Hypothesis cause of the rise in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD are mobile phones and masts




Today's (Sat., 24 February, 2007) IRISH INDEPENDENT has given a full page report on Dr. George Carlos's talk on the dangers of non-ionizing radiation, especially radiative emissions from cellphones and masts, at the I.D.E.A.'s (Irish Doctors Environmental Association) AGM in Dublin yesterday afternoon. Dr. Gerd Oberfield also spoke and gave a superbly clear and sombering presentation of the health dangers from these sources. A generous number of us EHS sufferers living in Ireland also attended. You will probably be send more complete reports for posting later but readers in the meantime might like to read what the IRISH INDEPENDENT has to say.

Today's THE IRISH TIMES also included a report but it was far shorter and more bland (played down the ill-health effects they mentioned) than THE IRISH INDEPENDENT.)

Best, Imelda, Cork

IRISH INDEPENDENT, Saturday, 24 February, 2007
(Metro ed. page 16)


Parents who give their children mobile phones are 'tempting fate' and exposing them to a raft of potential health problems from brain tumors to autism, an international expert has warned. American researcher Dr George Carlo told a conference in Dublin yesterday that he has conducted research which proves that radio waves emitted by mobile phones are causing cellular damage to users. And the scientist says a new study he has conducted, to be published next month, shows a link between electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and masts and autism. He called on parents not to give children under the age of 12 mobile phones as their DNA and cell membranes are especially vulnerable. Dr Carlo, chairman of the non-profit Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, was given more than 20m [euro] by the American mobile phone industry in 1993 to investigate possible health risks. After six years of research, he and 200 other scientists from around the globe concluded that manufacturers need to warn the public about the dangers posed by mobiles. Speaking at the Irish Doctors' Environmental Association meeting yesterday, Dr Carlo said his online database set up in 2002 to record incidents from people who believe they have suffered adverse health effects received more than 1 million hits in its first six months and over 30,000 complaints were logged.

HEADACHES In early cases, people were linking their symptoms, which ranged from headaches to sleeplessness, to holding the phone up against their head. However, in the past two years, the vast majority of complaints (up to 90%) have come from people who believe their ailments are due to living next to mobile phone masts.

There are now 2.4 billion people around the world using mobile phones with this figure set to rise. "The big problem is that the wireless infrastructure we have is leading us to a point of no return. As more people use cell phones and Wi-Fi and as we have absolutely stupid experiments of putting Wi-Fi in schools, background radiation is increasing," warned Dr Carlo. He said that rather than relying on masts and antennas, people should put pressure on Government and industry to eliminate health risks by replacing masts with fibre optic cables. He urged people to perform a simple experiment to see first-hand the dangers of mobile phone radiation. When the mobile has only one bar of signal strength, locate the nearest mast and then line up a number of your friends between the phone and the mast. "The bars will go up and up that is because we are great conductors for radiowaves," said Dr Carlo.


The conference also heard from severeal dozen members of the public who claim to have suffered hearing loss, irregular hearbeats and sleeplessness from mobile phone msts near their homes. John Cummins, from Cahir, Co Tipperary, said he and his wife Bridget had both suffered hearing loss while their daughter Rebekah suffered a brain seizure at the age of 12. Doctors could not explain their health complaints. "At night we get a humming effect in our eardrums but when we're away from home we don't get it. "In three streets around the mast over 20 people have had cancer in the last four or five years and there have been two cases of MS and Parkinson's."


Link Between Autism and Mobile Phones


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Omega-News Collection 24. February 2007

Interactive effect of chemical substances and occupational electromagnetic field exposure on the risk of gliomas and meningiomas in Swedish men

Chemicals and EMF

Hi Imelda,

Here's an abstract I found just now that shows that there is an interacting between chemicals and EMF. That's what I have always insisted on. It's my own experience that EMF do more damage when there are chemicals in the environment. When I'm near a mobile phone mast, I often don't "feel" much but as soon as I'm in a house in the vicinity where people have used chemicals like solvents, fungicides or insecticides I notice an extreme effect on my memory or concentration.

Regards, Dorothee

Interactive effect of chemical substances and occupational electromagnetic field exposure on the risk of gliomas and meningiomas in Swedish men.

* Navas-Acien A,
* Pollan M,
* Gustavsson P,
* Floderus B,
* Plato N,
* Dosemeci M.

Environmental and Cancer Epidemiology Area, National Center for Epidemiology, Carlos III Institute of Health, 28029 Madrid, Spain.

The objective of our study was to investigate the possible interactive effect of occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic field (ELFMF) and to known or suspected carcinogenic chemicals on the incidence of the two main histological types of brain cancer, gliomas and meningiomas, in a cohort of male Swedish workers. The historical cohort of all Swedish men gainfully employed in 1970 were followed 19 years (1971-1989). Exposure to ELFMF and to nine chemicals were assessed using two Swedish job exposure matrices based on occupational codes and industrial activity. Relative risks adjusted for age, period, geographical area, and town size were computed using log-linear Poisson models. The main finding was the absence of ELFMF effect on glioma risk in the absence of a simultaneous exposure to chemical products. The effect of petroleum products was independent of the intensity of ELFMF exposure whereas solvents, lead, and pesticides/herbicides were only associated with glioma in workers also exposed to moderate or high levels of ELFMF. On the other hand, whereas ELFMF seemed to enhance the effect of specific chemicals in the causation of gliomas, we did not find a relationship between ELFMF exposure and meningiomas. The potential for ELFMF to act as an effect modifier of the association of chemical agents and glioma is an interesting new finding. It would be worthwhile to evaluate this hypothesis for other tumors. Also, it is necessary to confirm these results in epidemiological studies with individual exposure assessments, and in experimental studies that may elucidate whether there is a true causal mechanism for the results we observed.

PMID: 12496061 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]




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