Prevention and Education regarding Alzheimers

Hello: I have very important information to share about prevention and education regarding Alzheimers.

My husband (diagnosed with Alzheimers) and I attended a meeting the other night here in the Minneapolis area. Many possible contributors to Alzheimers were listed such as inactivity, obesity, aging, elevated homocysteine, low education level, high choleterol, inflammation and genetics. I may have left something out but what brought me to attention was the fact that "environmental causes" such as toxic chemicals and low levels of EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields/electromagnetic radiation -- also "toxic"), were not even mentioned.

It is well-known that the genetic link accounts for relatively few cases of Alzheimers. That then leaves "environment" and I suppose that can include such things as lifestyle, obesity, etc.

References are often made to the ongoing "nun studies" without mentioning the fact that a connection was found some time ago to Alzheimers and nuns who frequently used sewing machines which put out considerable amounts of EMR.

The 2002 California EMF Study found a connection between EMF levels as low as 4.0 milligauss to brain cancer, Leukemia, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage. The EMF RAPID Conclusions which have yet to be properly presented to Congress, classified low levels of EMF's as a Class B carcinogen with links to Leukemia and other immune deficiencies.

Virtually "any problem" even as seemingly insignificant (which it is not, of course -- circadian rhythm being very important to overall health) as poor quality sleep all the way to cancer can be linked to chronic inflammation.

Both ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation, at low levels, can cause the identical inflammatory effects that can lead to precancerous changes.

Alzheimers' patients, their families and the general public can not afford to wait for every single detail of the electromagnetic spectrum to be hashed over again and again by the scientific community before some sort of public service announcements are made in regard to the possibility that sleeping close to electric appliances might be causing some harm.

Two of my grandsons were identified with "rare immune deficiencies," the symptoms from which improved dramatically after their beds were moved away from walls opposite electric meters (powerwalls). The reason their conditions were "rare" is because they were infants/toddlers and yet their IgG's showed "an adult pattern." This signifies "aging......" We were told the boys may develop Leukemia.

Guinea pig studies in my home -- placing cages against "powerwall," which is our back bedroom wall, yielded drastic blood changes including severe neutropenia, lymphocytosis and even Reactive Renal Amyloidosis!!!!

We moved the electric clock off the nightstand next to my husband's bed and his neuropsychological testing indicates "improvement." He also started taking Melatonin every night. He stopped having delusions, roaming around in the night and he has improved overall even regarding memory.

I have a newspaper article that the American Cancer Society sent to me back in 1995 recommending that appliances be moved from close proximity to one's bed. Similar information is in a 2001 booklet put out by Florida Power & Light.

Please let me know if you would like additional information or if there is anything else I can do to help you get the word out. Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127
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