deadline Quickly Approaching

Movement to get women voters to vote

The Stealing of America

Back Door Draft

I didn't know I was un-American

Iraq War Veterans Face Long-lasting Mental Health Issues

Iraq War Takes Toll on GIs' Mental Health

White House allegedly wrote Allawi speech

Congresswoman Seeks Re-Enlistment Probe

Senate Report 93-549: Emergency Powers Statutes

Threat and Humiliation: Racial Profiling, National Security, and Human Rights in the United States

Plan Would Let U.S. Deport Suspects To Nations That Might Torture Them

For ignoring constitutional war powers we reap the whirlwind

Zbigniew Brzezinski's Pens Books On Police State

Oppose Repressive Measures Promoted as “Reform”

Provision of Patriot Act Is Ruled Unconstitutional

Press has let the Country down

The Guardian Responds To Blair’s Speech


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