Some people asked me for translating into the English language the scientific article on the damages from EMF(electromagnetic fields) written by myself and issued on february 18th 2007 in the italian newspaper “IL QUOTIDIANO”.

“THE UGLINESS OF THE INSTALLMENTS IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR THE SIGHT AND THE HEALTH”-by Prof.Dr.Eng.Giancarlo Spadanuda:Scientific-technical consultant for electrosmog of Italian’s Bench. //www.spadanuda.it

The technological installments are spread out everywhere in CATANZARO (CALABRIA-ITALY), as in every italian city (but not in Salzburg or Wien) distributed random,without any municipal rules which may correctly discipline the locations.Such as ugliness,such a desorder have become unacceptable both from the stand point of serious biological and clinic effects over the population (the indipendent scientifical studies which argue that are hundred indeed) and the one of the sight environment impact.The sweet beautiful hills (such as Germaneto,Siano),the streets (such as Corso Mazzini),the ancient,noble palaces (of the quartiers la Grecìa,Fondachello) have been violented and brutalized for a handful of dollars. The following ones are some of the last scientific and juridical results. The first studies that are being accomplished in Italy, at Genoa UNIVERSITY (Liguria-Italy) on account of MASSA’s Bench (Toscana-Italy), about the 380 thousand volts power-line LIVORNO-ACCIAIOLO (TOSCANA) reveal a tension similar to the power-line passing by some spots of Catanzaro.Such studies I am interested to, as a technical-scientific consultant on account of the claimants against high-voltage power-line company, “point that a sharp molecolar target has beeen individuated:the very important enzyme Acetylcholin-esterase-ACHE- undertaking an instant,strong and reversible decrease of the activity (about fifty per cent), subsequent to the exposition…with dramatic consequences on the embryo”. The Judge for the Preliminary Investigation (GIP) of the city PAOLA(Calabria-Cosenza -Italy) ,on a request from the District Attorney (Public Prosecutor), has recently issued writ of distress for the telephone mobile antenna and has ordered its disactivation, because of the appeal against the telephone company subsequent to my technical-scientific consultancy on account of the claimants. The provision’s abstract, confirmed by the Tribunal’s Freedom of city Cosenza, translated into the English language-for other ones see url: //www.mast-victims.org , has been sent to more than forty States all over the world; I receive visits to my url://www.spadanuda.it , statements of solidarity and worth, from USA (many Universities), India, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and all over Europe (Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden-Karolinska Institute for the Medicine Nobel Awards-, Bulgaria-the Academy of Science, and so on…). It’s natural and logic in the light of what I have just said, the Municipality of Catanzaro has the juridical-ethical-scientific-technological duty to resolve, once and for all, the serious problem, that is the reappropriation of its territory. It’s what some Communes (every some Calabrian ones), have done just in these days, deliberating, in wise and correct way, the putting off the “wild” installments, individuating the new places where to locate all the technological installments; all that has been done by the Variant of the General Town Plant (PRG) togheter with the telephone companies (in guarantee of the Tribunal Sentence). The new locations have been chosen according to the criterions respecting the principles of minimization of exposure to electromagnetic fields (Italian Ordinance 7.8.2003) and precaution (art.174 Amsterdam’s Constitution’s Treaty of the European Union). Perhaps progress and beautifulness may sail together without undergoing a wreck?



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