Has Tortuga vanished ?

September 24th 2004

Earth Changes TV Breaking News

ECTV Exclusive: Tortuga Island Disaster Now Confirmed
by Mitch Battros - ECTV

I have now received no less than six news agency confirmations reporting the small island of Tortuga has "vanished". The entire island along with its 26,000 inhabitants have been washed away by "large waves". This unthinkable event happened as a result of hurricane `Jeanne', which has also killed over 2,000 people and
displaced 250,000 in Haiti.

An expedition of United Nations officials were dispatched via two helicopters to evaluate the damage to the island of "Tortuga". A radio transmission was sent back to base on the island of Haiti. The message stated "we can't find the island". It is reported the tandem UN helicopters circled for a long period, most likely in stark disbelief nothing was to be found. Not a trace of life or land. It is now reported all 26,000 may have perished.

I'm not sure I have ever heard of such a disaster. I know of tsunami's having killed hundreds, maybe even a few thousand, but I have never heard of a whole community being wiped out in minutes. Total families are gone. A complete island missing. And a hurricane who has yet to see the end of its deadly way.

The Russian news agency "Gorodfm" filed the following report: (As translated) "United Nations helicopters made flight over that area but have seen only storming sea. The area of Tortuga is 180 square kilometers; population is made 26 000 human beings. Today helicopters of the United Nations will make repeated flight of region."


September 24th 2004

Earth Changes TV Breaking News

ECTV Makes Last Night's Interview Available to All
by Mitch Battros - ECTV

I believe this story should be `heard' as well as read. Therefore, I am making last nights breath taking interview with Dr. Kristen Neilson available to all.

You will hear step by step how this remarkable and tragic story evolves "live" on the air. In addition, I have made a list below of links from around the world who are confirming the tragic event of a whole island and 26,000 of its inhabitants being swept away by "large waves".

Mitch Battros with Dr. Kristen Neiling Audio Interview (55 min's)


Below is a list of international news agencies who have reported on the small island of "Tortuga" vanishing as a result of hurricane "Jeanne".

Italy Global News Agency

The International – Portugal

Belt Iberica News Agency – Spain


Noticias News Agency- Barcelona

Gorodfm News - Russia

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV


Informant: Pam


You can bypass all the bull media by gonig dircetly to the island and its inhabitants at this website: //stormcarib.com/

First hand reports of the inhabitants tell you like it is during the storms.

As usual Mitch Btaros exaggerating his numbers.

Take care,



Informant: A Voice for Children


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